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BacteriologyBacterial infections are usually treated with a special antibiotic, which only kills the bacterium that has caused the disease. To make sure that you get the right treatment, your doctor may take a sample, for example a swab from the throat or a urine sample.

For more information, you can refer
07/31/12 @ 22:00
Comment from: DD Rose [Member]

Thanks for the link -- a good reference for folks to do research.
07/31/12 @ 22:07
Comment from: Jennifer P. [Visitor]
Jennifer P.Still can't see a sign-up form. I do see a 'log in' but wondering if that is the same as a sign up?

Just want to be on your list to receive your postings. My daughter is in the middle of a super heavy-duty parasite cleanse and the results are incredible!

I need to know how to accomplish such results with my own clients....nothing like experience huh?!
07/31/12 @ 23:00
Comment from: DD Rose [Member]
Hi Jennifer:

It seems as though there is a bug of some sort with the last software upgrade that disabled the sign-up feature. It is being worked on and thank for bringing this to my attention.

That is great news about your daughter. Please keep us posted. I agree, first-hand experience is everything!

07/31/12 @ 23:06
Comment from: Jan Fry [Visitor] Email
Jan FryI had breast implants (saline) in 1983. I had them removed in 1994 because of serious ailments. I have been diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis, MS, Fibromyalgia, a skin eating infection, C-Diff., Minere's Disease. I have lots of pain, dizzyness, numbness in legs, arms, hands. I have an very bad balance problem. I would so appreciate any and all information or help you can send me to share with my Drs. I go to another MG Clinic on the 19th of Sept. I would like to share this with them. Thank you so much for this made me have hope for the first time in many years.
09/16/14 @ 14:42
Comment from: Gloria [Visitor] Email
GloriaWords cannot express how appreciative I am for your show. Not only is it so interesting but it is also very educational. I have helped alot of people improve their health by learning from all your shows/series etc.

Thank you so much and please do not ever cancel this show.

I watch your show on Dish ch184 but seriously wish it also came out on Local Channel for the whole world to see and educate themselves as well.

Thank you again,
Gloria Alvarado
10/20/14 @ 23:35
Comment from: Feel like giving up [Visitor] Email
Feel like giving upI am a 52-year-old single mother of three. I have been suffering with a fungal and parasitic infection for the past eight years. I was first diagnosed with a fungal infection over 5 years ago. However after being on dyflucan and itracinazole and for over 6 months each, it had not helped. For this reason it am unable to find a cure. I know I have a parasitic condition as well because I feel them and I have all the symptoms. Doctors have given up on me because those meds didn't work and they profiled me as " being all in my head". I only wish they were "all in my head". I have bites all over me and I have these little black dots all over me and and white spores all over me. Doctors are not even looking at my skin and turn me away because of my being profiled. I have started with Pau D' arco and black walnut hull. I feel that because my body has been riddled with these things for so long that it's going to take something a lot stronger to cure me. I'm at my witts end and just feel like giving up. Whatever it is, is so painful i can't take it much longer. I've had symptoms since 2007. What can I do? Please help me. Feel like giving up!
02/24/15 @ 03:28
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