Comment from: Jane [Member]
Very interesting.

My colonics were controlled by the practitioner entirely. I was never alone in the room apart from the last part of toileting and emptying my bowel.

I didn't feel at all like I'd had a workout or that it was hard work. The only thing I had to do was lie back whilst the practitioner massaged my intestines whilst doing the colonic in order to help things travel/pass through. I found it quite relaxing, but at times I found the massage a bit sore. I basically had to just lie there and let everything flow out.

Oh yes! I do remember being told to go to the toilet and sit for a while and let everything that was left loose in there leave my bowels! THAT I can remember. Thankfully, I never had any accidents. But oh lord, I do remember, having like an urge to go to the toilet on my drive home.

04/03/09 @ 16:19
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