Comment from: Pennie [Visitor]
Pennieso what is the protocol you are following. I have about rubbed my eyes out.
11/05/11 @ 18:24
Comment from: ArtBirdy [Visitor]
ArtBirdyGlad to hear about all your health improvements, Jane. Hope it continues and leads you to full recovery of your health and self.
11/10/11 @ 21:23
Comment from: Ommiletta [Visitor] Email
OmmilettaO my god, this was so amazing, this hole thing is like... I could have been writing this blog. I could not believe when I saw your images.
The way things are for me is that I sit down with the doctor and he listens, then looks at me and tells me just to stop thinking about this!
In my country doctors can read your medical history, so one doctor wrights "disturbed, don´t encourage her delusions" and the rest won´t even take my blood pressure. They just look at me with some kind of patronizing expression and a fake smile. The worst thing is that both my children have the same thing:(
I have begged them to do schistosomes (urine test), Taenia Solium, Cryptococcus, Giardia, Leptospira (and other spiral bacteria), but NO!
But your blog gives me hope, thank you:)
11/14/11 @ 07:17
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hello Pennie

"so what is the protocol you are following. I have about rubbed my eyes out."

At the moment I am writing about my improvements regarding my symptoms. I will be posting about the herbs I believe have helped my health improve next. Thank you.

11/21/11 @ 13:02
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Artbirdy

Thank you for your good wishes. I wish you the same of course.

I've been donig great for some time now but recently I did experience a rear up of symptoms, albeit it was NOT a full blown flare-up. I'm writing some amendments to my improvement symptoms posts right now. I'm doing ok though, symptoms have alleviated.
11/21/11 @ 15:32
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Ommiletta

Thank you for your comment.

Oh I hear you! I've been there!

11/21/11 @ 15:34
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