Comment from: robyn [Visitor]
robynHi jane, i am having the exact sam floaters you describe, recently I have developed a light sensitivity and a very blurred vision. I have been to the eye doctor and the opthamologist both say it's nothing, I don't know where to start. I do feel a little better when I have taken worm wood. Please any help would be amazing
05/17/11 @ 11:03
Comment from: Miles [Visitor] Email
MilesThis is the most helpful website i have found about what i see every single day and no one believes me. Do you see parasites in your eyes anymore? I've spent $100's of dollars on herbs and medications to get rid of these and noting seems to be working. If you could possible tell me the names of what you were prescribed... I know you don't feel like its your place to tell ppl what to take but if would be so grateful if you could just tell me the names of the supplements that you take. I just want these to be gone once and for all :S
05/18/11 @ 18:28
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Miles

Thank you for your comment. I'm not 100% sure what these things are in my eyes. I describe them like wormy looking things because that's exactly what they look like. I used to see countless numbers of them. Since my protocol I've seen the numbers diminish significantly. They are not all gone but there's been a huge improvement. Even my eye symptoms have lifted.

I've always believed I've had two different types of organisms in my eyes. Many of both types in both eyes. I made a post a long time ago where I drew a picture of both types that I see. One of them is very strange indeed, very worm-like in appearance, it kind of curles back in on itself, has a loop effect and has a very strange pointy-thing sticking out the front. All of this type of organisms are identical in shape, size and form. Everything about them are identical. They are the weirdest thing I ever saw. Since I've been on my protocol both organism types have decreased in numbers quite significantly.

If they were floaters would they be EXACTLY the same shape, size and form? Wouldn't floaters be all different forms, shapes and sizes?

This is why I've never believed what I see are floaters. Floaters are harmless as far as I'm aware and don't cause redness or pain. I've experienced both redness and pain in my eyes and blurry vision too - when my health was really bad and I would see countless numbers of these things. As my symptoms have got better the numbers of these things have diminished too.

I have some draft posts I'm working on and will publish soon.
05/26/11 @ 14:34
Comment from: Miles [Visitor]
MilesI'm pretty sure i see exactly the same thing that you do, and i also believe that i have two different organisms too. You described the two different things that i see perfectly. It started with just one and now i see numerous organisms.

I'm desperate for help, and you seem to be the only person that i have talked to that understands what i see. So i know you have tried multiply things to get rid of these. What are you taking now thats working so well for you?
06/01/11 @ 18:17
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hello Miles

I'm in the process of writing some new posts with regards to my progress. I will be talking about some of the herbs that I have taken which I believe have been beneficial in regaining my health.
06/22/11 @ 16:28
Comment from: emma taylor [Visitor] Email
emma taylorHi Jane and Miles,
I am so glad I read this tonight , as just today my eye has started to swell..... and the symptoms you have already mentioned....
Ive had my 'parasite' problem now for 5 years, Ive been sent from doctor, eye clinic, tropical disease clinic (as i could have got This from Thialand) .... but none of them can find anything bacteria or parasite in this stuff I am pulling out from my eyes..... my eye area of my face has changed significantly in the last 5 years, noticeable by all the people cklose to me.
I am also at the end of my tether with it, and they have sent me to a pysco now, saying its all in my head.
Not one doctor has been near me with any kind of instrument to try and c what it is I am seeing and constantly feeling , its now painfull, its effecting my whole life , and that of my daughters.
You know your own body, from day one I said there was something in my eyes... ( in the corner bits of both eyes,
Mine to are black/brown/sometimes bits of red are present2. you can see each one has like a minute little head thing at the ends..... I was told that everyone pulls these out of there eyes and the reason mine r so is cant i wont stop picking ...... bearing in mind there IS something a not right happening to my body, which is obviously physical , not psychotic, I need help and fast.... this is the 1st time Ive read anything that sounds remotly like what Ive got......
My story from the last 5 years is a story of neglect by the doctors and
apparent specialists.... who seem to think they know everything ... (when in fact there are hundreds of parasites out there tht no1 know about)
I have not worn make up for 4 years now, coz it effects these parasite things.
I dont know what to do. Worried it'll make me blind? who do we go and see? what can I do about it???
Its not fair.... it'd be different if it was there eyes !!!
Look forward to hearing from you and hopefully maybe able to help each other out a bit,
thanks Emma T UK
07/01/11 @ 19:21
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Emma

Sometimes it can take me a while to read and publish any comments I receive, so I do apologise for the delay.

You appear to have been through so much. I sympathise with you. 5 years is a long time! I can relate to that!

What tests have you had carried out? You say you are pulling stuff from your eyes. You have pain, redness, blurry vision? I just don't get why they would send you to a 'psycho' when you have physical symptoms. I've had the 'it's all in your head' scenario too, so I sympathise with you.

Eyes are precious and I understand your concern.

I wish I could give you advice as to what to take in order to deal with these eye things but I'm not sure what you should take because I'm not sure what it is you are dealing with. I have never been 100% sure myself with regards to what I have been dealing with in my eyes. I have never been of the opinion they are floaters, I've always felt they are parasite related or some form of bacteria.

I am updating my blog with regards to my improvements and about some of the herbs I believe have made the difference. I have already written some draft posts which I plan to publish soon.

I have tried many different herbs and over time I began to notice gradual improvements in all of my symptoms. Nothing disappeared over night. It has taken a long time for me to feel so much better and for symptoms to alleviate.

Because I have never been 100% sure what these eye things are, I can't say for sure which exact herb targetted the eye organisms. All I know is that over time, by taking my herbs, that these organisms reduced significantly. Whether they are bacteria, parasites or some other form of organisms, I'm just not sure. I just know my herbs have made such a difference to my symptoms.

Look out for my updated posts.

09/29/11 @ 14:45
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