Comment from: Elvien [Visitor]
ElvienIn this site we can find scientific information about herbs, their use in pregnancy and many other things
04/27/08 @ 09:27
Comment from: Rick [Visitor]
RickWhen you say that the symptoms returned with a vengeance, do you believe that the humaworm made your condition worse? Can you please describe what you mean and if you thought that humaworm was good or bad for you?
05/13/13 @ 14:04
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Your comment is in relation to a post I made a few years ago. Way back in 2008. My symptoms that I write about in my blog first reared their ugly heads way back in 2003!

I made many visits to my GP in the early years but to no avail. After that, I found myself having to tackle things on my own, a very scary thought.

Over the years, I've tried many different anti-parasitic formulas and yes Humaworm was one of the first I tried. I do like Humaworm, yes. And I've taken it again in the latter years of my cleansing.

When I first fell ill, nothing seemed to eradicate my symptoms. I had many intolerable symptoms for many, many years. I couldn't understand why it felt nothing was working. I would generally feel better when taking the herbs but this wasn't always the case during every cleanse because sometimes during cleanses I would still experience symptoms. And then once the cleanse was complete symptoms would return, just as bad as before.

I believe this was due to the significance of the infection. The more cleansing I've done (with breaks), the better I've felt. But it took years before I really felt better.

Humaworm is a great product and an important factor is that their herbs are fresh.
05/28/13 @ 15:49
Comment from: Zapper [Visitor] Email

Your experience is not uncommon. I have been designing, using, and selling zappers for many years and I have learned a number of things.

Using multiple frequencies really helps. There is not any one frequency that works perfectly for everything.

The old 555 based zappers like the one you purchased are not sufficient. Of course, some are better than others but for real accuracy, a good microprocessor based unit is much better. Also, get a more powerful one with Current Compensation or Current Control.

If you want to reach intestinal parasites effectively, you need to use both the hand paddles and copper footpads in the augmentation mode ( 3 points positive and 1 negative ).

There is a good book "Parasite Zapping and the Zapper" at They also have a free how to zap PDF that can be downloaded.

Also, you can compare several zappers from various competitors at .
08/09/13 @ 14:37
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Thanks for your comment. This is an old post, health-wise I'm doing much better now.

In the early years, I bought 2 zappers in all (the first one I bought, the leads were useless). So I ended up buying another one, one that had footpads too. I haven't looked at zapping in a very long time.

I appreciate your comment though, thank you.
08/14/13 @ 13:48
Comment from: Michael Sheeban [Visitor]
Michael SheebanIve taken a bunch of cleansing products (humaworm, paragone, tinctures, ridset) I prefer RIDSET because its a full body cleanse, Its not has harsh as some of the other products out there while working the best. I always analyze my BM and there were much more expelled on ridset. I continue to take the product 3-4 times a year to make sure any new parasites I contract from just living are killed and my body is free and clear. Has anyone else had the same experience?
03/14/14 @ 12:09
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