Comment from: ArtBirdy [Member]
ArtBirdyVery interesting. I have cats. I am Rh negative.
12/23/10 @ 19:48
Comment from: DD Rose [Member]
Indeed, it is interesting. Any accidents noted?
12/27/10 @ 16:15
Comment from: Lindsay [Visitor] Email
LindsayI've been in 2 major car accidents and about 15 minor ones. The 2 major ones involved me being in the same exact year/make/model of a car but DIFFERENT vehicles. Neither one was mine. One "accident" involved me hitting a median and flipping over. I was thrown to the back of the vehicle. When the EMTS found me they told me nobody could have survived this accident. I was discharged from the hospital an hour later with a bruise on my hip. I'm scared because I know humans lack empathy. I'm extremely different from society. Always have been. I'm scared.
04/28/12 @ 11:54
Comment from: DD Rose [Member]
Amazing! I believe that you may have a greater purpose in life that has not been fulfilled by you, yet. :)
04/30/12 @ 17:23
Comment from: frank caldwell [Visitor] Email
frank caldwellMy father blood type is RH negative we come from a mixed black ancestry. My blood type is O-positive we have very long life spans. Are there other humans like me and my family in the u.s.?
05/21/12 @ 13:23
Comment from: al [Visitor]
also it looks like the rh + ppls are not so bothered by toxo because they are already infected from birth ? whereas the rh - ppls blood indicates they are clean and when they get toxo its more devastating ? i could believe that . the rh - ppls seem to have links to a much colder climate where toxo doesn't present a problem .
06/27/12 @ 13:11
Comment from: DD Rose [Member]
Hi Al:

Good questions and something to think about. It would be nice to have more studies on these type of things.

06/27/12 @ 13:14
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