Comment from: Rita [Visitor]
RitaHi Jane! I've been absent from here for almost a year! Shame on me!!
I'm glad to see you have found an ND that sounds like they are going to be aggressive with the different herbal products too. They worked well for me through the ND knowing what he was doing, but I would have never known on my own that different herbal products really do hit them from a different angle...and depending upon what you are killing at that time.
Just checking up on you...btw..I had a not so pleasant experience with an Infectious disease type Dr too..
06/27/09 @ 20:26
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi there!

Nice to hear from you.

I'm doing great right now.

I will be posting very soon about how I've been doing. I have lots to write about.

I definitely have more of my life back right now and it feels great.

06/28/09 @ 14:43
Comment from: Paige [Member]
That is so terrific that you are doing so well Jane. Are you helping out your adrenals? Its a really good thing to add to your regime :-)
06/30/09 @ 00:51
Comment from: Jane [Member]
I'm over the moon. I feel so different. Yes, adrenals are covered. : - )

You say ".....but I would have never known on my own that different herbal products really do hit them from a different angle...and depending upon what you are killing at that time."

I know where you're coming from here. I couldn't have done any of this on my own.
06/30/09 @ 16:33
Comment from: Bruno [Visitor]
BrunoHey how have you been doing lately? you haven't done an update for quite a while and can ask you if i may on what sort of parasite attacked you?
09/26/09 @ 00:00
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hello Bruno

Right now I'm doing great. I do plan to update my blog but since starting my protocol the last few months has been very tough indeed. I've been in a lot of communication with the person helping me and it has taken up a lot of my time.

Since starting my protocol I have passed what I believe to be worms and I've taken pictures which I hope to post. They are quite graphic pictures because of being encased in stool and I wasn't sure if they were fit for posting.

I have posted in my blog the results I received through RHRPlus ie., the micrographs. I also received notes from the analyst who carried out my tests and it details useful information relating to the micrographs and what the organisms could be. It's all there in my blog. The analyst gave me many micrographs which show worm-like scructures, including a large nematode grown in culture. Other peculiar things were found, which the analyst was unsure exactly what they are.

The notes and micrographs I received were as a result of my stool, urine and sputum sample being analysed.

09/28/09 @ 16:05
Comment from: William [Visitor]
WilliamHi this is my first time on this blog and I read all of it. I'm 19 years old and I've been having 90% of the problems that you have just not as severe, all happened since i took a trip to china couple years back(no pets), was diagnosed for acid reflux, tmj/teeth grinding, "all in my head". My parents basically gave up on me, i bought herbal cleanses and took albendazole/pyrantel pamoate and it barely helped, i dont take vitamins anymore cuz they havent rly helped me symptomswise and im wondering about iodine that you mentioned, how much should i take and does it make a huge difference? and any other suggestions would be great, im a positive person so ive just sorta ignored these problems most of the times but lately i feel that if i dont fix this now i'll never live my life to the fullest or even a good life, i found ur posts to be rly helpful too so if u could get back to me that would be great, thanks
10/24/09 @ 22:36
Comment from: William [Visitor]
WilliamHi again i have another question, will iodine supplements do? or does it have to be lugol's iodine, please get back to me and thanks a lot.
10/24/09 @ 22:48
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hello William

Thank you for your comments. I sympathise with your situation. Obviously, getting a diagnosis would be the best way to go but I know, from my own experiences that this can be very difficult indeed. I too, in the early days of my illness, was prescribed acid reflux but it did nothing for me. I understand the "all in my head" scenario only too well.

It is important NOT to follow a protocol that is not designed for you. This can be dangerous and I would not recommend this. I am not a practitioner. There are forums out there that could offer you some advice. That's how I started on my journey to better health. But the best advice I could give you is to perhaps get some tests done. I know how difficult this can be, I've been there.

There are websites you could read up on which may offer advice.

When I first took Iodine I did notice a difference in my symptoms but they didn't disappear. I only took it for a short while before embarking on my protocol.

I hope this helps.
10/26/09 @ 17:48
Comment from: george [Visitor] Email
georgeHi Janet,

I have the same problem.
You have a solution for this?
Do you see anymore this alien?
When i look on the sky i see and some little dots movements (very fast movements)
Look at this adres:
I dont know if can live in eyes
I have a translation from Romanian language(dont expect to be perfectly. I belive hife means what you see on the picture from the link-- You will found word ""hife"" on the comment ):

""I am not specialists, so you may not agree with what i say. It's about strictly personal observations.

Specifically from the beginning that I do not think floaters have a unique case, so it's very possible to be and clusters of dead cells, and blood clots, and who knows what else. Obviously, treatments, if any, must address each case separately.

A likely cause is but systemic candidiasis. For those who do not know, Candida albicans (the most common species of candida, but not only) lives in our intestines and mouth and, in general, they dont disurb us. The sense of "symbiosis" is not yet very clear- is used as source food for intestinal flora and helps control blood sugar (glucose in the blood sehraneste). Problems arise when this balance is symbiotic distrusfie of antibiotics (which, removing bacteria, do you not have "enemies") or by excessive sugar food or the decrease of immunity from various causes. Then, start to grow abnormally long and change - begin to develop pseudohife, some filaments resembling a mycelium, which perforates the intestinal wall, which allows it to reach the blood. Called leaky gut syndrome and the cause of many allergies, infections, etc.. Once in the blood, the spores of candidates (if they are not destroyed by defense mechanisms) are spread in the body and stays in the various organs. This phase is called candidiasis or systemic candida and is accompanied by various manifestations, depending on location of infection - chronic fatigue, obsessive craving for sweets, memory loss, etc..

Eye, it seems, is one of her favorite destinations. Syndrome is called candida endophthalmitis. In extreme cases, the retina, capillaries and other eye tissues are invaded by the candida, with serious consequences. In cases where "normal" but, Candida is kept in restrain the immune system and are the only events that float through the vitreous hifele. The appearance of filaments is transparent, with small spheres pearlescent from place to place (hlamidosporii candidate - see also photo below). When they are small, they go unnoticed, but become visible when opaque form opponent. If you are floating, disappearing after a while the effect of gravity, but many are connected or attached to any wall or intraocular body so hard they disappear.

Because of transparency and small size, hifele not be detected in regular ophthalmic checks, which explains the lack of interest to doctors, who admit only severe cases visible destructive effect on the retina. You can try to see with a very simple. Just look in a microscope (possibly toy) you have not made any preparation, so that to have a white field, well lit. The first thing you see are your own genes. But if you look better microscope images of parasite (The more stupid the better), you will begin to distinguish floaters. To make sure you are not dust the eye or microscope objective, rotate the device - and if you rotate them, means that are dust, if not, and if you move with the eye, means that are on or in the eye. Most of them can remove corneal blinking. Most of the eye are dimensional and arranged however you will notice that distinguish wires of different thicknesses, which move at different speeds and to see more clearly or diffuse depending on the focus lens""

01/14/10 @ 06:23
Comment from: Mary [Visitor]
MaryAre you still there? I have so many questions. Look: I'm pretty sure we have the same or similar parasitic infections. The eye thing is so unnerving, isn't it? Please write. Ivermectin and Vermox, together, have really helped me.
03/08/10 @ 12:29
Comment from: DD Rose [Member]

As far as I know Jane plans to start blogging again; but, when is in question. Since the beginning of the New Year there have been problems with the computer and family emergencies. Things have settled a bit and I suspect that Jane will be making some new posts (this is her plan) about her experiences and to answer questions.

Thank you for your patience.
03/10/10 @ 00:33
Comment from: Lymenade [Visitor] Email
LymenadeHi there! Your blog came up as a hit for what I was just Googling, so I clicked it and read the page (the one where you posted pictures of your mucus.. makes me feel less gross for snapping pictures of my own mucus just in case I wanted to show the doctor!), then decided to go to your most recent posts to drop you a message.

I couldn't really figure out what was going on with you, and if you found out what was happening to you, so excuse my ignorance of your situation and my impatience to be a better detective. (Clearly, this post is about taking anti-parasitics and herbs, but I'm still unsure whether or not you know what it is exactly you have going on).

Have you been tested for Lyme Disease at all? Granted, the worms in your eyes doesn't sound like Lyme Disease to my knowledge, but some other things I read in various posts on your blog do... in particular, the part about having a long lasting problem(s), seeing doctors, having tests done, and being dismissed with no diagnosis since everything is "normal" and the doctor clearly knows best (Sheesh! What were you thinking? Researching information in order to advocate for your own health? How very asinine, you're not doctor and you know NOTHING!) (Please note I was being sarcastic and I am not a rude jerk).

Anyways, yeah. Obviously this post is a year old, and maybe you're all cured and stuff and can say, psh! No Lyme Disease here! And I would say, "good for you!" and give you an internet pat on the back and be on my way. However, if it is not the case, and you are still suffering, my advice would be to go see an LLMD (Lyme Literate Doctor). Even if you don't have Lyme Disease, you might want to look into one of these doctors as your own - they are more open minded about testing and treatments and don't have the "I'm the doctor, I'm right, you're wrong, crazy, AND stupid" attitude. Good luck and I hope you are doing well!

Oh yeah, I'm not an LLMD or anything, I just have Lyme Disease (and therefore an LLMD of my own) and since Lyme Disease can manifest as pretty much ANYTHING, so it's a tricky diagnosis (One doctor diagnosed me with Lupus before I finally got my Lyme diagnosis.. I definitely do not have Lupus, just the some of the same symptoms thanks to secret agent Lyme).
07/26/10 @ 16:41
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Lymenade

Apologies for the delay in publishing your comment.

When I first fell ill, one of the first professionals I saw was a Kinesiology Practitioner (also a private doctor). He diagnosed many things. With regards to worms, he diagnosed Ascaris. I plan to do an update post with regards to his findings because a lot of what he told me back then didn't make sense to me and I didn't follow up with regards to research. I can certainly elaborate more on his findings now. They make more sense. Although I saw this guy for a very long time and he was treating me, during that time I didn't feel any different and I'm not sure what was eradicated and what wasn't. The fact none of my symptoms had alleviated I felt it was time to move on and try someone else. He was also costing me a fortune.

It's definitely beginning to make more sense now after having researched more, especially on the symptoms of Babesia Microti and Bartonella. I'm now pretty sure these have played a huge part in my health's deterioration. With regards to my own doctor he never found anything major going on, apart from h-pylori bug. Even after Infectious Disease referral, they didn't find anything either. It was a nightmare appointment and I'd never go back. A blood test for toxicaris was carried out but it came back negative. Why toxicaris? He said something along the lines of it being the most common, but mainly found more in children but anyway, toxicaris is what he decided to test me on.

In my opinion, one test doesn't prove anything. I actually felt it was more like an offer of testing me for toxicaris. I felt it was to passify my concerns. I knew early on in the appointment I wasn't going to get anywhere. What I couldn't understand, I'd went prepared, I'd sent my results I received from RHRPLUS to my own doctor and that's how the Infectious Disease referral came about. My doctor hadn't any problem referring me but it was a completely different story when I saw Infectious Disease.

Infectious Disease doctor more or less told me it was all in my head and I was extremely upset. His words were, and I'll never forget them '...... I see a problem...' Need I say more.

Along with the worm problem, I now believe that the Babesia Microti and Bartonella have played a bigger part in my health. None of this has been easy, I can tell you that. But I am getting there.
07/26/10 @ 18:12
Comment from: topslimming [Visitor]
topslimmingThank you for sharing your story!
11/04/10 @ 21:55
Comment from: billy [Visitor]
billyAmazing story! This reminds me of what i experienced when i first started out.Please post more articles like this.
11/13/10 @ 14:11
Comment from: Melanie [Visitor]
MelanieSuperb, this is the most beautiful website design I ever seen! Nice writing as well!
11/16/10 @ 13:59
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