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Hi Paige. Nice to 'meet' you. I am eager to follow your blog. Like you, I'm blogging to tell my story, my health issues over the last 6 years, what treatments I've tried etc. I have quite a story to tell.

I have many infections I'm fighting and up until recently, I have only begun to feel I have the upper hand and I'm winning this battle.

I have had ALL my amalgams removed, one of the first practitioners I saw told me it was either parasite/worms related, or that I was having health problems due to my mercury fillings. Needless to say, my fillings were removed within 6 months.

Unfortunately, it had NO affect on my symptoms, none whatsoever. I continued with this practitioner for quite some time as he concentrated on the parasites and I continued on taking chlorella to remove the mercury toxicity within my body.

It's been tough up until now. I've seen many practitioners and tried many things. To be honest, I've done more on my own and made better progress. I've had a lot of help from two very special people in my life.

Like you, I am glad I have the internet. It's where I've gained the knowledge that I have to help me fight these awful afflictions. Without it, I know I wouldn't be where I am today.

I'm doing great right now and I've felt the best I have done in a very long time.


03/26/09 @ 15:55
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