Comment from: MZ [Member]
I felt that I had to teach my SCIO practioner about parasites after a while. She was very nice but I never felt that she realised how serious my issue was. She only said that everybody has parasites and she had a hard time believe my case when I explained my symtoms. It's a shame since the SCIO maybe could be a good help. But my hope is that the body can heal itself given the right buidling blocks, meaning that we ingest lots of nutrients and help it the best way we can. Only the body can heal itself. My hope is that it can heal without a SCIO practitioner.
05/01/08 @ 10:37
Comment from: Rita [Member]
RitaI had been considering finding a SCIO practitioner...but had had someone online that acutally does it tell me the same thing...alot of it depends on the practitioner knowing what they are doing.
Glad to hear your report on it, because I've never actually heard what all they can test for. I live too far away from anyplace to do it, and it sounds pretty expensive?

05/04/08 @ 19:16
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