Comment from: Dina T. [Visitor]
Dina T.Did you ever find out what the white things are? I have these same things. I cant sit long due to pain ,so I am reading this post in spurt's. What test did you have to find the problem and what did they discover you had. I really wish I knew what these white things were and if they are the cause of all the head pain. Thank you so much for sharing your story. Dina
04/09/10 @ 17:02
Comment from: Jane [Member]
I have posted my micrographs I received through RHRPlus here on my blog. I had urine, sputum and stool samples analysed which I talk about here on my blog. I have also written about what the analyst wrote in notes I was also given to help me understand more.

I never submitted a nasal sample so I'm unsure whether these things are in fact worms or if they are bacterial or fungal related.

04/15/10 @ 14:44
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