Comment from: Adrienne [Visitor]
AdrienneI read that if it is parasitic worms that you have then this lump coould be caused from the death of one and the left overs of the body will usually form these lumps and possibly arthritis in the joints. Also other not so nice things that you need to take antibiotics for and they are saying the poisin needs to be gotten rid of from your body, I am quite sure that I have the same thing as you as a matter of fact I am positive, the picture that you drew is identicle to what I see. Haven`t attempted to see the doctor for it yet though, from reading on here I am not to sure whether I want to or not. I am always tired, full of mucous snotty nose and every once in a while, (apparently they only travel over the eye in interims and take aprox 15 mins to do so), I see the worms travel accross my eye. Funny there is not more info on the net, I only read info that they are commonplace in Africa.How is the iodine treatment going.
07/18/12 @ 10:26
Comment from: Jane [Member]
Hi Adrienne

Thank you for your comment.

Interesting. You say you've read this in relation to parasitic worms dying. I read that possible causes could be - injury, overuse of joint or build up of toxins which crystalise and form a cyst. The build up of toxins was what caught my eye and interested me the most because I've been taking herbs and when you're killing stuff off in the body you endure die-off and toxins are released. This is where I felt there was perhaps a connection with what I was experiencing, hence why I made my ganglion post. I wondered if there was a connection.

Thank you again for your comment.
07/18/12 @ 14:03
Comment from: K [Visitor]
KGreen Black Walnut Wormwood Complex...check it out for a parasite treatment option.
07/19/13 @ 03:09
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