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Maureen StilwellI contracted dengue fever in Oct 2011 while on a Caribbean Cruise. I beleive I was bitten in Key West when my symptoms started. My eye suddenly started to hurt and turned bloddy red. It hurt to open. Later that evening I experienced the worst headache and neck ache. Our cruise continued on to Jamaica.12 days later is when I experience bone breaking pain that was unbearable! I actually diagnosed myself. Doctors in the US are unaware and uninformed of this very real and dangerous disease! The lab that took my blood had no idea how to even test! It is in FLorida and the CDC is not making residents aware! Travelers to the Caribbean/Key West and Florida need to take precautions! There is also a need for more research on the long term effects on the body.If bitten again, this disease can be deadly. I just received an email from a friend saying that a 56 year old women that visited Sarasota Florida contracted Dengue Fever and died shortly after from complications on Nov 17 2012.
11/27/12 @ 18:32
Comment from: Jane [Member] Email
Hi Maureen :hiya:

Thank you for your comment.

Wow, you diagnosed yourself! That's quite remarkable! Dengue is pretty scary stuff!

The post I made re: Monsters Inside Me, the woman who was diagnosed with Dengue Fever, was also in Key West.

Along with blood tests, etc., questioning where you’ve been and relating to symptoms is KEY to making a diagnosis. The woman in my Monsters post was diagnosed through blood work.

Is there a cure for Dengue? From my recollection from the post I made after watching the programme, I’m sure it said there was no treatable medication for Dengue? I'm not sure how old the programme is and what year this woman contracted Dengue. I believe the woman’s immune system began to fight off the infection and she began to improve. It also said that this woman was the first person to be identified in the US with Dengue Fever for 65 years!

I'm presuming you received some form of medication? Will you have to be re-tested in the future?

I hope you're doing much better now.
11/28/12 @ 15:28
Comment from: Jane [Member] Email
Hi Maureen

I meant to ask, was your case documented?
11/28/12 @ 16:02
Comment from: DD Rose [Member] Email
Hi Maureen,


In 2001, I do recall an outbreak in Hawaii and there was concern about this.

Here's a post that I published on Dengue Fever that helped someone in Asia with using an herbal remedy.
11/28/12 @ 16:51
Comment from: Maureen Stilwell [Visitor]
Maureen StilwellIn response to Jane. Blood work confirmed Dengue, but still no answers on which strain. As far as being documented, I would assume that it was.
12/11/12 @ 19:46
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