Comment from: Paige [Member]
Yes Jane Yes!!! That's exactly a species that I see in my eyes... I wonder what it is!
04/14/09 @ 15:55
Comment from: sash [Visitor]
sashhello. i'm 23 years old. i'm male. i have problem as Jane. Two months ago i've seen it first time in my eyes. now it still seems to me and i think it is going to grown up and multified. i can not beeing with it and i have deep stress. please advice to me how treat it. if it possible to treat. please tell me it's treatment.
04/27/09 @ 00:28
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Sash

Unfortunately I cannot tell you what to do. I'm not qualified in any way, shape or form to advise people on what to do with regards to their health. I would not be comfortable giving out advice at all. I'm simply here telling my health experience. I have many issues which I'm dealing with right now. What works for me, may not work for another person.

Perhaps getting your eyesight tested could be your first step. Your eyes are very precious. Whether anything shows up, I'm not sure. I know when I first started seeing these strange things in my eyes, I had mine tested and nothing showed up. It was just a normal, routine eye test carried out by an optician.

Whatever you decide to do, I wish you well.

04/27/09 @ 13:05
Comment from: Steven [Visitor]
StevenHello, I have the same problem. I've also got what appears to be eye parasites and can't seem to get rid of them. There's loads of them in my eyes, that swirl about all over the place. Mine are different to the ones in your pictures as they are oblong with what appears to be a tail. I've spent £300 on all kinds of different herbs and had no success whatsoever.

My health just seems to be getting worse, but I don't know what else I can do. I've been to the doctors numerous times and had a blood test done that came back negative & I've also had my eyes tested and the optician couldn't see anything, so I'm no further forward.

At least you have evidence that you have parasites. I would recommend that you see a doctor and hopefully they'll prescribe some strong medication that will kill off all the parasites.

04/29/09 @ 11:20
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Steven

Getting a diagnosis can be difficult, from my experience anyway. Over the last few years I've seen my own doctor many, many times.

I've explained in my blog to date everything I've been through, and what I've done with regards to trying to get my health back. There's too much for me to go into right now, it's all in my blog.

You say "At least you have evidence that you have parasites.....see a doctor............" I've actually done all this. I went back to my doctors with my results and it was then he referred me to an Infectious Disease Specialist. I have a post made on my Infectious Disease appointment and the tests they did. To cut a long story short, the specialist was only prepared to do a test for toxicaris parasite and this came back negative. I also had routine blood tests, re: liver, kidneys etc., and they came back negative. He told me he didn't think I had a parasite/worm problem and that he basically told me the problem was with me. I found this difficult to take because my doctor sent him on my private results I had done and I can clearly make out worms in the micrographs.

Previous to Infectious Disease Specialist, over the last few years, I have had various tests done through my own doctor - like stool tests, routine blood tests, colonoscopy/endoscopy where h-pylori bug was found. I was given antibiotics for this bug but I've only recently found out after Infectious Disease that I still have the bug. It's all in my blog.

In my opinion, one parasite test does not rule out that a person isn't suffering from a parasite problem. I've felt really up against it dealing with things through my own doctor and after the Infectious Disease Speciliast I've felt it impossible to go back. I've seen private practitioners throughout the last few years who have said I have parasites and worms. It's not been easy at all.
04/29/09 @ 13:13
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Comment for 'Anna'

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately I deleted your email address by mistake and if you could email me back I can respond to your email.

Thank you.

04/30/09 @ 12:33
Comment from: sharon [Visitor]
05/10/09 @ 08:24
Comment from: Mike [Visitor]

Their called floaters, nothing to worry about
05/21/09 @ 14:08
Comment from: Whittney [Visitor]
WhittneyHi Jane, I found your blog to be very interesting. I have had a "worm" like parasite thing in my left eye (only) ever since I got back from Mexico about 8 months ago. When I was on vacation, I felt like I got something in my eye when I was washing my face one night. I was removing my make-up and I had severe pain in my left eye for about 3 days. Nothing made it better. I tried to see if there was anything in that eye but it looked fine. It wasn't red or irritated at all. I thought maybe I had a corneal abrasion or something. I went to a local RX in Mexico and put and antibiotic and steroid in my eye thinking it was an abrasion. When I got back to the states I saw an eye doctor, who said that he didn't see anything other than some inflammation which most people have. I have seen him three times now and he still says that he sees nothing. The "floater" is what I'm told I have but it doesn’t look like the other floaters I have. It looks like a worm with a tail. It is in the center of my eye and it doesn’t move much. It looks a lot like the picture you drew. I haven't noticed anything coming out of my nose when I blow it and I have been looking. I asked the doctor if it was a parasite and he said no. I think I am going to get a second opinion.
05/21/09 @ 14:48
Comment from: Jane [Member]
In response to Mike's comment above

"Their called floaters, nothing to worry about"


I appreciate your very brief comment but, in my opinion, what I'm seeing in my eyes are NOT floaters. Parasite infections can affect the eyes.

Wouldn't floaters be all different shapes and sizes?? I have things that look like worms and they are identical in formation and shape. I also get pain in the eyes. I also get pinkness in the whites of my eyes. I get very blurry vision, sometimes when I experience bad symptoms the whites of my eyes go very dull and dark. I also experience sensitivity to light too. Are these symptoms of floaters?

05/24/09 @ 16:57
Comment from: Dyana [Visitor] Email
DyanaI can't believe what I am seeing or reading. You have drawn a perfect example of what I see in my left eye. Tonight, while visiting my dad & brother, we determined we all 3 see similar things! None of us had ever mentioned it & we each thought we were completely alone in this. And then I find you.. I would LOVE to know what this is. Thank you for sharing your info.
05/30/09 @ 23:46
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Thank you for your comment.

I don't just see one of these wormy looking things, I see many, and it doesn't appear just to be one type.

I'm in the middle of a herbal protocol right now and I'm seeing a significant difference in them disappearing since I started.

05/31/09 @ 17:31
Comment from: Pat [Visitor]
PatWhat an awsome blog...will be bookmarking! Thank you for sharing
06/06/09 @ 16:32
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Thank you Pat.

I'm only sharing my experiences.

I'm doing much, much better now. I've just completed the first round of my new protocol and I'm making a post soon.

I feel great right now : - )

06/07/09 @ 13:35
Comment from: jim [Visitor]
jimi have experienced, and continue to experience long strands in my vision much like the second drawing you made. strings with nodules through out them. sometimes the lumps seem like joints? they seem to bend at these lumps. i have also been having soft tissue inflammation and hives at the same time as this. it may be fungal. keeping an alkaline body p.h. will make a toxic environment for fungus as they need an acidic environment to survive.
06/14/09 @ 15:51
Comment from: Tiffany [Visitor]
TiffanyI, as well thought that I was alone in feeling this way. I have had this problem with both eyes since childhood. At first i was only able to see these same images (in the drawing) with my eyes closed. As long as I was in the placement of a light source, I could see them swirling around, and they would move as I would rotate my eye ball. Now, I see them in plain sight. They are actually irritating my vision. It doesn't hurt, or feel uncomfortable but it's just annoying to see them as I look around.

Now that I realize that this is a particular health issue, and not the assumption of possible blood vessels, I am planning to see an Iridologist. They are natural health care providers, and what they do is analyze the anatomy of the eye. They have special equipment for this, as well as they take photographs of your entire eye and enlarge it in order to analyze its different colors, shapes, and patterns of the pupil, cornea, and such. Google it for yourself. It's either spelled Iridology or Irodology. I'll keep you all posted. Hopes this helps.
06/15/09 @ 15:13
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Jim.

Thank you for your comment.

Yes, they are weird looking things and annoying. I am not certain as to what they are, that I see in my eyes. I've always described them like wormy looking things because that's what they look like. I'm not saying they are worms, but they do look like some kind of strange organism. The ones I have in my eyes don't wriggle about but when I move my eyes from side to side they do change shape and direction. Very weird to see. I can only clearly make them out by squinting into a bright light. When looking normally through my eyes, I usually see a dark, thread-like thing pass across my vision. I'm doing much better with these things and I'm seeing less of them since I've started a protocol. It's going really well. It's the best I've felt in a long time.

I have many other issues other than just the eye things I see.
06/16/09 @ 13:31
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Tiffany

Thank you for your comment.

When I had many of these strange looking things in my eyes, I had eye pain, pink eyes, blurry vision, mucous in the eyes too. My vision some days was badly affected by them and it's why I've never thought they were just floaters. Some say floaters are nothing to worry about which no doubt they are but I was having bad eye symptoms for them to be just floaters in my opinion.

Iridology, yes I've heard of it and it is something I very nearly looked into and was quite interestd in seeing someone who practiced in this.

The eyes can tell a lot of what is going on with a person's health.

Once again thank you.

06/16/09 @ 13:36
Comment from: Maya [Visitor] Email
MayaI've always knew that I am not the only person who suffer from this horrible wormy things and now I know for sure I am not alone on this planet.
"The worms" I see in my both eyes came to me 9 years ago. I was 18 years old and shocked and scared to death.And never talked to anyone about it. I am in big depression since then and don't know what to do.
I tried to have a normal life with this in my head but you know what is to see floating worms all the time - this is not a normal life.
I'll keep reading your blog hoping you'll find the cure for it.
Thanks a lot for sharing.
06/18/09 @ 02:47
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Maya

Thank you for your comment.

I'm not sure what these things are I see in my eyes. I describe them like wormy things because that's what they look like.

I don't just have eye symptoms. I have lots of other symptoms which can make me feel very ill. I am doing better but still have symptoms unfortunately. My symptoms started over 6 years ago, not just the eye things I see.

I've had my eyes tested and optician said they were fine but I'm not sure whether an optician would pick this up. They are very difficult to see and I can't see them just by looking in the mirror in my eyes. I only see them when staring at a bright background. I can see them very clearly.

My eyes can become sore too, and pinkish/red. I also have blurry vision with them too.

06/18/09 @ 14:49
Comment from: Will [Visitor] Email
WillHi, i suffer with this problem to ever since at the age of 7 its like a long strand with segments attached to it, movement of my eye causes the shape of it to change and slowly float about so your not on your own people!
06/26/09 @ 13:55
Comment from: Cyd [Visitor]
Cydboy is it hard to find information on "parasites in eyes and pictures". Look up Morgellons- string like worms-white cotton. I pulled one out of my leg. I was talking to my nature path about it and that is what he said it was. I got some homeopathy meds from him. You might consider a nature path. Morgellons seem to move around more in hot humid weather. I am still trying to find out about other parasites with whiskers a head and a long body in my eyes.
There is a special on parasites July 1 on Animal planet. "Monsters inside me" at 9:pm.
06/27/09 @ 01:13
Comment from: Hil [Visitor]
Hilim seeing exactly the same thing in the first drawing! ive never talked to anyone about it cos i thought i was alone. Those things look exactly like worm and i doubt they are floaters.
06/27/09 @ 10:23
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Will/Cyd and Hil

I've never been exactly sure what these things are. I've only described what they look like. But since I've started my protocol (which I will be posting about very soon) I have noticed they have got less and less in numbers over the last 8 weeks. My eyes are so much brighter and I no longer have bother with my eyes.

One thing I am pretty sure about, what I'm seeing in my eyes are not floaters. Someone wrote a comment saying that they were floaters and not to worry about them yet I've suffered terrible eye symptoms, pain, redness, dull eyes, pretty bad symptoms in fact.

It does annoy me a little when I receive, what appears to me to be off the cuff comments, such as not too worry, they're only floaters because unless you've actually experienced these symptoms you never truly know what it's like.

I've never thought they were floaters.

06/28/09 @ 14:33
Comment from: DEEPIKA [Visitor] Email
DEEPIKAhi,, even i had this problem since last 3 or 4 years i didnt got any solution for this. these organisms seems really weired but recently i found them decreasingi think its bcoz i used to wash my eyes with cold water very often in a day with mouth full of water. so try this too it might help u
07/01/09 @ 09:02
Comment from: Hannah [Visitor]
HannahAmazing... That is exactly what appeared in my right eye today...

At first I just thought it was floaters... I was in the park looking up at the sky and I noticed this weird segmented looking tube... It would go away and come back over and over... sometimes one sometimes 3 and I kept watching...and it moved... It scared the crap out of me... not like drifting across my eye kind of moving... Like looping over on itself moving...

I've been online for 2 hours searching..and this is the first time I have seen something that looked perfectly like it!

So glad I am not losing my mind.
07/16/09 @ 22:30
Comment from: Chris [Visitor]
ChrisIm dealing with all of the same problems. I have researched and tried my hardest to find out what these things are but i can tell you they are not floaters.

I kind of just need a way to get them down in numbers
i've tried everything
1. washing my eyes out
2. eating healthier
3. haha i even started putting ice cubes on my eyes thinking they would die,

Not only the fact that i have this im also a severe hypochondriac so if theres any advice on what to do please post back.
07/17/09 @ 07:01
Comment from: kismat [Visitor] Email
kismathi, i see the same wormy looking things like the ones in your first drawing. Im really curious to know whether theyre parasite or not and what to do about them. I too get sore pinkish eyes (they always look irritated) and are sensitive to light. I can only see the wormy like things when im looking directly at a bright background.
07/22/09 @ 17:22
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Kismat

I'm not sure what these things are. I don't believe they are floaters. I don't think floaters do any harm yet I've had eye pain, blurry vision and redness. I have noticed, over time, since I've been cleansing, they are disappearing. I think it would be difficult to get a diagnosis, I'm not sure. I've had my eyes tests and nothing has showed up. I can't see them just by looking in the mirror and looking into my eyes. The only way I can see them is by looking at a bright background, like a light, and squinting my eyes. I can see them clear as day!

07/26/09 @ 13:34
Comment from: Teaya [Visitor] Email
TeayaHi Jane,

I am 32 years old and like you I have been dealing with many of the same symptoms for the past 6 years. I also see what appear to be these wormy things as pictured. I also see lots circles inside the bigger circle. They have increased in numbers over the years. I live in AZ and I can see them clearly when I look up at the sky.

I also have headache, severe dizziness, I often get very light headed, abdominal pain, eye pain etc.

I have been to several primary care doctors, neurologists, GI specialist, and eye doctors. I have had blood tests done, an endoscopy, a colonoscopy, MRI etc. All showing nothing.

When my symptoms started I was told that the headaches, dizzines and so on was due to what they called "complex" migraines and the somach issues were due to IBS. I was told the the worm like things in my vision were just floaters "no big deal". On a couple of separate occasions I have questioned whether or not my problems could be parasite related but was told "NO".

This after noon I happened to be looking up at the sky one of the long worm like things was right there and as I was just staring at the clouds, not blinking, I watched in move. Well, it was like in your picture where it lookes tangled together, mine straightened itself out. This of course creeped me out and lead me to do some more research which is how I found your blog.

I have not worked in the past 5 years due to the severity of the symptoms. The vision/worm issue paired with the dizziness gets so bad at times that I cannot even drive. The combined symptoms make for a miserable existance. Dealing with the symptoms alone is hard enough but I also have 3 children. My husband has been as understanding as possible I guess.

Please let me know if what you are on helps. I would love to know how you were taking the iodine at this point I am will to try anything.

Thank you for the blog and I really hope this protocol helps.
08/04/09 @ 01:59
Comment from: tmar [Visitor] Email
tmarI too have these rod like organisms in my right eye (only)I actually saw them on a flight returning from vacationing in Mexico. My eye does feel a little irritated, but I figured it was just my allergies. But, my story is very similar to Whittney's. The picture Jane drew is exactly what I saw in the reflection on the window of the airplane. I can only see them with background light reflection. I would like to know what they are, how to treat them and if I was infected when I went to Mexico. Has anyone else gone to Mexico.
08/04/09 @ 12:36
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hello Tmar

I am not entirely sure what they are, the ones that I see in my eyes. I can only describe them like tiny worms. You could go visit your doctor and mention that you have been to Mexico, he/she may run some tests if you are worried.

Like you, I can only see these things when staring at a bright background.
08/24/09 @ 14:56
Comment from: Ryan C [Visitor]
Ryan CHey i have the same problem too. Except with my worms, i can see them all the time, whether im looking at bright lights or not. on the end of one of my worms there is a large brown dot that looks like a big knot of worms tangled up in eachother and i can see it all the time and is very annoying. Also, while looking into a bright background, whenever i squint the outlines of all my worms start to become very sharp and less blurry. I can also see many many little dots while squinting too. this is only in my right eye but its starting to drive me crazy because i can never get away from those stupid worms.
09/18/09 @ 21:47
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Yes, these things are annoying. I'm not entirely sure what they are, they look like worms, the ones I see in my eyes. I see two different shapes, like what I drew in my post. When I manage to get one out of my eye, they look very thread-like in appearance and are kind of whitish/transluscent in colour.

09/29/09 @ 15:53
Comment from: Christie [Visitor]
ChristieHere is a link to an image of Candida Ibicans…I believe these are what eye floaters are.

SCROLL WAY DOWN until you see the first grouping of pictures. It is the 7th picture called Candida Abicans/RATx400

I had these same “floaters”; however, since I have been treating my Candida Ibicans with Diflecan (Fluconazole 150mg) every three days for 2 month spans and Amphotericin B Nasal irrigation 100 MCG/ml for fungal sinus infection, (which gets into your eyes), I have watched these die and disappear. Diflecan is hard on the liver, needs to be given under Doc supervision. I have done several rounds taking a couple of months breaks in between to let my liver rest. VERY IMPORTANT: Get off of ALL refined sugar and yeast FOR GOOD, and get on a good Pro-biotic like Kefir (the kind you make yourself with Kefir grains) or the Candida will just come back on you.
Here is a link to learn about true Kefir:

Also, this guy has A LOT of good info on Candida, however, he is also a bit extreme on diet and is sells stuff.

Also, the Bible deals with molds / fungus in Leviticus 13 and 14…for him who has (spiritual) ears.
10/02/09 @ 10:00
Comment from: anonymous [Visitor]
anonymousIt sounds like you have some form of roundworms. They are known to take up residence in the eye and cause severe pain, along with a host of other nasty symptoms all over the body. I would have your doctor check you for parasites, and be persistent. If you feel like your doctor is not giving you sufficient care or taking your condition seriously, then I strongly advise finding a new physician.
10/05/09 @ 11:51
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi 'anonymous'

Thank you for your comment. I'm not sure what these eye things are. They just look like tiny worms, I've always described them like this because that's what they look like. Since I've started my protocol, they have been decreasing in numbers and I no longer experience the pain, the redness etc., I'm doing much better with all of the symptoms.

One of the first practitioners I saw, a kinesiologist (who was also a private GP). He tested me for many things and ascaris showed up. He found quite a lot going on. Bartonella, and Babesio Microti showed up too.

I've been checked out for parasites through my own doctor but to no avail (even after passing what I consider to be worms). I've been back so many times I did feel I wasn't being taken seriously. I was even sent to Infectious Disease after I went back to my own doctor with my micrographs I had done after having 3 samples tested privately (sputum, urine and stool).

I'm doing much better now.
10/05/09 @ 15:31
Comment from: Ken [Visitor]
KenI too have egg and wormy like things in my eyes. Only see eggs if I wake during night against my blue wall. Used a parsite zapper (Clark)... google it. Next night saw these things in dead semi desolved state. Next night gone. 975hz. I believe these things are very microscopic and being right on or in the eye the eye acts like a microscope lense and makes them look bigger than they are. Eye Dr. cannot see them they are so small. FDA does not like or approve the zapper.
11/02/09 @ 14:13
Comment from: Chris [Visitor] Email

Hi i've noticed for some many years now im not sure how many yet that i have some worm like thing in my eye that looks quite similar to the single stringed worm that you drew. I'm currently 18 years old and have notices a few things in my sight.

one is a single worm like the one you drew Jane and another usually just above the worm or just to the left of it is a black swirled line kinda like a small dust bunny.

I've never really took too much notice to it cause its never really bothered me and as a kid my imagination was great enough to make me see things. so I took it as just another mind trick of mine. but now i took some great notice to it at least I'm guessing 7 years later. this morning as i sat in bed with the early morning light i watched it and could see the worm moving its upper part of its body from side to side as well as sort of flexing is body out and in as a normal worm would do when it moves.

i personally am not too greatly worried about it as more am confused. i've looked all day today and could not find anything that looked similar to what i see that is a floater. and i think it a floater because it has been completely harmless for all these years. though the picture you drew is very close to what i'm seeing. so it confuses me and worries my fiance on whether it is a harmless floater or a painful parasite such as the one you had just laying dorment for years.

i have also noticed that these are the only two objects i've seen in my sight. is one worm and an odd swirly line. i haven't seen anymore then one worm yet i notice it actually moving as if alive. also like a floater i've noticed these objects moving with my eyes.

so all i ask is if anyone who still reads this and you as well Jane if ya'll might have an idea to help clearify my situation or any advice on how to figure it out that may not be a doctors visit at the moment considering im a fresh new adult out in the world with no medical coverage, at least for the next month or two.

i'm glad to hear though that you solved your situation and rid yourself of those nasty buggers Jane.
11/11/09 @ 20:55
Comment from: nat [Visitor] Email
nathi im new to this site and have been suffering with this same problem for over 2yrs now. Went to 2 eye specialists who basically told me i was crazy for thinking i have parasites. Can u tell me step by step what the protocol is that u r taking? I am desperate and would really appreciate the help. Thanks so much- im glad im not alone.
11/16/09 @ 21:32
Comment from: Jane [Member]
I have more than just these eye organisms affecting me. I have many symptoms and the protocol I'm taking is designed to hit all of my infections. I certainly have more of my life back.

I do sympathise with you, I understand what it can be like to be told it's all in your head. Floaters do affect the eyes but apparently cause no harm. I have never believed what I see in my eyes to be floaters. I have suffered eye pain, redness etc. I see these things clearly. If you are not experiencing pain etc., then perhaps it is nothing to worry about.

You should never follow a protocol that has been made up for someone else, THIS I must stress. This would be very dangerous in my opinion. Please do not take offence when I say this, I say this for your own good.

The person helping me changes things in my protocol as seen as fit, due to symptoms I'm experiencing, die-off/herx etc., For me to give a step-by-step write up would take a very long time. I am aware people would like to know how I'm doing and I will be updating my blog. This has been very difficult for me, I've been in constant communication with the person helping me and I've barely had a lot of time. But to publish a protocol is not the right thing to do because, like I said, I believe this would be dangerous. I do not want people following what I am taking and I would not want to feel responsible if a person fell ill. Herbs should not be taken willy-nilly. I know when I first started out I was quite sensitive to them and any change in dose etc., I was quite sensitive too.

I know getting a diagnosis is very difficult indeed and receiving treatment can be just as difficult but to follow a protocol that someone else is taking would, in my opinion, be very irresponsible indeed. I have eye symptoms yes, but I have many other symptoms too. The protocol is not just for organisms in the eye.

11/17/09 @ 15:19
Comment from: russell [Visitor]
russellhi im new to this site im 17 went to the retina doctor and told him that i have been seeing what you see he said they are ur cells and you have a gel in the bottom of ur eye that dissolves as you age and floates around
11/18/09 @ 17:34
Comment from: Jonas [Visitor] Email

I was very happy to find your blog and see that I'm not crazy. I, like everyone else who has commented also see the same "things" in my left eye and it is driving me crazy. This has been going on for the last 2 years and an eye exam revealed nothing. The "infected" eye seems to itch and water more than the other eye. What advice can you give me? I'm curious what kind of physicians you have seen and what each has told you. Thanks for your help.


11/23/09 @ 18:02
Comment from: JEFF ERARDI [Visitor] Email
11/29/09 @ 12:46
Comment from: Daniel Templeton [Visitor]
Daniel Templetoni saw just the exact thing i was in the swimming pool and at first it look like a tiny hair i stayed looking at it and then is saw that thing it look like a worm with circles in it then it disapered like 20 seconds later i saw it but it had moved it was in another position.
12/11/09 @ 11:25
Comment from: george [Visitor] Email
georgeHi Janet,

I have the same problem.
You have a solution for this?
Do you see anymore this alien?
When i look on the sky i see and some little dots movements (very fast movements)
Look at this adres:
I dont know if can live in eyes
I have a translation from Romanian language(dont expect to be perfectly. I belive hife means what you see on the picture from the link-- You will found word ""hife"" on the comment ):

""I am not specialists, so you may not agree with what i say. It's about strictly personal observations.

Specifically from the beginning that I do not think floaters have a unique case, so it's very possible to be and clusters of dead cells, and blood clots, and who knows what else. Obviously, treatments, if any, must address each case separately.

A likely cause is but systemic candidiasis. For those who do not know, Candida albicans (the most common species of candida, but not only) lives in our intestines and mouth and, in general, they dont disurb us. The sense of "symbiosis" is not yet very clear- is used as source food for intestinal flora and helps control blood sugar (glucose in the blood sehraneste). Problems arise when this balance is symbiotic distrusfie of antibiotics (which, removing bacteria, do you not have "enemies") or by excessive sugar food or the decrease of immunity from various causes. Then, start to grow abnormally long and change - begin to develop pseudohife, some filaments resembling a mycelium, which perforates the intestinal wall, which allows it to reach the blood. Called leaky gut syndrome and the cause of many allergies, infections, etc.. Once in the blood, the spores of candidates (if they are not destroyed by defense mechanisms) are spread in the body and stays in the various organs. This phase is called candidiasis or systemic candida and is accompanied by various manifestations, depending on location of infection - chronic fatigue, obsessive craving for sweets, memory loss, etc..

Eye, it seems, is one of her favorite destinations. Syndrome is called candida endophthalmitis. In extreme cases, the retina, capillaries and other eye tissues are invaded by the candida, with serious consequences. In cases where "normal" but, Candida is kept in restrain the immune system and are the only events that float through the vitreous hifele. The appearance of filaments is transparent, with small spheres pearlescent from place to place (hlamidosporii candidate - see also photo below). When they are small, they go unnoticed, but become visible when opaque form opponent. If you are floating, disappearing after a while the effect of gravity, but many are connected or attached to any wall or intraocular body so hard they disappear.

Because of transparency and small size, hifele not be detected in regular ophthalmic checks, which explains the lack of interest to doctors, who admit only severe cases visible destructive effect on the retina. You can try to see with a very simple. Just look in a microscope (possibly toy) you have not made any preparation, so that to have a white field, well lit. The first thing you see are your own genes. But if you look better microscope images of parasite (The more stupid the better), you will begin to distinguish floaters. To make sure you are not dust the eye or microscope objective, rotate the device - and if you rotate them, means that are dust, if not, and if you move with the eye, means that are on or in the eye. Most of them can remove corneal blinking. Most of the eye are dimensional and arranged however you will notice that distinguish wires of different thicknesses, which move at different speeds and to see more clearly or diffuse depending on the focus lens""

01/14/10 @ 06:21
Comment from: Roger [Visitor]
RogerI aso have had these parasites for years. My research has shown that a common de-wormer, praziquantel, will eliminate most worms, but for some reason-Doctors seem to refuse to acknowledge the existance of parasites in humans, and refuse to prescribe praziquantel-even tho it seems very safe. I think it is smarter to take a one day de-wormer treatment, rather than suffer with asthma-like symptoms (misdiagnosis) and take asthma meds for a lifetime.
02/05/10 @ 15:36
Comment from: michael wahoski [Visitor]
michael wahoskivery interesting topic. i think i have some stuff living on my eyes. they are very tiny and very numerous. kinda look oval-like. there are hundreds and they just swim around. ive sat down and focused on them and they appear to be alive. very curious on what they could be. also very new to this subject lol. just now realized them a few months ago and been nervous and curious lately
02/15/10 @ 14:15
Comment from: Heide [Visitor]
HeideWow, how great to hear I am also not alone with these things in my eyes! I too was scared when I first saw them. I've done a 3 month run of a parasite program and no change in my eyes. I was really disappointed to see you did not write down what you have been using, altho I understand your point. Perhaps you could list the herbs/or whatever you are doing, not amounts, just the item and it would give all of us a place to start.
thanks for you drawing, it was reassuring to me just to know I'm not alone.
02/22/10 @ 12:29
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hello Heide

Thank you for your comment. Are you under the care of a practitioner? You say you've just done a 3 month run of a parasite programme and you see no change in your eyes. Have you spoken to a professional regarding what you see in your eyes?

I can only speak for myself, but I've always been sure that what I see in my eyes to be parasite organisms, I've never been more sure. I never believed them to be floaters. Eye floaters don't tend to cause problems apart from them being very annoying.

It took me a long time before I began to see a difference with regards to the organisms I see in my eyes. I've seen so many of them in my eyes, and since following the protocol, at first it was difficult to see them reduce in numbers. It took me time to see this happen. When I began to notice less of them as time wore on, I found it easier to monitor. It has taken months for me to get where I am today, but I'm definitely seeing less of them, I only see just a few now. I can definitely say they are less of a problem now but they are NOT all gone.

I started my protocol in May and I will be updating my blog. I will talk about certain herbs that I've used and which I feel have made a big difference to my symptoms.

Part of the reason I haven't updated my blog for so long is that I have been in a lot of communication with the person helping me. It has been very time consuming. Also, throughout the protocol I've had a hard time trying to distinguish between flare-ups and die-off symptoms. I have found both to be very similar in nature. At times I thought I was experiencing a flare-up when in actual fact, I believe it to have been die-off. Die-off can be just as bad as the symptoms of my flare-ups I've come to realise and now I'm sure I understand more.

I'm doing so much better now. I will be updating my blog. What I need to be clear about is that you should never follow someone else's protocol. That is dangerous, in my opinion. I will be writing about certain herbs I've been taking and my experiences throughout the protocol so far.

02/25/10 @ 13:38
Comment from: Barry [Visitor]
BarryI started taking a product called Parasitin its a parasitic cleansing formula. Each time I take the pills I can feel it working because I get a sensations down my legs in my feet my nose starts to ich. However the one thing that bothers me most is my eyes, they have gotten very blurry and light bothers them. I see what appear to be clear looking circles that float around and somtimes make it hard to see. Does anyone have the same problem?
02/26/10 @ 17:45
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hello Barry

Good that you feel things are working for you.

With regards to your eyes, have you had any eye examination done? It's hard to know for sure what you are seeing in your eyes. Floaters don't, to my knowledge, cause any harm. Parasites on the other hand, do. Are you having any other eye symptoms? Pain, redness, swelling?

03/03/10 @ 14:40
Comment from: ian [Visitor] Email
ianI have something in my eye.
Click on my url to see.
I have redness.
I see with shadows. I see like i look through water.
03/04/10 @ 09:11
Comment from: bisma [Visitor]
bismahi i m bisma I have the same problem since I was 4 now I am 26 and my eyes are filled with these things no one believes me I have compound number but glasses do no good if I hold one finger in front of me I see four. my axis has changed.they are now millions.
03/05/10 @ 06:09
Comment from: Richard [Visitor]
RichardI was told by my eye doctor that what I was seeing was the trail left from the floaters moving around in the gel like substance in the eye. Mine are getting worse as time passes.
A friend of mine has followed Hulda Clark's Liver cleanse and he has found that the floaters or whatever they are are going away.
03/05/10 @ 19:00
Comment from: vern [Visitor]
vernThose look NOTHING like the floaters I have in my vision. Mine are almost transparent, are roundish, and have not moved or changed in any meaningful way in 20 years.
My diagnosis would be a parasite.
03/18/10 @ 09:19
Comment from: Toni Knecht [Visitor] Email
Toni KnechtHello

I work for a publisher-shop "Leuchtstruktur-Verlag", which is interessted in Eye-Floaters-Picture. We have a Gallery of them:
Your Drawing is not a worm...the reason:

-In my experience, floaters persist for decades - they don't move by themselves, they are always the same dots and strings, you'll get familiar to them. If they were living parasites (worms), you could actually observe how they move by themselves. That's just not the case.
- Eye floaters look „semitransparent or like a glass rod or ‚crystal worm‘“ -
real worms would be not transparent and has not clear, distinct lines and circles.

So dont be worry, Jane.

On other way, when you are afraid, go to the ophthalmologist, real worms he can see immediately. To see Eye Floaters
he will have problems!

When you like to know more wisdom about eye floaters, my publisher has a book about Mouches volantes:

Mouches Volantes - Eye Floaters as Shining Structure of Consciousness

Toni from Switzerland

03/20/10 @ 04:04
Comment from: kazan [Visitor]
03/21/10 @ 14:55
Comment from: Rick [Visitor]
RickI have noticed these floaters for a few decades. When I asked my eye doctor, he said they were part of the eye that had deteriorated. However, I was convinced that they were parasitic since they seem to have cell structure and dark areas in the same uniform place of each "worm". One night I happen to see a doctor on t.v. talking about how trichinosis is on the rise coming from Mexico. He showed a picture of the parasite. It was "exactly" what I have been seeing. Trichinosis is known to attack the eyes or settle in the eyes. So far I've been unable to catch the attention of any of my doctors on this.
04/10/10 @ 04:31
Comment from: Suzan Saunders [Visitor] Email
Suzan SaundersI am shocked by what I am reading, because I am seeing the same worm like structures in my line of vision. This is in my right eye. I actually saw the worms through a compound light microscope, somehow the angle and light reflected and I was able to see these images.Somehow I saw this bundle of worms with tubular structures exactly like the pictures shown above. So far I have been to two Opthalmologists who have seen nothing except for "fibers or floaters", now I am on my way to a Retina specialist. My vision is 20/25 and my eye seems normal except for occasional redness, dryness and pain. I have never had any problems with my eyes and suddenly there is a dark smudge in my line of vision.
04/20/10 @ 10:33
Comment from: stephanie [Visitor] Email

Oh man my eye has been red and I've noticed these damn stringy things in it...Paranoia brought me here and now I'm thinking I have eye worms..I was hoping it was just mucus but why would it be long and stringy...I'm also getting really crusty eyes in the morning..trying to wash my makeup off at night and use polysporin pink eye drops, but now my eye has pain when I move it left and right..I find taking Allegra is helping with the itch and the uncontrollable watering... Anyways, looking at this site it says using some soft of antihistamine will get them gone..ew ew it better not be a friggen the first few comments and decided to do some research, sorry if someone already posted this link..Hope it helps
05/05/10 @ 18:25
Comment from: Katie [Visitor]
KatieOMG! My fiance and I have the same worms in our eyes and all over the body. We seemed to have got it when we came back from MEXICO!!! This is awesome to see that there are others out there! So far we have taken the OTC Pin-X and it seems to be ridding them by the numbers. My fiance had some pretty bad health issues from it including vertigo, epididymitis, blurred vision, and Gastro Intestinal disorder. Our symptoms together include dizziness, irritability, drowsiness, anemia, stomach pain, eye pain, and painful bowel movements. I will post our progress with this parasite.
05/31/10 @ 02:40
Comment from: indu [Visitor]
induI can't believe what I am seeing or reading. You have drawn a perfect example of what I see in my left eye. plz tell me if it has treatment or not
when i consult my doc he says it always seen in your eyes lifetime it has no treatment is it true plz mail me and tell me plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
06/05/10 @ 01:48
Comment from: j [Visitor]
jhas anyone ever seen this but on a much much larger scale? not just on your eye but everywhere? much larger but seems to be the same type of glassy/see through moving.... things? i've had a few experiences of being surrounded by what i described as wormy arms that are clear like eye floaters... hope this doesn't sound to nuts. thnx for your time
06/07/10 @ 17:30
Comment from: David [Visitor] Email
DavidHello all,

Very interesting read! I have an idea, and that would be incorporating facial steams with herbs in them in your repertoire. Although I have zero experience in this area myself and in the problems that you are all discussing here, I know some hippies who are pretty savvy on health and use facial steams with herbs in them for many reasons, primarily the face and lungs. Just thought I would throw it out there, but don't go too crazy!

07/05/10 @ 18:32
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hello David

Facial steams with herbs. Never actually done that, or even thought of it. Thank you.
07/05/10 @ 20:12
Comment from: chritina yazalina [Visitor]
chritina yazalinastudy c pulmoni
and also the things in your nose can be the C. Hepatica
C. Aerophila , they look just like Capillaria philippinensis. praquantazil evrmectin with predisone should help. but doctors are not willing to look at what comes out of your nose because they dont believe parasites can effect your eyes and tissues. yep they have put me through hell and I went to a cdc doctor and he told me it was impossible to have parasites in your tissues or abdomen. and never did one test and then they spread from head to toe. they will make you think your crazy and have parasitosis and call you names.
but it is in a medical book.......... [edited]
07/05/10 @ 21:25
Comment from: Steven [Visitor]
StevenHow much iodine do you take. I've went as high as 15 drops, but it has no effect whatsoever on the parasites or worms in my eyes. They seem to be immune to everything I throw at them. I tried MMS. I gradually increased the dosage to 10 drops which made me seriously ill. I was on the toilet all day and throwing up, but again it had no effect on the parasites in my eyes. I'm beginning to lose hope.
08/31/10 @ 15:36
Comment from: Mike [Visitor]
MikeVery interested about this information on your site, I like more, thank you.
09/16/10 @ 07:18
Comment from: Zachary [Visitor]
ZacharyYou are obviously a seasoned blogger... great post, thanks!
09/21/10 @ 16:40
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Zachary

Not sure what you mean by the above, LOL, but I'll take it as a compliment.
09/30/10 @ 15:16
Comment from: Joe Blow [Visitor]
Joe Blow

Here's an actual picture of them. I would argue whether or not they are harmless.

Take a look at these links:

10/05/10 @ 13:44
Comment from: MIM [Visitor]
MIMhappy b-day to your blog ! I'm the first one to remember :D
10/16/10 @ 13:26
Comment from: sajoo [Visitor]
sajooThanks for the information. It is really nice of you. Please keep sharing such type of blogs in the future also.
10/18/10 @ 06:51
Comment from: Ÿ [Visitor]
Cool Article! My spouse and i had been simply just debating that there's a whole lot absolutely wrong details at this matter and also you precisely replaced the belief. Many thanks for a marvelous contribute.
10/19/10 @ 05:10
Comment from: saasch [Visitor]
saaschhello all. i'm saasch i read yours comments. i have a problem same as you. it was seeing in my left eye and moving alone. but few months ago it have multiplied and seeing in my both eyes. sometimes looked eggs of that worms. but i still do not know what is it and how named it? could you answer me.......... i have lot of distressed
10/21/10 @ 09:58
Comment from: Gregory Moosa [Visitor]
Gregory MoosaThis fantastic article is very nicely written, I appreciate your writing and your website design is beautiful as well. Keep up the great work.
10/26/10 @ 12:09
Comment from: Lorie [Visitor]
Loriei was talking to my aunt yesterday. she was seing the same opthalmologist since '95 and the doctor's office checked her eyes 6 times, and confirmed she no longer has glaucoma. the doctor couldn't believed it. i know it may not be related, but the only thing she took was the parasite cleanse. she did passed jelly-looking parasite. it doesn't hurt to do the cleanse. we bought the Parasite Cleanse Kit from
10/29/10 @ 13:30
Comment from: KJ [Visitor]
KJHas anyone noticed these occurring after the use of Flonase?!
11/03/10 @ 19:20
Comment from: Jane [Member]

Flonase? I can't say I've heard of it so I can't comment. I did a quick google search on it and it's a med to help with sinus / nasal congestion / allergies.
11/08/10 @ 16:15
Comment from: Greg [Visitor]
GregIf you're having LOTS of floaters and eye problems, it could be a symptom of macular degeneration.

I ended up on this site because I've been having periodic and sudden inflammation of my lower eyelids, burning and tearing. Sometimes left, sometimes right, sometimes both, sometimes neither. If it were something systemic I would think both eyes all the time, or none.

Do parasites flare up and go away, maybe according to life cycle?
11/19/10 @ 16:57
Comment from: mathew [Visitor] Email
mathewhi im matt im 20 from australia i have had these worm like things that we are all talking about since i was 4 roughly and have been to scared you could say to find anything out or talk to any one till today i thought enough is enough so i did some serching the pics that have been displayed are wat im seeing in my left and right eye and its pi**ing [edit] me off lol so to speak if anyone knows how to get rid of them or what they are please let me no asap [edit] nothing has come out of my nose but than agian i have not been looking for them but im glad that im not the only one out there with this condition
11/21/10 @ 03:15
Comment from: Tim [Visitor]
TimI am just wondering if this thread is still alive somehow? I am 16 this year. And I am worried bout having parasites in my eye. I havent seen anything moving around in my eye but there was once I have itch in my right eye till I cant open my eye at all. It feels that there is something in my eye that time. I've washing my eye and tried eyedrops. But it still stays the same. Till I tried washing my eye from left to right and somehow it feels that the "thing" have changed position. And after awhile its gone.

I am worried bout my right eye as I think there is some form of life in my eye. So I hope that someone can provide me a solution or something.. Cause I really dont want to lose my right eye or go through any major surgery.

Hope for a reply soon. Thanks
12/05/10 @ 21:11
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Tim

Thank you for your comment. You are very young. Have you raised your concerns with a parent/guardian? Have you been to your doctor? Optician? Have you had any tests carried out?

You say - 'once I have itch in my right eye ......' You also say you couldn't open your eye? Has this only happened the once? If you have not seen anything, why are you concerned it's parasitical in nature? Do you experience pain, redness, blurry vision etc? These are questions an optician or doctor may ask you, I'm not a professional. I'd visit your optician or doctor if I were you and take things from there. Eyes are very precious.
12/16/10 @ 13:53
Comment from: JJ [Visitor]
JJHello Jane-

I was grateful to find this site as I have been dealing with health problems for 4 years. I was bit by a tick on my head 4 yrs ago in Northern California and have had fatigue, headaches, dizziness and weight gain since. I have noticed more recently that I have issues with seeing worm like objects in my eyes. When I look into a skylight for extended periods of time I can almost see invisible movements in my eyes and clear worms and small egg like circles. After searching long and hard and finally finding a alternative doctor that would help me. I was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease 2 months ago thru Igenex labs. Wow, atleast I had a lead. I have discovered after lots of searching that ticks and mosquitos can transmit many co-infections to humans. I came across this web-site and I'm almost positive this is what is in my eyes. It links lyme disease and it's co-infections ( bartonella, babesia, etc) with microscopic Microfilarial worms that live with bacteria. I'm not 100% sure of this but it seems to make sense as I started getting this eye problem after my tick bite and they can easily be transmitted by mosquitos or ticks. Although I don't like the saying a Natropathic Doctor told me that mosquitos, biting flys and ticks are nature's dirty needles. I can understand why the symptoms are so varied between each person as each bite would transmit a different combination of parasitic, viral and bacteria infections into the blood. So we all have a different combination of issues to deal with and each person's immune system will react differently in their response to these infections. Here is a web-site that I found with more info and photos which matched what I have been seeing in my eyes. I don't have any scientific data but after living with this is just seems to make some sense.Now on to finding a way to rid them from our bodies! Sending love and blessings for a return to health and wellbeing!
12/27/10 @ 11:44
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hello JJ

EXCELLENT comments! I can relate to everything you say in your comments. I have questioned lyme too with regards to some of my symptoms. a few years ago I was diagnosed with Babesia Microti and Bartonella !! (I was bitten by tick in my teens). I see those wormy looking things in my eyes too (although they have decreased in time since I began my protocol). They are the weirdest things I've ever seen and ARE DEFINITELY NOT FLOATERS!

Thank you so much for your comment. Much appreciated.
12/27/10 @ 13:38
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hello Greg

Parasites are complicated creatures! They tend to be more active around the full moon.
01/18/11 @ 13:12
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Comment from : Katie [Visitor]

"OMG! My fiance and I have the same worms in our eyes and all over the body. We seemed to have got it when we came back from MEXICO!!! This is awesome to see that there are others out there! So far we have taken the OTC Pin-X and it seems to be ridding them by the numbers. My fiance had some pretty bad health issues from it including vertigo, epididymitis, blurred vision, and Gastro Intestinal disorder. Our symptoms together include dizziness, irritability, drowsiness, anemia, stomach pain, eye pain, and painful bowel movements. I will post our progress with this parasite."

Hi Katie

You say you were in Mexico. With regards to the symptoms you list and the fact you've been to Mexico, I'd expect your doctor would wish to run some tests especially after your travel and having returned with the symptoms.

Good luck. Do post and let us know how you are getting on.
01/18/11 @ 15:55
Comment from: David Lloyd [Visitor]
David LloydI have seen many of the same things others have reported here. In addition to large translucent floaters, I see slowly spiraling chains similar to the graphic in this post in my right eye. I see bright white blobs or bubbles. Depending on the angle they can appear to have black centers or they can appear to have black tails. The ones in my left eye are numerous and fast-swimming in apparently random directions like fish in a tank, but the ones near the translucent floaters seem attracted to the floaters, like fish in a feeding frenzy. There are not nearly as many in my right eye, and they seem to move slower. The "class" behavior that seems to be related only to which eye they are in tells me I am actually seeing some problem with my eye as opposed to actual independent organisms. There is no doubt in my mind I am seeing "living" activity, but I don't think I'm seeing parasites. I actually think I'm seeing the torn or frayed edges of part of the lining of my eye moving in and out of focus and creating optical illusions, but I'm only guessing. I have no idea what I am seeing.
03/27/11 @ 16:40
Comment from: 3 SH [Visitor]
3 SHThis is a really good read for me, Must admit that you are one of the best bloggers I ever saw.Thanks for posting this informative article.
04/22/11 @ 23:53
Comment from: Sherif [Visitor] Email
SherifHello Jane,
This is Sherif ,31 years male, from Cairo of Egypt. I have read your words about the parasite thing in your eye. Actually, your case is typically similar to mine. I have had this worm thing since my childhood and I enjoyed watching those things moving like fish whenever I looked at the bright sky but with time I noticed that those worm things were getting bigger and longer. To me , this is not becoming an enjoyable thing anymore. My father said he had such things in his eyes when he was young but they vanished a few years after. I saw three doctors and all of them said this is something natural and normal for people to have those things in their eyes but the disturbing thing is that ,however,those things are becoming so bigger that the vision through them is semi-transparent and unclear. I'd like to tell you that I'll not hesitate to inform you with a solution for your problem .In case you get to a solution for your problem' I hope you tell me soon.



04/24/11 @ 17:39
Comment from: Luxuary hotels [Visitor]
Luxuary hotelsWhen I originally commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Thanks!
04/27/11 @ 01:10
Comment from: Accommodation [Visitor]
AccommodationReally? It really is excellent to witness anyone finally begin addressing this stuff, however I’m still not really certain how much I agree with you on it all. I subscribed to your rss feed though and will certainly keep following your writing and possibly down the road I may chime in once again in much more detail. Cheers for blogging though!
05/02/11 @ 05:33
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hello Sherif

Yes, they are very annoying. Annoying I can cope with, but when my eye symptoms were bad, I experienced redness, pain and blurry vision when I saw countless numbers of these things in my eyes.

One thing is for sure, I've never thought they were floaters. As far as I'm aware, floaters are harmless and don't cause pain. Certainly not the symptoms I experienced when my eyes were bad.

Over time, I have noticed these things have dramatically decreased in numbers and my eye symptoms have alleviated. I still see some of these strange organisms but they have definitely diminished in numbers, greatly! As the number of these things have decreased, so have my eye symptoms.

05/04/11 @ 16:29
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Re: Comment from : Accommodation [Visitor]
"Really? It really is excellent to witness anyone finally begin addressing this stuff, however I’m still not really certain how much I agree with you on it all. I subscribed to your rss feed though and will certainly keep following your writing and possibly down the road I may chime in once again in much more detail. Cheers for blogging though!"

Thank you for your comment. I look forward to your future comments. I'm not sure what you don't agree with me on, but hey, that's fine. I'm only trying to relay in my own words what I have been experiencing, through my symptoms, test results and how I'm progressing.

Thank you

05/04/11 @ 16:42
Comment from: Jane [Member]
My comment to 'Luxuary Hotels' [Visitor] -

I'm unsure as to why you would be receiving 4 notifications every time a comment is posted? I have asked the owner of the site about it and I will try and get back to you.

Since you set up to receive this, I'm wondering if you would just have to 'undo' the tick box from receiving the notifications? I'm just not sure.
05/04/11 @ 16:47
Comment from: Matthew Lee [Visitor]
Matthew LeeI checked on various places and its obvious to me that all the symptoms I have are simply floaters caused by eye fluid and are no problem. I see them in places people generally say they see floaters like a blue sky or blank surface or when I close my eyes. If it were a worm, an eye doctor could see it. If floaters are severe, there are new treatments, though they are practised by few, so you may have to wait a few years before its more common and cheaper. I've had it a long time and think its fine. I do not know if you're religious, but to those who are, I hope I can comfort you by saying all suffering is temporary and God loves you, no matter how long it lasts, all suffering will end in heaven. God is watching over all of us and I hope you feel well. I understand if you don't believe me about heaven or the floaters, but I have my opinion and I think they're just floaters. Cleaning wont help because they're not on the surface of your eye, so if washing dosen't help, dont panick. Symptoms include being able to see them on things like blue skies or blank or bright surfaces. If they move with your eye ball and you can't get a close look, then they're floaters. So again I wouldn't worry and there is treatment, and God is taking care of us and loves us, so live a good life. Also because it's not on the surface, your eye doctor probably won't see it.
05/17/11 @ 14:08
Comment from: Pancreatic Cancer Survival Rate [Visitor]
Pancreatic Cancer Survival RateI like this website so much, saved to favorites.
05/21/11 @ 08:48
Comment from: John [Visitor]

While I understand how it might be inappropriate to talk about your specific protocol, that is unique to you; can you at least speak to how you found someone that would work with you to create such a protocol? Since regular medical Doctors seem unable to help - am curious how you came to find someone that would help. I am a loss how to even start such a search

06/05/11 @ 21:54
Comment from: A worried guy [Visitor]
A worried guyDear visitors and members,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I was 15 when I noticed these wormy things in my eyes. Actually, at first, I didn't care about it... before seeing this page, I thought I was alone in the world with this boring worms. I have visited many doctors and physicians but still my health is the same...and plus it's getting worst. Fortunately,everyday that passes I'm refreshing myself and hoping that I will ok one day...these things really stopping me in improving my life...I feel desperate and giving up in many things now...please help before it's too late....

06/20/11 @ 09:40
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hello 'worried guy'

Thank you for your comment. Whilst I understand how difficult it can be to find someone to help one's situation, I would have to say on the first occasion of anything wrong health-wise always visit your doctor. I understand your frustration at having tests carried out without success. If you are concerned ask for specific tests or even a second opinion. Negative results can be frustrating.

With regards to myself finding help, I've seen many private practitioners, found help through online support, searching the internet etc. I was also able to find someone through personal contact.
06/22/11 @ 16:44
Comment from: Karyn [Visitor]

I've been dealing with this "wormy" junk in my right eye for about 6 months time. Visited the eye doc and she couldn't see a damn thing. I was told to go back if it grows. Not only has it grown, it is now in my left eye as well. It is so hard to explain what they look like and "worm" is the only explanation I can comeup with. It was a total trip to see your drawing, as it resembles mine almost to a T. Also, I have floaters in my left eye as well, and they are TOTALLY different! Those things move, these worm things don't, they just grow and gross me out! Especially the little dots around them, as if they're eggs waiting to hatch. ugh! I have chills all over my body now. LOL Anyway, thank you for creating this blog!
06/23/11 @ 02:47
Comment from: Catherine [Visitor]
CatherineHi my name is Catherine i am very young in my teenage years and seem to be having a problem like that i am under a lot of stress from my parents seperation and now i see a worm like thing in my left eye it almost seems to have formed another appendage off the middle of its body and it has little dots or segments on the body if any one could help me that would be great im not sure what it is but it is very creepy to have that in my eye but it has not seemed to damage my vision in any way shape or form and to see it i cant focus in on any object or just close my eyes and look at the inside of my eyelids and there it is HELP it is annoying
06/24/11 @ 11:41
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hello John

In the early years of my illness, my first port-of-call obviously was my own doctor. I had many tests done, stool, endoscopy, colonoscopy, scans etc. I've also seen private practitioners. I also searched the internet for online support, forums etc., where I got lots of helpful information.

Try searching your area for practitioners who are well informed about parasites and how they can affect one's health, practitioners who are not so anti in understanding this problem.

06/29/11 @ 15:33
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hello Catherine

First and foremost, you are very young and your parents separation must be having an impact on you. I sympathise.

I would love to know what these things are in my eyes. Although they have drastically reduced in numbers since I started my protocol, I'm not 100% sure if they are worms, but in my opinion they are some kind of organisms. They are the weirdest looking things.

It's good to know that you are not suffering any vision problems. Redness, blurry vision, pain etc would be a sure sign something is wrong.

06/29/11 @ 15:37
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hello Karyn

Thank you for your comment.

I can relate to everything you say with regards to these eye organisms. I just wish I knew what they were. I'm really not sure if an optician would see what you are seeing through a routine eye test? I'm really not sure. I had a routine eye test carried out and like you, nothing was seen by the eye examiner.

You say you have floaters, they are harmless as far as I'm aware. They sure would be annoying. I've read about floaters and what I see in my eyes, I wouldn't describe them quite like floaters.

06/29/11 @ 15:42
Comment from: Brenda [Visitor] Email
BrendaThank you Jane! I too have a "worm" in only my right eye. When I do see it it doesn't seem to ever move. Your first drawing was perfect to what I see, but there's only one, for now. I've been seeing it for the last year or so. My health seems to be fine and every now and then my right eye will have a sharp pain in it but I have never put the pain and the worm together. I was told that I should go see an Opthamologist. I'm glad to have found your information. I've never told anyone about it just because I have never heard of anyone talking about worms in their eyes. I thought that I was the strange one or that it was normal...due to the fact that everyone has microscopic bugs on them. Now I know that I'm not crazy. :-)
06/30/11 @ 22:46
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Brenda

Thank you for your comment. I'm pleased to hear your health is good. Like I say, I am not sure what these organisms are. They look like tiny worms, it's exactly how I would describe them. Over time, since I began my protocol, they have diminished in numbers. My eyes are so much better now, I no longer have redness, pain, blurry vision etc. My eyes look so much brighter too. When all of my symptoms were extremely aggressive and I'd see countless numbers of these strange wormy looking things, the whites of my eyes would be very, very dull and dark.

If you were suffering, redness, pain or blurry vision, yes, I'd get it checked out. Since you don't have eye symptoms, apart from these weird looking wormy things, it may be nothing to worry about. If these things were to increase in numbers, then I'd keep a close 'eye' on them.

My best.
08/11/11 @ 14:30
Comment from: Karyn [Visitor]
KarynHello again...

These wormy things are growing and spreading (to left eye),I even saw them move in my right eye. I'm so disturbed by this, that it gives me chills/goosebumps all over my body! I'm going to set up another appt to see if I can get some sort of referral to get to the bottom of this. Will fillyou in as info is passed along to me.
08/20/11 @ 02:33
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Karyn

Please do let us know how you get on with your appointment.
08/24/11 @ 14:20
Comment from: Jane [Member]
I received this comment some time ago from Matthew L [Visitor] -
"I checked on various places and its obvious to me that all the symptoms I have are simply floaters caused by eye fluid and are no problem. I see them in places people generally say they see floaters like a blue sky or blank surface or when I close my eyes. If it were a worm, an eye doctor could see it. If floaters are severe, there are new treatments, though they are practised by few, so you may have to wait a few years before its more common and cheaper. I've had it a long time and think its fine. I do not know if you're religious, but to those who are, I hope I can comfort you by saying all suffering is temporary and God loves you, no matter how long it lasts, all suffering will end in heaven. God is watching over all of us and I hope you feel well. I understand if you don't believe me about heaven or the floaters, but I have my opinion and I think they're just floaters. Cleaning wont help because they're not on the surface of your eye, so if washing dosen't help, dont panick. Symptoms include being able to see them on things like blue skies or blank or bright surfaces. If they move with your eye ball and you can't get a close look, then they're floaters. So again I wouldn't worry and there is treatment, and God is taking care of us and loves us, so live a good life. Also because it's not on the surface, your eye doctor probably won't see it."

My response -
Thank you for your comment. I appreciate what you say and respect your opinion. I have to say though I have never been of the opinion that what I see in my eyes are floaters. To date, since I began my protocol these things have reduced in numbers. Floaters are harmless yet I had many eye symptoms when my symptoms were aggressive. I experienced pain, redness, blurry vision etc., Floaters wouldn't, in my opinion, cause symptoms such as these.

I receive many comments with regards to my eye post. I do not know what these things are that I've been seeing in my eyes, they look parasitic. I describe them like wormy looking organisms because that's exactly what they look like. They're the weirdest looking things ever.

You say - "God is taking care of us and loves us, so live a good life."

Thank you, that is so lovely
08/24/11 @ 16:08
Comment from: Vanessa [Visitor]
VanessaYour first picture is very like what I've been seeing in my right eye for some years now, accompanied by the many circles within circles that you describe which I've always said are like ameobas with a nucleus in the middle. The long worm-like thing does not behave like a floater - it remains more or less in the centre of my field of vision and slowly moves with my eye movements, not dashing around the periphery of my vision like floaters do. I've had no help or support from eye doctors, who've disagreed with each other about whether they can see a haemorrhage or other evidence of trauma in my eye (most have said they see nothing wrong). I've also got palinopsia and some other symptoms. A Lyme disease specialist thinks I may have the disease but a neurologist I've seen has dismissed the idea, although he has found three small brain lesions which he says may be contributing to my visual disturbances. It's very complicated and very distressing! But the worm-like entity you've drawn is so like what I'm seeing, and the other things you describe are so similar to my own experience, that it's at least given me some comfort in thinking that I'm not alone.
08/27/11 @ 01:08
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Vanessa

Thank you for your comment. The Lyme Disease Specialist thinks you may have the disease but a Neurologist dismisses this? Have you had any tests carried out to confirm this or is the assumption based upon what symptoms you gave the specialist?

Please do let us know how you get on.

09/06/11 @ 14:34
Comment from: Carol [Visitor]
CarolH pylori was found in your stool? Don't ignore that. Google a picture of h pylori.

I have the same wormy dots and strings floating across my field of vision. Mine are tiny circles or ovals with several tangled-up threadlike tails. I once described them to my eye doctor as 'protozoa-like', and he commented on how clever a word that was to use in describing them. But that's what I believe I'm seeing - protozoa, bacteria...

I also was diagnosed with epilepsy and rheumatoid arthritis, and apparently there might be a link between those two diseases and the h pylori bacteria. I'm especially interested in getting tested for this since my mom suffered from a duodenal ulcer her entire life, so I know I've had exposure.
09/28/11 @ 18:34
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hello Carol

Thank you so much for you comment. I was diagnosed twice with the h pylori bug. First time round I was diagnosed through a biopsy after having an endoscopy and a colonoscopy done. I was prescribed a course of antibiotics to eradicate the bug. I had to be re-tested for it and second time round I still tested positive. The latter test I had was the Urea Breath Test. For the breath test you have to drink some kind of liquid and after a short period, you have to blow into a straw in a small sealed container. If you are positive for the bug, there's some sort of reaction where I think a chemical is left and this is how the bug is detected. That's my understanding of the Urea Breath Test. I was then prescribed metronidazole along with amoxicillan to eradicate it.

I realise ulcers are associated with this bug. It is a spiral shaped bacterium that lives in the stomach.

Here is a helpful link from RHR’s site which explains more about this bug and some effective herbs.

On further research I found out that a resin called ‘Mastic Gum’ can also be very effective in killing the bug. It also has other health benefits. I’m unsure how effective Mastic Gum is on the bug because I’ve also read that some studies show that Mastic Gum has no effect at all. So, I'm unsure how effective this resin is.

09/29/11 @ 12:57
Comment from: Louis [Visitor]
LouisFor those of you with symptoms beyond these floaters-

Please do yourself a favor and get tested for Lyme disease through a LLMD-

A Lyme literate medical doctor.

Get tested for Lyme and co-infection through Igenix in palo alto california.

All the best-

10/06/11 @ 03:55
Comment from: Erik [Visitor]
ErikDon't feel too bad, you're not the only one dealing with these horrible things. I've been thousands of dollars, afterwards resulting in not one diagnosis or suggestion. That's where I decided to go to an osteopath, he pointed me into the right direction. He suggested some really good herbs (Humaworm), so far I have heard some really good things about this company. I ordered up some and hope they knock out what I got. If not, I'm willing to try miracle mineral supplement. A lot of people knock on MMS and say it's BS. Well right now, I say that the whole medical field is BS, I'm willing to give natural medicine a try than go back to another MD.
10/17/11 @ 11:37
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hello Erik

Humaworm, yes, I've taken it before, many times over the years. Humaworm herbs are fresh. Also, depending on the type and significance of a person's infection, Humaworm can alter your order ie. for instance if you have a stubborn infection, Humaworm can make you an extra strength formula.

You'd have to check where they can ship to, due to the ban, unfortunately they can only ship to certain countries now.

10/20/11 @ 13:06
Comment from: spencer [Visitor]
spencerjane, i myself believe to have an eye parasite in my eye. i was a sophmore in highschool at the time three years ago i got the worst headache of my life and i seen this worm thing like the one you have above. at the time i thought nothing of it. but then then as time progressed it began to get bigger in size and it began to mess up my vision. now present time it has became a huge problem in my life i have seen three eye docs and thy all say they have seen nothing. my vision appears to be getting worse and i honestly dont know what to do :/
10/26/11 @ 15:47
Comment from: Logan [Visitor]
LoganIm 19 and started getting the worms at age 17. I been through so much trying to figure what these things are. It freaked me out and i just felt alone. No answer to my problem. Been to my doctors ,no result. I tell my mom but she thinks im okay, there is no one to go to. I do get almost similar symptoms as you Jane on the eye. These days i tried to ignore the worms but is just to hard. My life change and which to my old life back. There is more hope knowing now that im not alone.
10/28/11 @ 07:29
Comment from: Hannah [Visitor]
HannahI don't have the worm shape in my eyes, but i see the circles in my eyes a lot. The bigger circle with another in the middle, like a target sign. What is it?? Anyone?
11/06/11 @ 15:54
Comment from: source [Visitor] Email
sourceIt looks like mansonella perstans or onchocerca volvulus. Treat with vermox/mebendazole 100mg 2x daily and ivermectin 150mcg/kg one time. Both available online. Repeat until gone. Wish mine were that easy.
11/10/11 @ 14:21
Comment from: beverly [Visitor]
beverlyI have a problem also now for years,little thing i see moving around when I move my eyes,but today here in november 14,2011 I think something in my eye seems to move my eye,sometimes feels like it`s bugling my eye out at times,something like a bug or worm of some sort,so I put a chopped up raw potato between 2 gauges and taped this on overnight,of course the next morning the potatos were dried out from soaking and pulling anything that would come out,only a little pus so far,i still feel a little movement today not as big as the day before,so it`s better but still has a little movement,so I will continue with the potato poultice to draw out any more till I no longer fill it moving.I believe in the potato,it also draws out boils,anyinfections in the body,such as my husbands sore toes that would not heal till i put them into a potato poutice bag and wrapped them overnight to pull out the infections which worked,and then cleansed them the next day to remove any residue and then continued the next night till the infection was gone.
11/15/11 @ 09:40
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Beverly

Thank you for your comment.

The use of raw potato, I've never heard of that before. Very interesting. What is in the potato that draws out the infection?
11/16/11 @ 15:27
Comment from: jen [Visitor]
jenI googled "I see little threads" and researched. Wikipedia says they are quite common as you age. It has to do with the gel in your eye shrinking. I had implants for cararacts removal and I discussed this with my specialist. She said it was nothing to worry about.
11/17/11 @ 13:40
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Jen

Thank you for your comment. I've read this too but what I have seen in my eyes over the years, I have never believed it has to do with 'gel in your eye shrinking.'

For many years I experienced redness, blurry vision, pain and I wouldn't say this was NOTHING to worry about. Pain is a sign something is wrong.

11/21/11 @ 15:24
Comment from: atul sharma [Visitor]
atul sharmaya ....very true iam also suffering from the same ..i see this worm type structure in my eyes there any any home remedy to treatment to remove these moron things....please suggest me that to remove this eye [thing].......
11/27/11 @ 03:35
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Atul

Thank you for your comment. In relation to these eye organisms, I'm not sure what they are. I've been taking anti-parasitics, anti-bacterials, anti-fungals, anti-microbials etc., and over time I have noticed these things reduce in numbers. I don't see many in my eyes now. They have dramatically reduced in numbers.

Obviously if one had a diagnosis I suppose it would be much easier to know how to eradicate them. I've had my eyes tested and nothing showed up yet I could see countless numbers of these things, to the point I couldn't even count them. They were like a tangled mass. I believe I've had two different types of organisms in my eyes, one of which is very much like a worm and I saw many of the same organism in both eyes. One of the many organisms I could see had a pointy thing sticking out the front of it, countless numbers I could see and they all had this pointy thing sticking out the front. They were exactly the same in size and shape. They are very weird indeed.

I've had many comments which some suggest floaters but floaters I'm not convinced. Floaters don't cause pain, nor redness or the symptoms I experienced. So floaters, in my opinion, are not the cause.
11/30/11 @ 15:04
Comment from: zahraa [Visitor]
zahraaHi Jane..Ur post is lots of help in identifying this wormy thing in my left eye..I went for doctor few months ago, and she looked into my eye using her device and said it is something called fungus. She encouraged me to see specialist. When I went to see, specialist, he just dont believe what I see and said he cant see anything in my eyes. The worry part is, the line growing longer than what it was 3 years ago and start annoying my vision by seeing the line doesnt cause any pain, but migraine do attack my left side of my it related?temporary?or something i can ignore since the doctor cant see anything?

TQ Jane :)
12/12/11 @ 20:53
Comment from: Jane [Member]
I have never been sure if these things are worms in my eyes, I've never been sure. But that's what they sure look like. Whether it's parasites, bacterial or fungal I'm just not sure. Even after all this time I still don't know. But I know many people talk of the same thing.

I think candida, yeast or fungal overgrowth can affect the eyes. Symptoms vary from person to person. People report of visual disturbances ie., blurring, sensitivity to light and I think even eye pain. It may be worth reading up on.
12/14/11 @ 14:25
Comment from: John [Visitor]
JohnI went to eye doctor..he said these are floaters..nothing to worry aslong as you don't see any blind spots or flashes..which indicate retinal detachment..

12/23/11 @ 10:07
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi John

Thank you for your comment. Eye floaters, as far as I'm aware do not cause eye pain, redness or harm the eyes. I experienced redness and pain for a very, very long time. I had many intolerable symptoms for years, not just eye symptoms. When I endured aggressive flare-ups with all my symptoms my eyes would be affected, instead of looking bright and vibrant my eyes would turn a dark gray (the whites of my eyes) and they would look very dull. They would also feel sore and look red. My eyes just didn't look right at all and I also didn't look well either. So when my symptoms were extremely bad I'd notice a sudden change in how my eye looked and felt.

Over time (since taking herbs) I've noticed these things reduce in numbers and I hardly see any now. So, in short, no, I don't believe what I have been seeing in my eyes have been eye floaters.

I've looked at eye floater pictures before and what I see do not exactly resemble eye floaters. Especially one type of organism, I had countless numbers of them, all the same, exact formation etc., and they all had this strange pointy structure sticking out the front. I don't believe what I've been seeing have been eye floaters.

I do respect your opinion and comment though.

Thank you.
12/23/11 @ 14:20
Comment from: AGodwin [Visitor] Email
I too have the "Floaters"(?)& was bitten by a infected Tick in N. California, plus dealt with IGenex & have Lyme Disease. Would love to share info with you from time to time to help us double our knowledge of do's & don'ts,
AG in LA
01/23/12 @ 15:20
Comment from: hootch [Visitor]
hootchHey every one. Has anybody ever considered this to be a blessing. I can see this as well. Its like having a microscope for eyes in the way these wonders look. I tried to grab one and it dogged me. It is different at night looking on in a dark room it is a perfect grid of colors and shapes. life would be better if you didn't think something had to be wrong. realize that you have a gift and try to find more things you can notice, the world is what you make it. our imagination cannot stay put like these seemingly creatures do. get inspired and get over it.
01/24/12 @ 13:25
Comment from: Jane [Member]

Thanks for your comment JJ. Please feel free to share your experiences. You are most welcome.

01/24/12 @ 15:17
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hello Hootch

You consider this to be a blessing? I absolutely fail to comprehend your comment.

You say '..... life would be better....... realize you have a gift...... the world is what you make of it..... our imagination cannot stay put ..... get inspired and get over it"

You are entitled to your own opinion, granted but I can only take from the above that you have perhaps only read one of my posts from my blog and that you have no comprehension of what I have suffered. What I can tell you for sure is that in my experience, I've not been able to 'get over it' as you put it. It's been quite a battle I can tell you.

I do no wish to be rude but your comment leaves me cold.
01/24/12 @ 15:33
Comment from: Mark [Visitor]
So what was the bug/parasite that was causing you the floaters?
01/25/12 @ 21:52
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hello Mark

You ask 'what was the bug/parasite that was causing the floaters?'

Causing the floaters ??

In short, I have no idea.

I have never been of the opinion that what I have seen in my eyes are floaters. I wish I knew but the simple answer is I don't.
01/31/12 @ 15:36
Comment from: geri-Mom [Visitor]
geri-Momwow! I have exactly the same thing. I live in Japan and thought I had some kind of parasite from sushi. I've been worried for a couple of years, but no one could tell me what i had.
After reading your blog and finding out they're floaters, I googled What are floaters and found a site called, causes, risks and cures.
They answered a lot of my questions.

I have been considering doing a parasite cleanse, but now I think I will do a regular detox and see how that goes.

THanks for the info! I think you should try some kind of a cleanse, too!
02/02/12 @ 20:49
Comment from: Mathangi [Visitor]
MathangiI have had severe migraines for the past few months and for the past few weeks I saw a dark circle in my right eye whenever I blinked my eye. For the past few days I noticed something every time I got up from sleep - A worm similar to the second one in your picture and it moves around like wriggling... :worm: (At other times, I am not looking for it specifically so I may not be seeing it all the time)

I also had nausea, vomiting, stomach aches and emaciation for the last one year and I am being treated for it. I have numerous other medical issues that I don't want to mention in detail here but this worm thing is really worrying me along with the frequent headaches. A recent MRI has revealed that I have white matter intensities in my occipital region and some research showed me that this could cause visual motor disturbances and hallucinations. Just extra information for someone who may be researching this. (I am also on medication for a number of things and could that be a reason for what I am seeing?) Really confused and worried!! {{
02/03/12 @ 05:49
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Geri-Mom

Thank you for you comment. Good luck with the detox/cleanse.

Your comment above you say ... "Thanks for the info! I think you should try some kind of a cleanse, too!"

I can only assume from your comment that you have perhaps only read one of my posts?

02/08/12 @ 14:25
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Mathangi

Thank you for your comment.

You say you have a worm in your eye. Have you received a diagnosis for this? You say you see it moving?

For me, my concern was more for the first organism I drew in my picture I posted. It's definitely worm-like in appearance. I'm seeing less organisms in my eyes now but for many years I was suffering terrible eye symptoms along with countless other intolerable symptoms.

The nausea, vomiting, emaciation you mention, I'm pleased to hear you are receiving treatment which leads me to believe you've had some form of diagnosis?

Please do let us know how you are doing health-wise.

I wish you all the best.
02/08/12 @ 15:19
Comment from: geri-Mom [Visitor]
geri-MomHi Jane, Yes, the time of my comment I did a search, trying to find out what was wrong and I came to yoru website. I found it very helpful. I am currently in the middle of my cleanse and finding the floaters are disappearing!
@ Mathangi...what you have could be high blood pressure...please check that out. My sister-in law had the same thing during her pregnancy, the little black things look like bugs...her doctor told her it was a symptom of high blood pressure, which she had for the latter part of her pregnancy. Headaches are also s sign. Also I had a friend with sever migraines. her doctor told her to start drinking more water. * glasses at day at least. her migraines went away.
03/01/12 @ 19:56
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Geri-Mom

Thanks for your comment. Pleased to hear you are seeing results.

PS. I'm not the owner of the site, I'm just a blogger.
03/07/12 @ 15:28
Comment from: Nick [Visitor] Email
NickMany of eye floaters have been there but now accidentally you noticed them and the more you observe them the more visible and numerous they become. You probably are developing the Etheric Sight because the crystal floaters are microscopic and you magnify them with the ability of the Etheric sight (Third Eye. This kind of floaters has not to do with the dangerous floaters which are mainly only 0.01% in people over 50 years old.
The harmless floaters usually look like colorless crystal (translucent) strands and dots. Generally, people younger than 40 experience these kinds of floaters. Careful observation reveals that they are regular forms of transparent strands and tiny spheres.
There is no treatment for harmless eye floaters, they are invisible to eye doctors. They are just a matter of perception. The acuity of visual system (retina + brain) is high enough to discern them. There is a spiritual tradition, Dzogchen, which considers them as Togal Visions. They are direct perception of reality without mind contours or filtering of brain.
But only the harmless ones and only the eye doctors can determine if they are benign or not.
03/08/12 @ 01:08
Comment from: Donna I. [Visitor] Email
Donna I.Hi. I have developed this condition. My doctors never bothered to diagnose it. I believe it is demodex foliculorium.
Tea Tree oil applied to my eyes has been helping me get rid of a severe case of this almost over night. Everyone has it in their eyes. Detox for parasites.
03/14/12 @ 10:53
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Donna

Thank you for your comment.

Tea Tree Oil applied to the eyes?! Is that safe? Are you applying it directly onto your eyes?

03/21/12 @ 14:15
Comment from: DD Rose [Member]
Hi Donna:

I'm not so sure I would consider using Tea Tree oil on the eyes. TT oil is used for many things, but I wouldn't use it on my own eyes! There are better herbs to use, specifically for the eyes that can be safely used either in a strong tea solution as a poultice or salve. You might want to do some research on Calendula flowers to see if that would work for you; plus, it is a good antimicrobial herb. There are other herbs that you can research on too. Making a fresh batch of colloidal silver water comes to mind, as you do your research. Good luck.

03/21/12 @ 15:39
Comment from: Trav [Visitor]

I have all of these exact same floaters. The little balls we see are cystic forms of bacteria. It is borrelia we are all seeing.

Evertyone who has these type of floaters & other symptoms needs to find a lyme literate medical doctor so they can help you treat this. I went undiagnosed for 5 years with lyme. I have been treating for almost 2 and STILL have these floaters!

My doctor agreed with me that these special floaters are the bacteria. They have protective niches in the eye, as well as tendons and other things.

The bacteria cross the vitreous humor in the eye, temporarily magnifying themselves and becoming visible to us in the right lighting conditions.

Goodluck to everyone but this is what these are attributed to. I have looked for years to find someone that had floaters like mine and this is the first time ive seen someone else describe what i see. The picture you drew is exact. Sometimes mine are shaped like an L as well with these little blebs on them.

If you havent been diagnosed with lyme disease, then I am 99% sure this is what you have been infected with. Luckily if you are on an herbal protocol, they have better success than antibiotics against this in most cases. I am very knowledgeable about this if interested contact me.
03/27/12 @ 22:01
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Thank you for your comment. An excellent comment!
04/04/12 @ 14:30
Comment from: M girl [Visitor]
M girlHi iv been watching this postfor some time . I too heave worm type things in my eyes for years, they have multiplied over the years.I have seen numerous doctors and eye specialists who have all seen nothing I got diagnosed with migraines behind the eye and ead prescribed some sort of poison killer which obviously does nothing to help my eye.I have always known thesethings are not floaters but no master what I do the doctors won't listen.
04/05/12 @ 01:18
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi M girl

Thank you for your comment. I'm unsure as to what tests you have had done. It's hard to tell what you have going on.

A recent comment was left re: lyme. See Trav's comment above, it makes for interesting reading.
04/12/12 @ 14:17
Comment from: Ray [Visitor]

Would either of you be willing to provide me with your e-mail address to discuss your "herbal protocol" approach?

Many thanks,
04/17/12 @ 03:42
Comment from: Jane [Member]
04/19/12 @ 13:05
Comment from: Trav [Visitor]

Shoot me some mail anyone interested in treating these floaters.
04/20/12 @ 22:51
Comment from: Todd [Visitor] Email
ToddWonderful to find this blog Jane, thank you. I see you work quiet hard at maintaining it, well done. There seems to be a few birds hit with one blog (stone). Your eye problem and other problems and the floaters. Tonight was the first time I ever looked for what I see. I now know I see harmless floaters. Today was the first time I actually walked to a place I could see a bigger area of the background I see them in. For me it's the sky or reflection in a window. (for a good discription of what I see look at mathew lee's post, 5/17/11)...what I would like to say though, if I may voice my own option is this. Mathew Lee is spot on with what he wrote, all of it. Forgive me if he made a comment and said that you were seeing floaters, he would be wrong because I can tell those are not what effects you. The comments about floaters (for those of us who see floaters) and about God. What I loved about this blog reading is no one said anyone else was crazy, no foul language and everyone seems genuinely concerned for all people, HOW WONDERFUL!!!!! But, in your response to Mathew Lee you stuck out your tongue at him. Please don't think I think this is a big deal, because it isn't but I would hate for you to entirely miss his point about our God, Jesus Christ. Floaters are harmless, yes, yours and others eye problems are not and Jesus can remove that eye problem so you can clearly see Him. I just prayed for you Jane, that God the Father would reveal His Son to you. I also prayed that a solution to your eye problem would come to give Him the glory. After you read my post take just a moment and send a little pray to God and ask for Him to heal you. God bless you Jane and all of you who read Jane's blog.
05/17/12 @ 22:18
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Todd

When I read your post re: where you mention I was sticking out my tongue at Matthew ??, I was a little confused. I managed to locate my post that I made a long time ago and yes, there certainly is a tongue! Oh my goodness, it's not supposed to be a tongue! It is supposed to be a smile! I am sorry, I hope I didn't offend anyone.

I am unsure how this occurred because I certainly intended for it to be a smile. I was highlighting his comment as I thought it was a lovely statement. After looking at the comment again with the 'tongue' smiley I can see how it would read! Oh dear, that's not what I meant at all!

I have edited the post to remove the tongue as I certainly do not mean that at all. I tried to add a smiley face but it wouldn't accept. But the tongue smiley has been removed lol.

When I tried to edit the comment I noted there is a few letters at the end, perhaps for a page break or something and I'm wondering if that perhaps interfered with the smiley comment I was adding. When you add a smiley in the comment before it's published it can appear as digits and you don't recognise it as a smiley until it's published and I didn't think to check it.

So I'm wondering if this perhaps affected the wrong smiley being published?? I'm not sure.
05/21/12 @ 13:25
Comment from: RICK [Visitor]
RICKFolks, I have seen these things for 20 years now. When I 1st started noticing something different floating in my eye I went to my eye dr. and he said "just floaters". NO, they looked like organisms!My health has been going down real bad lately,16 Dr.s.I made a drawing and showed them.Just floaters. Tonite I think I figured out what they are. They're 'CANDIDA SPORES' !!!
06/06/12 @ 00:10
Comment from: Truly [Visitor] Email
TrulyI also have the "worm-like" parasites in my L eye (and possibly the R eye which I cannot tell as it was destroyed by radiation). I think it is CANDIDA, as I did have that diagnosis along with the RMSF and ther coinfections. I do not think they are spirochetes because they are not spiral in shape. I can draw them well as i am an artist. They have significantly multiplied in the last year. They intertwine, connect and have small cells that are circular inside them, exactly like the first drawing. I am on ivermectin for worms now, am under an LLMD care and will get the protcol for CANDIDA next. A good read is The Fungus Link Diet to help with this. If you were bit by a tick/spider a good site is
06/12/12 @ 18:59
Comment from: Jane [Member]
I've received many different comments relating to the eye structures - comments relating to Lyme, Candida, fungal etc.,

RMSF - I take it that stands for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever? I had no idea what it was. I had to google it. Another tick borne related disease.
06/15/12 @ 15:32
Comment from: Suzanne [Visitor]
SuzanneThank you Jane and everyone who has shared their thoughts/situations on this blog! There is so much information, which is both a great thing and a little overwhelming.

I also see worm-like shapes, as well as what looks like egg packets in my eyes. They move around my vision as I move my eyes. They are mostly clear, but there are also darker spots. I see them best outside when looking up at a clear sky. My vision also gets blurry and I get dizzy, but this comes and goes. It started in my left eye and now is slightly affecting my right as well. It all started a little under 2 years ago when I felt pressure behind my left eye. I went to the emergency and have since gotten my vision and eye pressure checked numerous times, as well as gotten a CT scan and an MRI. The doctors don't seem to think much of it, except that we should monitor it as there was slight inflammation behind both eyes. I first noticed symptoms shortly after having drank lake water on a camping trip here in Canada (silly, I know). I had also recently traveled to China, and previously to the Middle East.

Like everyone else, I am wondering whether it is worms, Candida, bacteria, Lyme, or something else. I am also considering autoimmune conditions, such as MS, because I was diagnosed with Raynaud's (often linked to other autoimmune conditions) around the same time the eye concerns started. A Herbalist that I know said it could also stem from the liver as the eyes and liver are interconnected.

I appreciate any thoughts relating to my situation, as well as everyone else's!
06/28/12 @ 11:08
Comment from: Chethan Kumar [Visitor]
Chethan KumarHeloo

I have many Doctors in my friend circle, according to them its Natural what you see, and that happens only when you see blue sky, Its Nothing but your White Blood cells Circulating:} Very good Blog. :oh_joy:
07/05/12 @ 04:22
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Suzanne

Thank you for your comment.

Worms, candida, bacteria, I'm not 100% sure what exactly they are.

Travis, wrote a comment above, I'll post again below what he said. I found his comments very interesting -


"I have all of these exact same floaters. The little balls we see are cystic forms of bacteria. It is borrelia we are all seeing.

Everyone who has these type of floaters & other symptoms needs to find a lyme literate medical doctor so they can help you treat this. I went undiagnosed for 5 years with lyme. I have been treating for almost 2 and STILL have these floaters!

My doctor agreed with me that these special floaters are the bacteria. They have protective niches in the eye, as well as tendons and other things.

The bacteria cross the vitreous humor in the eye, temporarily magnifying themselves and becoming visible to us in the right lighting conditions.

Goodluck to everyone but this is what these are attributed to. I have looked for years to find someone that had floaters like mine and this is the first time ive seen someone else describe what i see. The picture you drew is exact. Sometimes mine are shaped like an L as well with these little blebs on them.

If you havent been diagnosed with lyme disease, then I am 99% sure this is what you have been infected with. Luckily if you are on an herbal protocol, they have better success than antibiotics against this in most cases. I am very knowledgeable about this if interested contact me."
07/12/12 @ 13:44
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Chethan

Thank you for your comment.
07/12/12 @ 13:47
Comment from: M [Visitor] Email
MHi, I had first seen these worm like things in my eyes a few years ago. I have been too afraid to get help as I couldn't find anything about them online. I was wondering if anyone has had the symptom of partial blindness from this? Occasionally I will see a cluster of dots that gradually get bigger until I can only see out of part of my eyes. It lasts from maybe 30 mins to an hour, and occurs every few months or less. This site was very helpful!!
07/15/12 @ 23:38
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hello M

Do not be afraid to seek help with regards to your eyes. Eyes are precious.

Have you had your eyes looked at?

I experienced red eyes, pain, blurry vision, headaches, dizziness and many many, more symptoms NOT just eye symptoms.

If it is only eye symptoms you are experiencing you should perhaps have someone look at them.
07/18/12 @ 14:10
Comment from: Suzanne [Visitor]
SuzanneThank you so much for directing me to Travis' post Jane!

I have a dr's appointment in a few weeks and I was going to ask for parasite testing, but now I will certainly ask to be tested for Lyme as well. Symptoms did start occurring after a back-country camping trip and some of the symptoms I've read up on do apply to me. I will keep everyone up to date with my results as it may be of benefit others.
07/19/12 @ 15:14
Comment from: Jane [Member]
You're welcome Suzanne.

I may well bring Travis' comment to a post all on its own (with Travis' permission of course). I feel Travis has contributed great comments and he sure makes sense.
07/26/12 @ 13:06
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Certainly Suzanne, if you do have tests and receive results, please do enlighten us. Thank you.
07/26/12 @ 13:08
Comment from: tim [Visitor]
08/15/12 @ 13:00
Comment from: Jane [Member]
I wish I knew. I still don't know what they are.
08/29/12 @ 13:03
Comment from: Raj [Visitor] Email
RajI'm 15yrs old. I also have these Worm looking figures in my eyes. I've had them for a while a couple years I would say is my estimate. They've never really affected my sight. But recently I get a tiny bit of blurry vision. The other day I took my dog outside on a sunny day and there was multiple(maybe like 10+) worm organisms looking things. They all stay out of my sight or at least try. When I move my eye they move. They're clear. I have no other symptoms described on here. Besides my eyes always being a little red but I don't get a lot of sleep usually. So that may be the reason for that. But that's off topic. Basically there are worm looking things in my eyes and they seemed to multiply over the years. Are they floaters? Should I be taking medicine? Should I go to the doctor? I'm very young so I don't really know what to do about it. It scares my sometimes. Thinking I might go blind. I just hate it. I want it to be gone. Please help. Sorry I'm all over the place with this. It's just so much to say knowing its not only me.
08/29/12 @ 17:42
Comment from: Raj [Visitor] Email
RajAlso. To add in. I just did a little test to determine which eye it is and I'm pretty sure they're only in my right eye because when I cover my left eye my vision is blury, and I still see them a little. When I cover my right eye my vision is good, very good compared to the other. This scares me a little.
08/29/12 @ 23:05
Comment from: Mario [Visitor]
MarioBy the time one starts seeing these precise floaters several years have elapsed from the initial infection. I too wondered what was wrong with me. Alas I have had a clinical diagnosis of Lyme Disease. Please review the the following Lyme Disease Symptom List link

Please feel free to contact me.
09/06/12 @ 12:35
Comment from: Mario [Visitor]
MarioPlease review pictures of the Borrelia burgdorferi spirochetal floaters we all see, I believe these to be an indication of Lyme Disease, scroll half way down to see figures 1 thru 8 I am sure you will see your exact floaters. Here is the link;
09/06/12 @ 14:29
Comment from: Mario [Visitor] Email
MarioPlease feel free to contact me.
09/06/12 @ 14:32
Comment from: Lisa [Visitor] Email
LisaHi Jane
I have been researching natural ways to combat this horrible infection. I too was told by my doctor that they were floaters and not to worry. To say the least, I am disappointed in my doctor to be so narrow minded. In the very near future, I will buy some wormwood, blackwalnut and cloves at a health food store.Hopefully this will kill the :censored:. I was thinking, has anyone thought of placing a tear between two glass plates and viewing it under a microscope? That may be all the proof we need as far as doctors go.
09/13/12 @ 01:18
Comment from: Florian Romania [Visitor]
Florian RomaniaI have the same problem for over 2 years. It started in my first year of medicine school and not even now i didn't find out what they are.
I remember from o medical book that i saw the form of the streptococus and it looks almost like the things in my eyes. Can you tell if is one from the link below?
09/18/12 @ 15:09
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Lisa

Thank you for your comment although I slightly edited/censored one word you used as a colourful form of description lol.

You say "I was thinking, has anyone thought of placing a tear between two glass plates and viewing it under a microscope? That may be all the proof we need as far as doctors go."

Unfortunately I don't own a microscope (expensive) nor do I have slides. I wouldn't even know where to start when it comes to viewing thing.

Someone has made another interesting comment which include a link with pictures. See comment above.

Re: bacterial cell morphology. I wonder if any of what can be seen in the pictures affect the eyes because I can relate to what's in some of the pictures.
09/20/12 @ 13:57
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Florian

Thank you for your great post with link to pictures! I need to have another look at the pictures in more detail.

Yes, I can certainly relate to some of the weird stuff in those pictures. Although I've yet to see one of the other weird organisms I drew in my post - the organisms which had were worm-like in appearance, with the strange pointy-thing sticking out the front.

I also received great information from ‘Travis’ who left this comment somewhere above in this blog post. I thought I’d bring forward again -


Travis says -
"I have all of these exact same floaters. The little balls we see are cystic forms of bacteria. It is borrelia we are all seeing.

Everyone who has these type of floaters and other symptoms needs to find a lyme literate medical doctor so they can help you treat this. I went undiagnosed for 5 years with lyme. I have been treating for almost 2 and STILL have these floaters!

My doctor agreed with me that these special floaters are the bacteria. They have protective niches in the eye, as well as tendons and other things.

The bacteria cross the vitreous humor in the eye, temporarily magnifying themselves and becoming visible to us in the right lighting conditions.

Goodluck to everyone but this is what these are attributed to. I have looked for years to find someone that had floaters like mine and this is the first time I've seen someone else describe what I see. The picture you
drew is exact. Sometimes mine are shaped like an L as well with these little blebs on them.

If you havent been diagnosed with lyme disease, then I am 99% sure this is what you have been infected with. Luckily if you are on an herbal protocol, they have better success than antibiotics against this in most
cases. I am very knowledgeable about this if interested contact me."

That's what Travis has to say above. Very interesting!

I’ve also conversed with a couple of other people regarding these weird eye organisms. I’ve been sent the lymephoto link which I also posted previously. Here's another great comment left by JJ -

"I was grateful to find this site as I have been dealing with health problems for 4 years. I was bit by a tick on my head 4 yrs ago in Northern California and have had fatigue, headaches, dizziness and weight gain since. I have noticed more recently that I have issues with seeing worm like objects in my eyes. When I look into a skylight for extended periods of time I can almost see invisible movements in my eyes and clear worms and small egg like circles. After searching long and hard and finally finding a alternative doctor that would help me. I was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease 2 months ago thru Igenex labs. Wow, atleast I had a lead. I have discovered after lots of searching that ticks and mosquitos can transmit many co-infections to humans. I came across this web-site and I’m almost positive this is what is in my eyes. It links lyme disease and it’s co-infections ( bartonella, babesia, etc) with microscopic Microfilarial worms that live with bacteria. I’m not 100% sure of this but it seems to make sense as I started getting this eye problem after my tick bite and they can easily be transmitted by mosquitos or ticks. Although I don’t like the saying a Natropathic Doctor told me that mosquitos, biting flys and ticks are nature’s dirty needles. I can understand why the symptoms are so varied between each person as each bite would transmit a different combination of parasitic, viral and bacteria infections into the blood. So we all have a different combination of issues to deal with and each person’s immune system will react differently in their response to these infections. Here is a web-site that I found with more info and photos which matched what I have been seeing in my eyes. I don’t have any scientific data but after living with this is just seems to make some sense. Now on to finding a way to rid them from our bodies! Sending love and blessings for a return to health and wellbeing!"

Lyme, bacterial - weird looking organisms all the same!
09/20/12 @ 14:30
Comment from: JasonHaynes [Visitor]

Hello, I just pulled something from my nose, and I'm convinced that it's a worm. It was long and when I pulled it apart, it was similar to pulling apart a piece of barely cooked Ramen noodles--it resisted.
I just want to know the complications of having a nasal parasite might be. Going to a physician would be kind of taxing right now, and if there's no incredibly negative consequences, I'm not going to worry.

09/20/12 @ 16:25
Comment from: Florian [Visitor]
FlorianYes, what Travis said is interesting, i have made the borellia test and in came negative, i don't know what to say. I will see a doctor (parasite specialist) next month and after that i will write again.
09/22/12 @ 17:43
Comment from: Jesse [Visitor] Email
JesseThey are what people call "floaters" when you stress your eyes, particles from the back of your retina in your eye tear off into the inside of your eyeball. When the eye takes in light, the "floaters" that tore off of the retina float around in the vitreous gel in your eyeball and the light cannot be received by the optic disc in the back of your eye. Therefore you see the shadows of the floating matter in your eye. These are also cause by hits to the eye or damage. Bleeding of the eye, and retinal detachment. Most everyone has them. But when they restrict your vision to a disabling point you must get it checked out by an optometrist to get it fixed before the damage takes it toll.
09/23/12 @ 21:54
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Jason

You say you pulled something from your nose and you think it could be a worm. Did you take a picture of it?
09/27/12 @ 13:24
Comment from: syed jalal [Visitor]
syed jalali to have the problem of that somehthing can be seen in the eyes but dr says there is nothing wrong is itdue to any drugs that i had taken for cold or pain killers side effect but dr cant diagonise and tell that there is nothing wrong is it out of scientist world pls email also i can see theat my mobile ph luks bent to me when i see the screen
10/03/12 @ 20:59
Comment from: Mark H. [Visitor]
Mark H.Your drawing is very similar to what I see on both of my eyes these days. It resembles something we would see under a microscope. I first noticed one dark dot in my right eye around 1992 and now they have multiplied and are starting to affect my vision in both eyes.

Do you know of any remedies?
10/04/12 @ 02:16
Comment from: D b [Visitor]
D bHi I have been bitten by a tick or spider about 2years ago with gradual build up of symptoms and have been plagued with fatigue , stomach aches, memory problems tingles through upper body, phlem in throat, brain numbness or slight pressure. Also moving aches in head. Recently noticed similar strands viewed in eye.
The fatigue feelings have reduced but I think I'm just gettig used to it. Have to push myself everyday.
Have had every test possible every type of antibiotic. Best results was worm tablets but back again after 2weeks.
Am finding extreme exercise best but difficult to commit with fatigue. Doesn't seem like anyone has the answer yet.
10/05/12 @ 22:25
Comment from: Florian (Romania) [Visitor]
Florian (Romania)Hy. I just found out that this infection affects the brain and untreated damages the myelin sheath of the brain. This damage leads to multiple sclerosys, an affection that can't be treated, even with stem cells you only repair some damages but you won't stop the degeneration process.
So, the idea is that all of you who has this infection go to a parasite specialist to examine you and find out how can you destroi it as soon as posibble (look for eye and brain cysticercosis too). I am sure that some of the people that posted here have already neurological problems like: balance problems, paraesthesia (hands and feet numbness), memory problems, headaches, tremor, muscle spasms, and more. I don't say that all of you will have this secondary affectios but go to a specialist to be sure that you won't get them. Don't wait to become a vegetable!
Unfortunately i have most of those simptoms, considering that i have those parasites in my eyes from 2 years.
10/08/12 @ 03:30
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Mark

Thank you for your comment. To this day I STILL don't know what these things are so I'm unable to say exactly what you're seeing.

Are they floaters? For me, I've never been of that opinion. I too have many unanswered questions. Are they parasite-related, lyme-related...? The reason I don't think they are floaters is because as far as I'm aware floaters are harmless. Along with seeing countless numbers of these weird organisms I experienced many other symptoms also. At first I thought what I was seeing in my eyes could be parasite-related (due to my many other symptoms) but I'm not sure if they are in fact lyme-related? (Diagnosis of babesia microti and bartonella, also ascaris and other infections).

With regards to the eye organisms, since I’ve been taking herbs I have seen a significant reduction in these weird eye organisms. I get asked this question all the time, what are they, what is the remedy? I have found it difficult to be sure which exact herb has targetted these weird organisms or, if it's been a combination of herbs. (anti - bacterial/viral/fungal/microbial, Para herbs, lyme herbs .... ?)

Over the years I've taken many different parasite herbs. I've also been taking different herbs that help with lyme, to name a few - andrographis, teasel, cats claw. Other combos - samento, banderol, Angelica/Eucommia/Teasel.

10/11/12 @ 14:56
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Florian

Oh I hear you on the symptoms! When my symptoms were at their worst I experienced balance problems, memory problems, even slurred speech. Tremor sensations too (even in my face). The worst of my symptoms were the breathing problems, (wheezing, coughing) tightness/pain in my chest, severe headaches, skipping heartbeats, very weird heart symptoms. Night sweats, fever, chills. Feeling VERY tired/lethargic and sluggish all the time. Eye problems – blurry vision, redness, eye pain (weird things I see in my eyes). Nasal congestion (nasal and body odours too), feeling itchy all over, red track-like marks on skin. Weird sensations in my legs and feet (buzzing and pin-prick sensations). Awful sputum (copious amounts of the stuff), furry tongue, white stringy stuff up my nose, very itchy nose. Toileting problems, blood, mucus. Abdominal pains, nipping, biting sensations, heavy wriggling sensations. I was underweight too. I could go on and on..........

I had a list as long as your arm!
10/16/12 @ 16:44
Comment from: DD Rose [Member]
Hi Jane:

I came across this book today, but haven't peeked inside it. Have you seen this book on Amazon?

11/08/12 @ 13:02
Comment from: kurt [Visitor]
kurtI have had the same issues with my eyes since I can remember, they are floaters... Nothing to be worried about.and the reason they are shaped like what you believe to be worms or parasites is because what floaters are is just strands of protein that give it that worm like appearance... And the little dots is called visual snow it to is also harmless but may effect sensitivity to light and darkness... I assure you you dont have worms or millions of eggs in your eyes... I have this as well.
11/13/12 @ 00:29
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Kurt

Thank you for your comment. I receive many similar comments to yours.

Can I ask you this - have you ever suffered pain in your eyes, redness, blurry vision? Has your eyes ever looked very dark and dull? Have you suffered headaches/dizziness?

The reason I ask is that for years I suffered these symptoms AND MUCH MORE. As far as I'm aware and from what I have read floaters are harmless. That is why I question floaters due to the eye symptoms.

People do suffer from floaters, yes. But also parasite infections can and do affect the eyes.
11/14/12 @ 14:53
Comment from: Suzanne [Visitor]
SuzanneHi Jane and all!

So I was recently tested for Lyme and it came back negative. However, I have been reading about all the false-negative results and have certainly not ruled it out. Spirochetes (the bacteria that causes Lyme) like viscous gel-like media, such as that of the eye and area around the knees (which are my 2 main symptoms).

I decided that I will start treating this just as I would treat any parasitic infection: with a clean diet (I am a nutritionist after all!), exercise, relaxation and supplementation. My boyfriend bought me this product, Regulat, that is getting great reviews, including from a leading expert in Lyme Disease. I am also taking other anti-bacterial/viral/parasitic supplements. I may decide to get tested through Igenex, but I know I need to treat whatever it is anyway.

I have found some good resources on Lyme. I am currently reading "Healing Lyme" by Stephen Harrod Buhner. These websites were also helpful; a naturopath with chronic lyme who developed his own supplements , and a naturalist who is treating himself with herbs
12/04/12 @ 14:44
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Suzanne

Thank you for your comment.

With regards to parasite cleansing, I've tried many, many different products over the years. The more I've cleansed, the better I've felt!

With regards to lyme, I was diagnosed with babesia microti and bartonella (through Kinesiology practitioner, also a private GP/doctor).

I've tried a few combinations for lyme - andrographis, teasel and cats claw. Also Samento, Banderol, Eucommia/Teasel/Cats Claw combo.

Takuna, Enula, other great herbs I believe are good to treat lyme but I haven't taken these before. Quintessence is another good one but I've never taken this either. Quintessence certainly targets a long list of stuff.

Cumanda, Myco-Immune, are also great anti-microbials.
12/06/12 @ 15:17
Comment from: Shawn Yian Lee [Visitor]
Shawn Yian LeeHi Jane:

Thanks for your sharing a lot.

I'm from Taiwan so my English is not good, and I don't know if my sentences are rude haha, so please pardon me.

I see exactly the same things as you did.

So do you know the things in your eyes were just retinal damage like common eyes floaters? or can it be some kind of worms or microorganism?

You said you took some medicine and they disappeared, so you went to a doctor and get the "iodine" before?

And based on this, were they really some ontic things in your eyes?
because retinal damages cant be removed by taking medicine right?

Please give me some answers.

I hope I can get rid of them like you.
12/08/12 @ 08:29
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hello Shawn

Thank you for your comment. Your English is absolutely fine :yes:

I still don't know exactly what these things are. Please see my comment to 'Mark' a few posts above.

Iodine was not prescribed to me by a doctor, no. I took it on my own accord, even before herbs in protocol.
12/20/12 @ 13:12
Comment from: Rod Reynolds [Visitor]
Rod ReynoldsThis morning I decided to ask a question about what I have been seeing all my life. I am 72 years old. I have these little things in my eyes. I asked the computer. What do I see in my eyes if I squint, DNA?
Well this site came up and I read a few of the comments.
I would like to try to explain what I see first. They are twisty little one lane roads for the most part with dark lines on the outside and in the middle are these little circles which are spread apart in the roads. Some intersections have many circles. They might be in a straight line or they might go off in different directions at these intersections. I can control looking at them for just a few seconds then I have to move my eyeball to get them back where I can see them as they tend to float towards the bottom of my eyes.
It was my idea that they might be DNA? What ever they are they have not bothered me my intire life. So I suspected that they are suposed to be there? I know that DNA is taken from the inside of one's mouth with a swab so this is how I had determined it must be DNA.
I would suspect that if you went to a doctor and had a swab of the eye done as it is done in the mouth by someone familiar with taking DNA you might get your answer. But get over it, I don't think you have anything to worry about.
12/28/12 @ 10:08
Comment from: Taylor [Visitor] Email
TaylorIf anyone is seeing things in there eye like the images above. There is nothing to worry about. Everyone sees those when they squint there eyes. It is most likely a trick with the light causing you to see little string or worm like things. :worm:
01/06/13 @ 15:42
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Rod

Thank you for your comment.

I had significant numbers of these weird looking things in both my eyes, to the point I couldn't even count them. With regards to these things NOT bothering me, that wasn't the case, I experienced sore/red eyes, weepy eyes/blurry vision. Sometimes my eyes would feel itchy too.

I'm doing so much better now though.
01/09/13 @ 13:26
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Taylor

Thank you for your comment.

Re: your 'nothing to worry about' comment..... the reason I made the post was because I was never of the opinion these things were floaters or harmless because I suffered PAIN, REDNESS, BLURRY VISION and weepy/itchy eyes. And those were just my eye symptoms.

Pain, no matter where in the body, it isn't normal. It's the body's way of telling you something is wrong.

I am, however, doing much better, thank you.
01/09/13 @ 13:33
Comment from: Rod [Visitor]
Rod:worm: Jane,
I don't know if you saw my comment on what you have drawn or not as I have not heard back from you?

01/09/13 @ 17:10
Comment from: Rod [Visitor]
RodSorry Jane,
Just now saw your comment to me!

I have many of these also while the borders of these things and the interiors are similar they twist in many, many different shapes some being much longer when all twisted up.

I can say that while I have never had any eye problems, my eyes have always seemed to itch.

I would be interested if you finally find out anything about these little criters if you would let me know. My guess remains the same tho, I think they are suposed to be there!

01/09/13 @ 17:23
Comment from: Sue [Visitor] Email
SueJane - What you are seeing and what you found out about the Lyme spyrochetes you are infested with makes perfect sense. I not only have dealt with Lyme with myself, but am a holistic health coach and have been able to direct many persons to be rid of many types of parasites/yeast/bacteria, etc. I have found over many years that any and all herbal/oral cleanses that you embark on will have 5x the efficiency when combined with colon cleansing enemas. Giving oneself enemas 2 - 3 or even more times per day when combining with herbs that cleanse the kidneys, liver, colon, lymph is of HUGE IMMEDIATE benefit. One FEELS so much better immediately after each cleansing enema. Coffee enemas are most helpful at the point when colon, kidneys are blood have been cleaned first. But not until. The use of other solutions are best for the beginning stages of cleansing: payapa mint tea, lemon water, salt water (Himalayan Crystal salt ONLY), and other solutions. My website is not working right now, or I would send you there for directions. If interested, you may email me. I admire and commend you for your persistence with your issues, and for the grace and patience you have shown some of the commenters, when they appear to be knuckleheads. As a final note, keep in mind that our health does not rely simply on killing and annihilating the "bad guys." Our bodies have many inhabitants that harmonize with each other. True health comes as the body's cells are communicating properly with each other. And where does this communication originate? In the body's second brain: the gut! Look it up! Many blessings to you as you continue this journey!
01/15/13 @ 20:05
Comment from: Natalie [Visitor]
NatalieHi Jane,

Thank you so much for your blog. I too see these worm/parasites in my eyes. I first saw them last year and went to the opticians, I drew a picture exactly like yours, long, thin, transparent with little dots along the body. My eyes were checked and they found nothing and I was told I was probably seeing retinol fluid or floaters, I also occasionaly suffer itchiness and pink/red eyes, sometimes watering. I went to the doctor about the itchiness and was told that was a common condition that affected the base of the eyelashes and to wash the eyelashes daily and was prescribed an oitnment to place inside the base of the eyelid. This cleared the conditon up but I find dry air can aggrivate it. I first notice the parasites whilst looking against a clear white background. The possible connection to Candida Albicans is an interesting one as years ago I suffered from that too and began to watch my diet, ie. cut out yeast and sugar for a time, that may be the way to go if this is connected to the Leaking Gut as one of your contributors (above) has said. I can recommend a very good book called 'Candida Albicans' by Leon Chaitow, published by Thorsons. Thankyou. Your Blog has been very helpful and informative.
01/16/13 @ 15:04
Comment from: lc [Visitor] Email
lcI read this all with interest and yet my R eye has just one of these worm like things. It's clearer than what you drew (more see-through), had egg like things around it yesterday (that are now gone) and definitely moves - yesterday I watched it straighten out a twist it had. It appears to have slightly more of head (though smaller than snake-like) and a tail. I believe I have had this for several years and maybe even a longer time. I've been on a parasite cleanse for some months (4 rounds so far) and I still have this one. Any suggestions for me?
01/21/13 @ 12:04
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Sue

Thank you for your comment and kind words. I appreciate it. You certainly appear to understand. :>

With regards to enemas I haven't managed to do them on my own but years ago, when my symptoms were very aggressive and intolerable I did have colonics through a private practitioner. I just didn't have the 'stomach' to do them myself.

It has been highlighted to me many times, and again very recently, that I should be doing enemas. It would certainly work out cheaper if I did them on my own, colonic sessions can be expensive. The reason I stopped colonics in the early years when I felt seriously ill, they were not having much effect on my symptoms. I understand that numerous colonics / enemas may be required before one feels the real benefits. But I never did. Perhaps I should have continued? Hindsight.... but what with purchasing herbs and paying for colonic services, it was very costly indeed.

Since you mention colonics, rather spookily (lol), I just read a post from a fellow blogger on this site, who has had colonics too and her practitioner explained to her that numerous sessions may be required as faecal matter can stew in the colon, it takes time to soften up and come out. Also, toxins can be 'stirred up' and that having another colonic done soon after would be beneficial to move things along.

I also read on the blog that after numerous sessions, things really began to improve and this lady began to feel the benefits. It was relayed to her that it can take a few sessions for old and hardened stool to re-hydrate, soften up and be ready to be dislodged and eventually evacuate. The practitioner explained that when bowels are jam-packed with stagnant faecal matter, the muscle contractions which help the colon naturally have a bowel movement are impaired due to congestion.

It sure makes sense!

Paige's blog -

01/24/13 @ 14:22
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Natalie

Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it. :>

With regards to you querying Candida, I've received other comments of a similar nature with regards to Candida and Systematic Candida. Could be.

But I'm still unsure as to exactly what they are. People describe them in a similar way so it's hard to know for sure.

I was diagnosed ascaris, bacterial infections, a whole load of stuff including lyme related (babesia microti and bartonella) and I've wondered if the bartonella or babesia microti can cause these weird organisms to show up in the eyes? I've certainly received some great comments with information supporting this. A lyme sufferer left a great comment which I made a post all on it's own. (Most recent post published at my blog).
01/24/13 @ 14:39
Comment from: shonen [Visitor] Email
shonenomg! i started reading this blog two years ago since i noticed this the same thing on my right eye. it shaped like a road map of a racing car. although it does not bother my sight but in worried about this thing on my right eye. i wonder if any remedies to eliminate this thing?
01/30/13 @ 08:40
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Shonen

Thank you for your comment.

I've experienced not just eye symptoms over the years, my eye symptoms were just the tip of the iceberg!

With regards to healing, never did I expect things to take so long but with regards to the intensity of my symptoms over the years, I knew it wouldn't be a quick fix. With regards to herbs, I've tried so many.

Although I'm doing so much better I've recently experienced an increase in mucus and nasal congestion, but nothing unbearable. I also experienced coughing bouts and I coughed up something which I believe to be a white worm.

I'm about to make an update post with regards to these recent events.
02/01/13 @ 15:14
Comment from: shonen [Visitor]
shonenfew days ago i let it ask to a doctor which he came from Saudi Arabia he visit his medical and diagnostic center here in manila Philippine . first he check my sight them he didn't see anything bad it mans my bought eyes have on problems. after he check my eyes i open it up to him that i have a problem on my left eye, he said you don't have problem in your eyes..but i persist him that i have problem which you really cannot see...the doctor said..what is it.? them i explain to him as what i have seen on my right eye..but i didn't tell him exactly what is it.. but instead he describe that what i saw in my eyes is normal..and i explain to him that its like a worn and he said yes it is very normal and you foot have to worry about for it. next i will have to consult more doctor here in our country .update soon .

thanks jane.
02/03/13 @ 00:55
Comment from: Raquel [Visitor] Email
RaquelI have really big cobweb floaters. Started on Dec. of 2012. Had bleeding behind my eye, which was the result of a retinal tear. Had to have emergency laser surgery to repair the tear. My other eye just recently got a big floater. :-( My holistic Dr. says floaters are protein fibers that will get better with an enzyme that absorbs protein. She recommends BROMELAIN. She also says floaters are the result of a congested liver. Try LIVAPLEX
02/13/13 @ 19:11
Comment from: Raquel [Visitor]
RaquelHelp for floaters
02/13/13 @ 19:14
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Raquel

Thank you for your comment.
02/14/13 @ 13:55
Comment from: Rhys [Visitor]
RhysHere is what you need to do rather than asking others via internet... you should have already gone to the doctor... you know.. when something doesn't seem right, the person you go to who tells you what really is wrong with you rather than asking others who don't really know....
People like you remind me constantly why some animals EAT their young. Seriously....:censored:
02/16/13 @ 18:58
Comment from: Nigel [Visitor] Email
NigelI have the same looking "worms" like they are seen from a microscope(The tube looking parts are transparent and the dots are opaque. I first noticed them in my left eye when I was staring at a white board. Ever since they will occasionally appear in either my left or right eye. It started when I was 6 or 7 years old, now I am 16 but I still see them. Though there hasn't been any harm done to my eyes, I would like to know If there is a cure to this? Thanks!
02/17/13 @ 07:27
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Rhys, I do not like the tone of your comment, in fact, I am quite upset by your remarks. My blog reflects what I have been through over a period of MANY years. I am not asking others via the internet as you put it. You say I should have gone to the doctor?! Did you read my previous posts or are your remarks in relation to my floater post only?

I have written posts and made numerous references to doctor's appointments, hospital appointments, referrals etc., I made countless visits to my doctor.

I find your comments very harsh and quite frankly rude.

Your comment "People like you remind me constantly why some animals EAT their young. Seriously....:censored:" -

Your comments are uncalled for.
02/21/13 @ 13:18
Comment from: Kate [Visitor]
KateYour experience is very interesting to read about. I have had a number of symptoms over the last 3.5 years that have been impossible to find an explaination for and I am so frustrated.

I too see the worm like strings in my eyes. I've been told they are floaters as well but seeing the second image in your drawing looks exactly what I see. I also suffer from major light sensitiivity. Glare from the sun (on sunny and cloudy days) is debilitating, it's blinding and impacts my driving and my enjoyment outside. I get dizzy spells, little twitches all over which have been diagnosed as benign faciliations and tingling sensations. Colors are also not as bright as they should be; it sometimes feels like I'm only seeing in black and white.

I've been tested for MS multiple times (MRIs, nerve tests, multiple types of vision tests)so many tests I can't even count.

For the last year I've had a very tender and painful spot near my upper right rib cage. Had a CT scan and multiple blood tests and everything looks normal.

I've also suffered from weight loss even though I try to eat like a football player.

I am currently on Norvask (Alodipine Besylate). My neurologist thinks my vision problems are due to migranes but I've never had headaches and the vision probles are 24/7 so I've never been convinced that this is really what's going on.

I recently started wondering if this all could be due to a parasite. I studied in Kenya and Tanzania in 2001 and had an amoeba twice that was irradicated with antibiotics. I wonder if this has been the problem all along? I have had other symptoms (I apologize for the long list/entry) since 2002 - burning sensations, night sweats, etc.) all eventually coming out with the same diagnosis - I'm perfectly healthy.

I am so frustrated because I feel like I just have to standby as my symptoms get worse.

You mentioned naturopaths and fresh herbs. Where/how did you start exploring this? Do you recommend a specific type of naturopath to start with?
03/04/13 @ 09:46
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Kate

Thank you for your comment.

You know when something isn't right with your body. No-one knows better than yourself. It can be difficult trying to describe and get across how bad one's symptoms can be. I found this extremely difficult when I was visiting my GP. The negative test results can be very frustrating indeed.

Your neurologist thinks your vision problems are due to migraines yet you don't get migraines? I take it you told him you don't suffer headaches / migraines?

You say you were diagnosed with amoeba infection (twice). I'm not sure what medication you took for this but you say you had it twice. Did the first round of meds not eradicate it? As far as I'm concerned amoeba is a parasite.

Night sweats, dizzy spells, it's not normal to suffer this.

I fell ill many years ago, I'm doing much better now. My first port-of-call was my GP where I had tests done. Early visits I had the usual blood work, stool sample but nothing major was found to be going on. After a few years I was referred to an Infectious Disease doctor but that was a nightmare. (This referral was after I visited my GP with private lab results I had done). My GP referred me without hesitation.

In the earlier years when my symptoms were extremely aggressive I began to see private practitioners - kinesiology (+ private doctor), I had colonics, scio/biofeedback therapy, private lab tests. I was at the end of my tether. They all said parasites!

At the same time I was researching online, visiting forums to try and get information and advice. Some people say this is not the way to go but what else could I do when I had nowhere else to turn. I could not continue as I was and had to do something. I couldn't live like this.

I found someone who knows a lot about herbs and have sought help through them.

I haven't had any further tests done since.
03/04/13 @ 14:44
Comment from: Rj [Visitor] Email
RjHi frndz...m also suffering from such worm lik object in my left eye n while googling It found a link Where the image mentioned here is very clearly's the link :

Plz do visit and share ur thought
03/09/13 @ 09:54
Comment from: R. de Champlain [Visitor]
R. de ChamplainHi,want links? SEE clinical & Dermato:blow-up:logy Investigation, report of Marianne Middleween, Stricker, Burugu,Rasmussen, Kahn and all, dated Jan, 8th, 2013, on morgellons research. Cited by prestigious Club F1000,their peers, as one of the best lab-discovery of the year. Hope this will be useful.Fibers like human cells into eyes, ears,crystals,black seeds, everywhere...Billie
03/29/13 @ 20:17
Comment from: annette watson [Visitor]
annette watsonloa loa ... skin and eye parasite... this should help you alot.... if not it will lead you in the right directiongood luck ..
04/07/13 @ 09:50
Comment from: Julius [Visitor]
JuliusI'm now totally freaked out that i could have a parasite in my eye
04/09/13 @ 01:29
Comment from: matt [Visitor]
mattHow much Iodine are u using and do u use it as an eye drop or take it orally?
04/17/13 @ 15:58
Comment from: crystal [Visitor]
crystalhi. I am 35 year old female. I have been afflicted with the same thing. while borrowing my daughters microscope to examine two specimens I noticed I could really see these things in my eyes really well so I observed them for some time. I noticed that sometimes they moved, curved, straightened, jerked, and sometimes they were very still. mine do not have as may spots in the wormlike thing but I observed the spots seem to move very slowly through this thing. I do also see many of the circle things too outside of the wormlike things. this is very strange to me and very interesting as I did not know so many others had this same stuff going on with them, I am extremely curious to know what it is.
04/23/13 @ 00:29
Comment from: Matt C [Visitor]
Matt CI Jane not sure if i asked this yet but what kind of iodine did you and how?
04/26/13 @ 15:35
Comment from: Amanda [Visitor]

I am comforted to find this blog. I have been suffering for around five years with disturbances in my vision. Looking much like how you have described and almost identical to the link posted (

Western doctors have been a tiresome effort to no avail. I was told nothing was wrong with me. I insisted that my extreme fatigue, heart palpitations, panic attacks, chest pain, laboured breathing, and intense systemic body pain was also part of the overall issue. When I felt hopeless and scared I met an amazing healer and doctor of chinese medicine. Over the last several years ive been on a plethora of chinese and natural herbs, tinctures and regular acupuncture, a vegan diet with macrobiotic approach and implemented a spiritual practice into my life. It has made day to day much easier. My mood has lifted and she has ultimately lifted me up towards hope.

There are times when it gets gloomy and difficult. not really knowing what is going on. Being saturated with wormies constantly in my vision. Frustrated with the process, being in extreme pain, not having the energy to achieve my goals. Really just wanting it to end. To be fully healed.

This blog has lifted me up on another level, inspired me to contine to move forward into the unknown. Holding the knowing that one day I will be free of this. Whatever it is.

Thank you to everyone who has posted on here. You are all beautiful souls.
05/27/13 @ 11:39
Comment from: matt [Visitor] Email
mattPeople the above pics of worm like things in your vision is LYME SPIROCHETES. Lyme bacteria love gel like enviroments and the eye is perfect place for them to hang out. Killing them is very hard. I've had these floaters for years and just found out recently I have lyme disease. Depression, anxiety, pain, headaches, fever chills, blurry vision, flashes, LYME can reall mess you up! You need to treat it properly and and after treatment floasters should dissaper or at least drastically clear up. But the mental and physical problems will go away so the floaters wont even be a big deal!
05/28/13 @ 00:07
Comment from: Jane [Member]
I haven't used Iodine in a very long time. I did take it a few years ago. NOT as an eye wash NO! I took it orally. (Lugols).
05/28/13 @ 14:14
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Matt

Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated.

I have a question, did you ever notice a change in how your eyes looked? ie., did the whites of your eyes ever change, like turn dark or dull? Did you experience pain? When my symptoms were really bad I used to suffer terribly from this.

I'm doing so much better :) I have seen these eye organisms diminish dramatically but they aren't entirely gone but the fact I see less of them is very positive indeed. I don't see many now.

Have you tried Banderol or Samento for lyme? These have worked well for me. I've tried other anti-lyme herbs but I prefer these.
05/28/13 @ 15:07
Comment from: Jane [Member]
(This comment is in response to Amanda's comment, 4 comments above).

Hi Amanda

Thank you for your comment. Someone who really understands!

You too have a beautiful soul :)
05/28/13 @ 15:22
Comment from: Thomas Z [Visitor] Email
Thomas ZTo all of you who think you have parasites in your eyes:

What you are seeing in your vision are indeed floaters. Floaters are typically caused by microscopic strands of collegen fibers inside the fluid/gel portion of your eyes. These fibers cast a shadow on the receptors in the back of your eye which you see "floating" in your vision.

They can appear as long strands, strings, circles, squiggly lines etc.

I can assure you 100% that your doctor would spot a parasite in the vitrious fluid of your eye immediately and it is not the case in 99.9% of the people in this site.

Parasites which may infect the eye are extremely rare in the US and every other first world nation.

The only reason you should worry about floaters is if you notice a drastic increase in numbers over a short period of time or after an injury to the eye.
06/09/13 @ 23:54
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hello Thomas

Thank you for your comment.

The reason I made the post was because I was experiencing pain, redness, blurry vision and not just eye symptoms.

Do floaters cause these symptoms?
06/12/13 @ 14:09
Comment from: Emmy [Visitor] Email
EmmyI'm so happy to have found this blog about the same thing that I see but only when I wake up and squint my eyes in the light. I know it's a cluster of twisty, moving things....(worms maybe)? Never thought I'd say that about myself. It's kinda scary. I also feel like I have something in my eye when I wake up... I do evidently. I can see them moving but they stay in one place. At first I thought I was having a nightmare and when I woke my eyes were still focused on those little worms. It takes me several minutes when I wake up to quit seeing them. I'm not sure which eye or if it's both...I'm going to try to figure that out tomorrow. I do know that I was treated for H Pylori last year and am wondering if there is a connection? Jane, thank you so much for helping me realize that there's something much more going on than just strands of fibers in these eyes. Take care and God bless all of you! Prayer helps!
07/12/13 @ 09:25
Comment from: Mike [Visitor] Email
MikeIt's mucus membrane from when you was a baby i went to about five different opticians all said the same.its worse when your tired or the sun is bright
07/12/13 @ 14:42
Comment from: K [Visitor]
KGreen Black Walnut Wormwood Complex.. check into it as a parasite treatment option.
07/19/13 @ 03:11
Comment from: K [Visitor]
KThe Clark zapper idea sounds like a weird weirder then parasites potentially anywhere in the body.....however, very worth looking into as mentioned in earlier post.
07/19/13 @ 03:49
Comment from: David Nelson [Visitor]
David Nelson:surprise:
I think my floaters were developed from toxoplasmosis...
07/27/13 @ 18:42
Comment from: L [Visitor]
LI see things in my left eye. I've noticed this for a few months. But they don't look like the pics you have here. They have a traingular body with a black dot at the head and a skinny tail. I noticed one at first and now there are others. I've been searching online and went through all the parasites and worm pics but nothing looks like what I see. I'm making an ophthalmologist appointment tomorrow. I really hope he knows what it is and can make them go away.
08/11/13 @ 22:48
Comment from: Goggsy [Visitor]
GoggsyI have been seeing circular floaters for years but recently have seen something that looks just like what you have drawn. I have just left boots opticians after an eye exam. They have assured me that these worm like strands are just floaters. They have said its normal as you get older for this to happen. They said my brain will get used them being there and start to ignore them eventually
09/10/13 @ 14:50
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Goggsy

I appreciate your comment.

I receive MANY comments with regards to my eye post. The reason I made the post was because, for years, I was experiencing red eyes, pain in the eyes, dark/dull eyes, blurred vision, headaches, dizziness etc., and not only eye symptoms, but many other symptoms too.

People do suffer from floaters and mainly describe them as annoying. But that wasn't the case for me. Floaters are harmless but the eye symptoms I was experiencing was NOT normal.
09/11/13 @ 12:58
Comment from: frazierqueen [Visitor]
frazierqueenI was stunned when I found this post. I can't believe what an identical picture you drew of what I see. I went to the eye dr yesterday and he said it's floaters. I too have had the same symptoms. The worst headaches of my life, blurry vision, dull eyes, light sensitivity, itchy on the back of the eye. Allegedly I have migraines caused by vascular constriction and that is what causes the floaters?
10/31/13 @ 21:45
Comment from: Shahzadah [Visitor]
ShahzadahHi jane mine floaters are the same as u mentioned i see lots of worms transparent and gray type so you take iodine dozes how much time it take for them to reduce of increase iam in a bad situation i checked my eyes and there was nothing serious its okay i dont know what is the cause of it is i was doing lots of pressure sport i dont know why does these floaters formed and it generated one eyer ago i t was not bothersome as it is now but in past few months they increased share your experince in details and by the way how about now still you are seeing floaters or they fade away or gone :)
11/17/13 @ 02:43
Comment from: Jane [Member]
My Iodine post was made a few years ago.

I haven't taken Iodine since then.
12/05/13 @ 14:06
Comment from: ocean [Visitor] Email
oceanI see these worms and they are really an eyesore to live with. my vision is blurred and i get tired easily. but I found a way to manage it. I normally take plenty of water, reduce sugar intake, increase protein and fibre in my diet. but the most important is taking odourless Gaelic with vitamin c tablet every day for as long as you want to control them and reduce all the negative symptoms. it is working for me and I am happier. Try and manage it while looking for a permanent fix.
04/07/14 @ 21:44
Comment from: Julie [Visitor]
JulieEver since I was three, I have complained about being able to see things moving in my eyes. The things I see match up to many descriptions of others who have commented here. I see tiny, stringy things floating in my vision occasionally, with tiny, perfect circles more often. All of the time, though, I see tiny, microscopic dots, like a haze. When I was little, I described it as "seeing the air" because I had no other way to describe the phenomenon. In recent years, though, my vision has gotten worse, changing significantly every six months to where I have to get a new prescription every half a year or so. My eyes have also stated "flickering", where I'm looking at something but then suddenly my eyes quickly dart to the side and back again, like a nervous tick. It does hurt and strains my eyes like I looked to the side too quickly. Does anyone else experience this?
05/27/14 @ 10:27
Comment from: Jane [Member]
I don't see as many as I used to. When staring at a bright background, just peering through the eyes, you see them more clearly. If I have my eyes open, as normal, and move my eyes from side to side, I only tend to see a dark thread-like object cross my vision but when eyes are nearly shut, and I peer through looking at a bright background, that's when I get the best view of them.
05/29/14 @ 13:34
Comment from: Kurt [Visitor]
KurtJane thank you, i just stumbled on this blog. I share the same symptoms as you and Travis and have been trying to self-diagnose my problem as i am not having much progress with eye doctors. I have received multiple routine eye examinations and a retina scan however nothing was found to be parasitic.

Awhile ago i stumbled upon this news story of a man who had a worm eating his retina. CNN also ended up covering the story. Video shown in link below, just thought i would contribute to the discussion and hope it helps someone.
06/20/14 @ 03:06
Comment from: ibrahim fofanah [Visitor]
ibrahim fofanahsince many year i use to see many tiny thin that use to pass in front of my eyes till now like a bunch of worm, some time my eyes scratch but i dont know which sick is it, please tell me it's treatment. God bless you. [edit to comment - removed email address]
06/21/14 @ 08:56
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Kurt

Thank you for your comment.
06/26/14 @ 15:49
Comment from: Jerred [Visitor] Email
JerredPlease help! I'm getting freaking worried! Are they just floaters?
07/02/14 @ 17:49
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Your comment is very short. You don't say anything other than your eyes. Do you have other symptoms? Pain in your eyes, redness?
07/16/14 @ 14:53
Comment from: marie newman [Visitor]
marie newmanWhat I see is a lot of bugs look like weevels with a lot of legs.
07/31/14 @ 15:46
Comment from: Gabriel [Visitor]
GabrielDear Jane and others,

I am sure that this is a filarial worm-related thing.

I say "related", because what some people notice in their eyes may not be the worm itself, but the microfilariae released by the female worm(s), and the female worm may live somewhere else in the body.

It could be Mansonella but there are many other possibilities as well, and there are many species that have not been identified yet. The people commenting on this page may not be infected with the exact same species, but the disease mechanism is the same.

This is clearly an infection, not the "standard" floater story. Notice that Mexico was mentioned in the comments a few times, and Mexico is one of the areas (but not the only area!) where insects (e.g. midges) may carry certain infections.

My theory is clear: basically a person is bitten by an infected insect, the person may not notice anything, and the person will not become sick at all, and the insect may be too tiny to be noticed or remembered anyway. After a few weeks or months the person starts to see things floating in the eye. This is because the larvae that the insect carried becomes an adult and starts releasing microfilariae (larvae that waits for a new insect bite to be carried away in a new host). The microfilariae circulates in the body, there are no symptoms, with the only exception of the eye...

Some hints:
- For example, some Mansonella species are regarded as apathogen parasites, which means that they do not do much damage. This is why otherwise healthy people may see the same thing as Jane. And this is probably the reason why this area is not researched more and why this problem is not solved yet. (Yes, a doctor saying "this is just a floater" is an attempt to solve it)
- These worms can live for many many years, this is why if someone starts to see these things, it will not go away.
- Jane mentioned once that after successfully *reducing* the parasites, her eye situation *improved*. In my opinion this is because now there were *less* worms releasing microfilariae.
- Lyme and candida was mentioned in a few comments. What people are seeing in their eyes are definitely not the Borrelia spirochete or its eggs or Candida or anything related to them. However, it is very important to understand that people with weakened immune system usually have much more parasites than people with normal or super-strong immune system. And Borrelia is weakening the immune system a lot, to help its own survival in a hostile environment. This means that people with Borrelia infections, or so-called Lyme disease have a much higher chance to have this filarial parasite in their body as well among many others.
- The drawing of Jane may look a little bit strange for those who have not seen something similar yet (e.g. in a microscope). I mean, the drawing does not show a simple "thread" with dots. It seems as if the thread was not "intact". Yes, my theory is, and perhaps Jane or others can confirm this, that these things seem to be constantly degrading. This is what the immune system would do with dead, foreign materials. So why is it that these things never disappear then? Because new ones come again and again, periodically released by the adult female worm.
- Based on the (so far quite limited) knowledge about Mansonella, a sensitive person may feel something crawling under the skin, especially on the head, or legs. Yes, this is related to this issue. Why the face? Not only because it is a more sensitive area, but also because the parasites evolved to prefer those areas where the chance of insect bite is higher (face or neck is usually not covered by clothes). Also, it seems that the blood or lymph supply make the nose and ears a good entry point to the face and scalp region.

What else can I say?
Oh yes. The solution. As it was clear from the comments so far, a number of people can see the same thing that Jane sees, but there was no comment like "I have done this and this and my eye became permanently clear again". Or "Yes, I did the same as you and mine cleared up as well."

I do not say that it is Mansonella, I only say that it is something similar. If you read a little bit about Mansonella, you will soon find out that there is no known or published solution to reliably eliminate Monsanella worms. One reason could be that it is regarded as apathogen, so it does not attract much interest, but the other reason could be that it is really difficult to eliminate it. For example, it does not live in the digestive tract, so the usual methods do not work so well. And it is big enough to be only aggravated but not killed by a frequency generator.

After reading the above you may think that this is just a useless message not giving any solution. I think my message is very important:
- it acknowledges the problem (it is not just a floater that Jane sees)
- it provides a clear direction what the problem could be, this shortens the time until a solution is published. (find a way to eliminate Monsanella, and you may have a solution that would eventually clear up the eyes of the affected people)
- it gives you an explanation (why and how all this is happening)
- it may give you hope (now you know that you do not have to live with this forever)
- and most importantly, an affected person reading this may expedite the solution-finding-procesd of how to detect and eliminate the adult female worm that causes this. (e.g. a scientist with necessary lab equipment could look into it, or a person with FSCAN could look for an effective frequency, or a wealthy person could hire scientists to work on this or sponsor the work of others, or someone with enough time could find out whether there are existing methods already, or muscle-testing could reveal something, perhaps a herb, or a completely new method could be developed, who knows? Or simply a significant number of affected people could get together and make blood test or skin-snips or other lab tests together, looking for something common.)

If you have the time and if you are interested enough to read (or scroll through) some scientific text, this article may give you a good background to understand filarial parasites:
Zoonotic Filariasis:
"Before going any further, it should be emphasized that a wide variety of filarial worms, including natural parasites of humans as well as a far greater number of zoonotic species, may be found in the chambers of the eye."

Oh yes, do not miss the "discussion" part. Excert from that:
"We surmise that many people are exposed and probably many more are infected than is recognized. It is likely that in most of these infections, the larvae die or are killed very quickly. Curiously, in some instances, infective larvae that invade the tissues are able to develop to sexual maturity without an apparent challenge from the host."
Do you remember what I wrote about Lyme disease? Those people are unfortunate hosts "without an apparent challenge".

And do NOT miss FIG. 41-44.

Finally, I would like to thank Jane for making this post and attracting so many comments. It shows that a high number of people are affected by this and interested in this. High enough to put energy into finding out more and publishing a solution.
08/06/14 @ 07:52
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Thank YOU Gabriel for this comment.

I will respond when I have more time.

I very much appreciate you taking the time to write your comment. Thank you again.
08/12/14 @ 14:03
Comment from: Neil Klein [Visitor]
Neil KleinI swim long distance in the ocean, usually with no goggles and in clear water, these cell/wormlike things used to pass my vision. They would leave and come again and I can usually see one very clear. Wormlike with much detail in the body.
Yesterday, I went swimming in the ocean with goggles and saw the same thing. It made me realize they might be in my eye.

I do not see them at any other times, even when swimming in pools.

Very disturbing that theyare in my eye and I can see that level of detail. Looks like I am looking through a microscope. The last post was very interesting. Will look at the site.

Concerned about it - but want to swimm and look at them in detail.
08/17/14 @ 15:15
Comment from: Arvind Gaur [Visitor] Email
Arvind GaurI have a similar problem but i don't know what it is. i saw pictures on the internet and can see similarities with these pictures. If interested click the following link
08/27/14 @ 05:55
Comment from: CountryMouse [Visitor] Email
CountryMouseHi Jane,

Thank you documenting your journey and I hope you are still in continued and better health. I have been suffering from various, mysterious, undiagnosed symptoms for the last six-seven months.

Parasites, floaters (like the ones you descrbie), "buzzing" in my legs, coldness in my hands, unhealthy bowel movements, pain in the shoulders (again like you described), all of these have sadly become all too familiar to me.

I have tried reading through your blog entries, but I could not find a mention of the exact herbs/treatment/protocol that had you feeling better. Could you please point me to a post or comment on what it was that finally had you feeling better.

Many Thanks! Wish you health and peace.

[P.S: for what its worth, my own reading inclines me to agree with Gariel above, some form of filarial worms is what these floaters are most likely to be]
09/08/14 @ 16:35
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi CountryMouse

Apologies for the delay in publishing your comment. I think you sent me a private email which I am in the process of writing. I will email you very soon.
10/23/14 @ 14:01
Comment from: Prakash [Visitor]
PrakashEven i have this kind of experience from my childhood...I dont know what it is!!!
11/02/14 @ 10:56
Comment from: Johanna [Visitor]
JohannaHi Jane and others
Boy I'm so please to find your blog.
This morning I stood up, and saw all those wurms in front of my eyes, they are huge and scared the heck out of me, I was panicking. But after reading nearly all the comments. I have made an appointment today with a Naturopath and will follow a detox program. So it's a start for me.
Thanks heaps to all the others who have posted their story here as well.
11/23/14 @ 16:21
Comment from: shankar [Visitor]
shankar:!:wow great explanation.i like the way you expalined.i too have some of the exact symptoms in my left eye.i am from hyderabad and here lot of pollution and my eyes are soo sensible for it.will iodine intake can cure this symptoms.?if you can explain i feel great
11/29/14 @ 06:42
Comment from: Phil [Visitor]
PhilMy experience with "worms" in my eyes turned out well with a bit of education. I too had the long strands and threads that seemed to move in the swirl of my vitreous. These are not worms but threads of vitreous that appear with age as the vitreous turns from a jelly state to a more liquid one. My main concern was thousands of tiny worm like specks that raced across my visual field when I was looking at my computer screen or blue sky...Freaked me out! It turns out to be a very natural...I am adding the net-post that explained it here:The Entopic phenomenon or (Scheerer's phenomenon) is when you one can actually visualise blood flow through the retinal blood vessels. We all have the potential to see the blood flow but most of us are able to ignore this. Some people may become suddenly aware of this and this sudden awareness may lead to the idea that there is a problem with the eyes, when actually there is not. This moving dots effect are actually leukocytes, or white blood cells (WBC), which move along through the blood-filled capillaries.
There are many capillaries on the retina which have the shape of a snake, a sine-wave, and when a leukocyte travels through that channel, it executes a sinusoidal "wiggle" motion. The capillaries are said to be normally invisible because they are full of hemocytes (red blood cells), and these hemocytes are too close to each other, and too far away from the retina to create individual moving shadows. Therefore, like the capillaries themselves, our retinas "edit" the blood cells out the view perceived by our brains. On the other hand, the leukocytes (White blood cells) are large, and they act like gaps in the columns of blood which fill the capillaries. These "moving holes" in the blood are made visible whenever we stare at a uniformly illuminated surface.
The entopic phenomenon can be seen especially observed when looking at a bright blue sky. Small, rapid pin-point sparks of light can be seen darting about in the central vision. Some people may think that these sparks are floaters. In reality, they represent white blood cells moving through the blood capillaries of the retina. This is a normal finding, and actually may indicate normal retinal function.
It is also called Blue field entopic phenomena too.. here is some more found info:
The blue field entoptic phenomenon or Scheerer's phenomenon is the appearance of tiny bright dots moving quickly along squiggly lines in the visual field, especially when looking into blue light (such as the sky). These dots are due to the white blood cells that move in the capillaries in front of the retina of the eye, near the macula. The dots move somewhat in sync with the heart beat. HOPE THIS WILL RELIEVE anyone who has concern about this phenomenon
01/04/15 @ 12:10
Comment from: Vee [Visitor] Email
VeeI have no affiliation with this company, or any personal experience just sharing what I have found.
"In March, 2008 Dr. Clark herself used a prototype FreeCoil SuperZappicator to get rid of parasites in her left eye muscles. She told us that they had been there for 30 years, despite regular zapping. They were gone in just 20 minutes! She was both amazed and delighted."
This statement is about midway down the page.
The more I read and understand about this "zapping", the more I realize it's huge benefits for over all health.
01/31/15 @ 09:57
Comment from: Jane [Member]

Thank you for your comment. I'm aware of Dr. Clark and zapping. I appreciate your comment. Thank you.
02/19/15 @ 13:35
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