Comment from: Travis [Visitor]
TravisI am interested in conversing with you more about this. I have these exact same things, and have lyme disease. positive blood test. Also have blood infection babesia and mycoplasma.

These eye floaters are bacteria, they like to hide in the eyes especially if taking antibiotics. Feel free to contact me.
03/29/12 @ 04:57
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Sorry for the delay in publishing your comment. I was having a problem with the publish button.

I saw your other comment also, which I have also published. (I have sent you an email).

04/04/12 @ 14:27
Comment from: Keifer [Visitor]
KeiferI have these too, for years now!!! How do I get rid of them?
05/19/12 @ 19:11
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