Comment from: Taf [Visitor]
TafHey Jane,
Can you lead me where I can get the same treatment you are receiving and what I can tell my doctor. I have pain below my throat, and similar eye symptoms as you.
07/11/11 @ 01:04
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Taf

Thank you for your comment. Your comment is a little 'short and sweet's so to speak with regards to your symptoms. You mention throat and eye symptoms. It's hard to say what your problem could be. I do not wish to appear rude, quite the contrary, with regards to receiving the same treatment as me, in my opinion that would be irresponsible because your symptoms do not match all of mine.

You should see your doctor, yes of course. Explain your symptoms exactly and take things from there. He/she will no doubt check your throat and eyes to see if he/she can see anything wrong. If there is anything of concern, your doctor should refer you for some tests. I hope you get answers.

With regards to myself, as I've explained in my blog, my first port-of-call was my own doctor, I've had numerous tests over the years, didn't get much in the way of a diagnosis. I then saw private practitioners, etc., To get answers from your own doctor would be ideal, obviously, but for me it wasn't that easy. I had to search for help.
07/13/11 @ 15:15
Comment from: Stanley [Visitor] Email
StanleyHello jane its nice to see someone who shares how they feel and isnt afaid to get answers from doctors. I mean who should its our health were talkin bout nothing is more important lol. But im also confused because I too have FLOATERS not to many but some.Im only 19 years old and its not the floaters that I care about its the things that I see when I take my contacts out and look at a small very bright light. I think i see the reflected image of my eye and without moving my head I see like little things sometiem movin around im not sure what I see really but it bothers me and I have depression from it.
It all started when I got my wisdom teeth out and ever since ive been seeign floaters. {I should also say that ive been sufferign from anxiety and alwyas feeling that im terminally ill such as brian tumor cuz of my headaches. But I think its jus my sinuses and allergies. back to the unknown things I see, i dont know if its my blood vessels im lookin at or what but I know I see soemthing movin around in both eyes . I dont really have symptoms no eye pain no itchyness no redness {Remind you that i only see these things freely moving with my contacts out and staring at sorta of a LED light which is blue}. I do get dry eyes sometimes and im pretty sure my eyes are kind of sensitive to light but that could jus be from wearing contatcs since i was 13 and no glasses{getting glasses btw}. Do you wear contacts ?
Im sorry if I wrote to much but my life has been in the Shi**er since last august with all these symptoms hittin me at once. All i ask is for a response please and any advice you think can help me since youve been down this parasite road before. I appreciate you taking the time outta your life to help otehrs out also, its very noble of you.

P.S [edit] is my email please send me feedback .Peace N love jane
09/22/11 @ 19:29
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Stanley

Thank you for your comment.

I have never been entirely sure what these things are that I have seen in my eyes. I have always been of the opinion they are parasite related or perhaps some form of bacterium. I don't see nearly as many as I did before, in fact, I only see a few now. Since I began my protocol, they have significantly diminished in numbers.

No, I do not wear contact lenses, I never have. With regards to you wearing contact lenses, I'm not sure if you wear disposable or not? It is pertinent that lenses are kept clean obviously because they are being put into your eyes. Whether you are seeing floaters I'm not sure, whether it could be some sort of bacterium ... again, I'm not sure. It is good that you are not experiencing redness, nor any itchiness nor pain. If you were, then yes, I would be concerned. The only thing I can suggest is that you perhaps have your eyes checked out.
09/29/11 @ 13:51
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