Comment from: stella [Visitor]
stellahi i will like to be tested for parasites through kinesiology who do i contact local to myself for this. i do not have any mercury fillings but something doesn't feel right with my health following a holiday 10 years ago. i have never felt right since then
07/14/10 @ 03:58
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hello Stella

Perhaps you have a local health directory you could search through? Perhaps search alternative health therapies? You could also try searching online, perhaps search for kinesiology practitioners in your area.

If it's parasites your concerned about, if you do happen to locate someone, I'd ask if they had a full set of parasite slides as I would think this would be necessary. Whatever is concerning you health-wise you could drop them a line and asks some questions with regards to kinesiology and health.

All the best.
07/23/10 @ 13:51
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