Comment from: Jane [Member]
I purchased zappers early on in my research for better health. The first one didn't last any time at all, due to the leads being very flimsy. I purchased a second zapper along with footpads. This zapper I found to be more robust.

Unfortunately for me, zapping didn't have much of an effect on my symptoms (sometimes no effect whatsoever) although some times I did feel symptoms allevaited slightly. But long-term, unfortunately I felt it didn't do much and I was very disappointed. I don't have a Magnetic Pulser although I did read about it and thought about purchasing one.

You mention 'parasite load'. I've often wondered whether in the early days of my ill-health that zapping didn't feel to have much of an effect on my symptoms and that it was perhaps due to the overload within my body. I zapped daily and for long periods too.
02/25/10 @ 14:54
Comment from: charity [Visitor]
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10/17/10 @ 00:59
Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor]
AnonymousI am currently doing NAET for parasites and it has helped my IC so much! I take a product called Zymex II for 30 days plus the NAET and acupuncture. Feeling so so much better already. Highly recommend NAET!!!
10/23/14 @ 10:43
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