Comment from: MZ [Member]
Hey! I have also done SCIO treatments and they really did fascinate me. I could really realate to what the pracitioner said and everything the SCIO showed seemed so accurate. I was amazed. But then I stopped. I cost too much and there were so many things that had to be worked on and I didnt really now what to focus on. Maybe that was a bad choice, maybe SCIO can really tell what I should do? Maybe it's the small things that need correction in order to bring on great healing? Like taking the extra EFAs, b-vtis, glutamine and whatnot?
05/01/08 @ 10:13
Comment from: HGH [Visitor]
HGHInteresting, I am curious what the statistics are on your first point there...
09/22/10 @ 21:52
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hello HGH

Which 'statistics' are you referring to? Can you clarify? I'm not really sure if I can answer your question anyway because I never really understood SCIO. I thought it would really help me get my health back and find out more about what was wrong with me.

I never really understood the information I received back. The post I made is the information I received. I basically typed up what was writtend down.

09/30/10 @ 13:47
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