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jennyI understand, your blog is so great as I have had the same issues in my eyes and recently was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. My family has been less than understanding and actually gets upset if I bring up my illness. They perfer that I pretend I'm fine, not discuss it as it makes them feel better to believe it dose not exist. It has been tough but we are getting thru it and finally with the help of a ND and energy healer I am getting better. So glad to have found help and others that are suffering with the same issues, not that I wish this on anyone just that I know I'm not alone and so there is hope for renewed health and sharing of information that can help us heal.
Many thanks for all the information.
12/25/10 @ 22:59
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Jenny

With regards to my own health I've questioned Lyme Disease also. I was bitten by a tick many, many years ago, in my teens. One of the first people I went to see with regards to my health issues when I first fell ill (after my own GP) was a private Kinesiology Practitioner who also happened to be a private GP. He treated me through Kinesiology and he told me I had Babesia Microti and Bartonella. When I researched a little on these diseases, it mentioned tick bite as being the transmitter for Babesia Microti and fleas for Bartonella.

Oh, the family issues, I can relate to you there. I found it upsetting too, a feeling of helplessness and being alone.

I'm glad to hear you have found someone who is helping you.
01/05/11 @ 15:33
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