Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Peggy

In your post you say - "I’ve realised it is no use mentioning it again to the medical community. The next time might be a psychiatric assessment and a record in my medical notes - or even a diagnosis of a mental illness."

I can relate to this, absolutely. From my personal experience and countless visits back and forth to my doctor (in the early years), that's exactly how I felt. The more I went back, the more I began to realise this.

Oh I don't doubt for one minute there's reference in my GP notes ...."it's all in her head".... The Infectious Disease referral certainly made me feel that way. In fact those were his exact words "I see a problem....."

Is it any wonder one feels they can't go back.
03/06/13 @ 12:51
Comment from: Paige [Member]
Yeah there's something awful about humans which sometimes makes them very unsympathetic towards other humans. I notice that my health care in childhood was much more attentive than it is now. I tend to think doctors see middle aged people as neurotic as the default position, especially women in the menopause bracket. I have had several bad experiences now discussing parasites with the docs.. that I am so reluctant to do it again, even though I have a brand new specimin to show them. Truth is.. they just aren't interested!
03/31/13 @ 19:19
Comment from: Jane [Member]
You say - "I have had several bad experiences now discussing parasites with the docs.. that I am so reluctant to do it again,..."

I hear you Peggy!

That's the situation I found myself in especially after infectious disease referral! I felt there's no way I could go back!
04/08/13 @ 16:30
Comment from: donatus [Visitor]
donatuspls doc my wife is passing through this exprience ,what is the solution to it?
09/08/13 @ 19:33
Comment from: Paige [Member]
Hi there

I'm not a doctor so I'm sorry I can't give you medical advice but my experience "looking for worms" using medical procedures in the west: imaging, blood tests, etc brought no results, because worms move as soon as you start looking for them using medical procedures, lights, cameras, etc and do not show up in tests often including blood tests and stool tests as well. xrays and other imaging is often pretty useless because worms are essentially "jelly like" in structure and do not show up in imaging.

Because of this, many people with worms in the west end up treating themselves. I don't want to discourage you from seeking medical assistance though as you may be in a country where understanding of worms is much more prevalent - it may be that you do get help that way so good luck!
09/27/13 @ 17:16
Comment from: wezchon [Visitor]
wezchonHi Paige, you know it has been interesting reading through your story. this is almost a year from the time you posted this i notice. Have you managed to kill it and solve the problem. I write to clarify what you were experiencing-and it helps to know that there is someone out there who understands and has experienced the very thing you are experiencing-actually many others have written about similar experiences but the solution are not available coz no one seems to know the answer, but yours was the best and very well described-it is "common" after all! I agree with you that what you are experiencing is worms. Actually I have just stumbled upon your posts because what you described is exactly what I am experiencing now from may to-date and was trying to find some solutions on the net and it seems there is some stereotyping in diagnosis and no room to accommodate other cases-I think maybe there are few experts in worms. Why I am certain it is a worm is because I had experienced it a year before and a long whitish one came out after about 2 weeks. incidentally my cousin my cousin had the same experience about the same time and she was also sure it was a worm and after a month, it came out. I also experience the same effects-such as feeling it moving in my oesophagus and coming to rest in my throat, and at times blocking free passage of food, at times I feel it or them moving in my sculp, and almost as if something was touching my ear trying to come out and when i quickly grab for it, it rushes back in-at times when in the sculp, they cause some sudden intense headache. I have felt a worm move back into my anus when asleep or when about to sit after walking. and more so some itchiness in my anal area which i have discovered is lava. my worst experience is that I experience some bad odour coming from my bowels at times when seated and even someone close can smell it-it's terrible. it seems when i take deworming drugs, it/they just come up to avoid the drugs and go back in after some days and may feel gone for about 3 weeks or until I take irritating foods like garlic, onion, pawpaw seeds, stay hungry... when i drink water late in the night, it comes to my throat. the experience has been on and off, from may this year. At times I try burning it with hot water, which burns me as well-it seems that's how I managed last time to get rid of it and the wormed died and came out, but this one ( if it is one) seems more stubborn and strong-should be very big by now. by the way, some other sensations in the shoulder you mentioned and things moving in the back and other areas, I think is just the nervous system reacting to them, but not really that they are located there. and hey, you are able to feel when the worm moves up the back of your mouth into the scalp. And of course when hungry, the pain is in the stomach and the worm moves and twists. even when you take garlic,you feel abdominal pain as it moves up to your throat. I also want to kill the big one. I know it has grown bigger by now. I cannot stand especially the odour when it starts. I am a 27-year old man by the way, which rules out menstrual or menopause and old age effects..did you kill it? I think like you, I like being articulate and descriptive-it long huh-but necessary.
12/06/13 @ 01:01
Comment from: Paige [Member]
Hi Wezchon thanks for writing!

My problem occurred from doing a very stupid strong vinegar enema after feeling "movement in my decending colon"; I wanted to clean myself out. Little did I know the horrors the vinegar by enema would provoke. If everyone did a strong vinegar enema.. they would probably experience the horrors of scattering which I did; but I have read other people talk about the exact same experiences of worms up in the head and passing down the neck; its the most horrific and revolting experience, ever.

I eventually did KILL it.. them.. lots of them. Ascaris breeds likes rabits so when there is one.. there are lots more.. so I'm not sure or certain at all that none are there.. I think its contant vigilance.. but they are away from my throat and head, so that is a good thing.

The only way to kill them is to wait for them to return to the intestines.. which they seemed to do for me.. although I do still have on long thin white one living just under the skin inside the cheek, it hardly moves.. it may be dying, it is not large so it doesn't bother me all that much. The other BIG ones eventually all moved back together.. they migrated as a group and it was a painful migration down the body; as painful as it was them going up, same going down.. but eventually they will all try and go back to the intestines where the food source is.. then you can kill them using NAC MSM Garlic high doses of papain and whatever else is in your arsenal. Good luck x
03/06/14 @ 00:10
Comment from: ultrakaye27 [Visitor] Email
ultrakaye27Ham having all the same problem as you two. I am a female 27 in Oklahoma. Mine started out as excruciating headaches that is the only way I had symptoms. I have to research for months and months before I realized I had worms. And I took a few pictures and went to the emergency room. They gave me medicine for pinworms. The next day I sure did get rid of Lota of worms but I still have them inside me and now I can feel and recognize that is what is going on. I have been in and our of the doctors and hospitals but not one can diagnose me. I downloaded and magnifying app lication on my phone which has allowed me to Havee many pictures for them. I can't wait to hear what they say that is
07/15/14 @ 10:48
Comment from: Jahset [Visitor] Email
JahsetHi my name is Jahset, I am 18 years old, I live in Jamaica and I have the same experience please help me. It has stop for a week but it seems like its starting again
09/26/14 @ 08:55
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