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Demihey, im a 18 yr old grade 12 student and i been doing reasearch on trench fever and so far from what i can tell and gather from the research ive done.. trench fever isnt as serious as you think, if you have trench fever you'd need to bath regulary and launder your clothes as well as im assuming you've been dignoised with Bartonella quintana thats found in the stomach of the louse, and you can be treated with antibiotics such as erythromycic or azithromycin. recovery usually takes up to 4 weeks, without proper treatment however there will be a chance of relaspe. so you should know its not that bad and you dont need to freak out and stay calm.
10/27/11 @ 11:06
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Thanks for your comment. I did the post on Trench Fever due to the louse micrograph I posted after having my sputum tested. I researched louse and I found symptoms relating to Trench Fever, symptoms similar to what I was experiencing.

Years ago I was tested by a private GP/doctor who practiced Kinesiology and I was found to be suffering from bartonella and babesia microti.

10/31/11 @ 17:11
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