Comment from: Jane [Member]
You say - "I have learned that there are never any quick fixes and generally that the more toxic you are, the longer it will take to get better. Ill health didn?t happen overnight, and a magic pill, or one single protocol is unfortunately not an answer, I?ve learned."

If only there WAS a magic pill! I couldn't agree with you more! With regards to anti-depressants, on one of my early visits to my own doctor, she tried to prescribe me anti-depressants and wrote a prescription for me which I quickly tore up and put in the bin. Anti-depressants were the last thing I needed!

It's over time I've got to know the symptoms really well and I understand what is happening to me. The difficulty has been knowing how to deal with the problems. It's a slow process but I believe I'm getting there.

03/30/09 @ 17:23
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ryansmithA very descriptive blog indeed. By reading such inspirational blog we learn a lot of thing. And thanks for sharing:hiya:
02/02/12 @ 23:18
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