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StacyI too have endometriosis and for many years suffered debilitating periods although I was always on time and lasted 7 days. I also was diagnosed w/ PCOS 8 yrs ago. I had 3 miscarriages. It's strange but looking back to when I believe the parasites first began affecting me with horrible sudden food poisoning like symptoms times 100, the attacks took place at some point during my period the first two episodes. From that point on I have completely stopped having periods altogether it's been 3 yrs since my last period and I just turned 32! It's a horrific thought but do you think it's possible whatever parasite I have could be in or around my uterus absorbing the menstrual blood? I'm sorry to bring up such a nasty notion but I was also thinking that if you are clearing your body of parasites maybe that could be why the endometriosis in your case is returning? Is it possible that there is ONE advantage to these nasty monsters? Lol!
07/14/11 @ 23:11
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Stacy

Thank you for your comment. I wrote that post a long time ago, when my endometriosis was still a problem and I was still enduring bad periods.

Today, my periods are much better, regular and without much pain, just the odd cramping. Endometriosis isn't easy to live with, I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis many years ago and I had excruciating pain for many, many years, before my diagnosis and the pain continued for a long time after too. Over the years I've had treatment in the form of a nasal spray and also injection to help with my endometriosis. I've also had ivf treatment many times. I believe ivf can help with endometriosis symptoms too. I believe it's the same nasal spray I had to help treat my endometriosis and also when I had to take it early on in ivf to suppress the hormones before starting the injections which were in preparation for eggs.

Miscarriage is very hard to deal with, I've been there too and my heart goes out to you.

07/21/11 @ 16:02
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