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RachelIs there an effective natural treatment for tapeworms in the brain? Or do you have to use traditional medicine?
09/02/13 @ 13:15
Comment from: DD Rose [Member]
Hello Rachel:

You ask a good question and the answer isn't so easy. Whenever an organism reaches the brain it is hard to get at because few medicines/herbs can reach the blood-brain-barrier (BBB).

To help you understand, this is a simplified 'process' of what occurs. A pathogen passes through BBB undetected by sending out signals to the brain that nothing is foreign residing in the region. Once the pathogen becomes too active either by it's own aggressive nature or being attacked to kill it (toxins thrown off), the brain is alerted to the invader. The brain's defense is to cause heat to kill it and tissues will react with swelling. The pathogen's job is to survive the attack and the brain's job is to get rid of it by any means necessary. Seizures are a prime example with multiple lesions or cysts. There is a lot more to this...

Allopathic approach can be effective and quicker, but everything I've read on it is that monitoring needs to be done carefully. There are a combination of medicines that can be used for this problem. There are a few herbal medicines that can pass BBB that will work over a period of time; such as, grapefruit seed extract, garlic, black walnut, male fern, thymol, and a few others. For obvious reasons, I won't get into what to take or opinions about them. I'm not a doctor.

Whether you go the allopathic or herbal route, please do your research because there are risks. Both are caustic with side-effects and a good dose has to reach the BBB threshold. In either case some kind of anti-inflammatory needs to be taken to lower the risk of swelling and to remove the toxic overload expelled by the pathogen.

Lastly, enough enzymes will eat away at cysts or to assist with breaking down their protein protective layer. Will enzymes do it alone? I don't think so. Mostly likely some kind of enzyme formula and parasite killer will do the job.
09/06/13 @ 13:47
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