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Research TPThis was some of the best information that I got from your blog.
08/15/10 @ 21:39
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jueliHaving ready muchabout edta chelation. Nowwhere can i find a contact for Dr Harry Gordon, not anywhere. know he is busy and would want to protect privacy however i cannot find the answers that i could trust regarding ischemia and parkinsons treatments. There is so much confliciting information, ie oral edta versus iv edta. dr. gordon now says oral edta is safe, what to take with it. which clinic is the leading edge clinic in usa and australia, where i live. It would be so appreciated if someone could point me in Dr harry gordons direction or a clinic or research contact. With heavy metal toxicity off the scale, all assistance would be appreciated. jueli
03/19/12 @ 17:01
Comment from: DD Rose [Member]
Hello Jueli:

Dr. Gordon's information on EDTA/Chelation is someone that I would trust. He is a Medical Doctor (MD), Doctor of Osteopathy (DO), and Homeopathic Doctor (MD-H).

My confidence in his work has to do with the fact that he has been a pioneer regarding EDTA/chelation over a 20+ period that I know about. In my opinion, it would be risky or no proven benefits if you were to take another developer's product. When Dr. Gordon FIRST developed oral chelation, it wasn't as effective as IV chelation. As stated above, through advancements of knowledge and development, Dr. Gordon redid his original formula for oral chelation and it has been proven to be safe with more than 10 years of testing. IV chelation is still being using, but it is my understanding that it is for extreme or dire cases; after a period of time a person is put on oral therapy. Due to Dr. Gordon's background, medical practices, and developments, he helps to educate doctors around the world on the benefits of this therapy.

I hope the above clears up your confusion regarding oral and IV EDTA/chelation therapy. Here's a link on Q & A regarding chelation:

Dr. Gordon's website with his research and many articles. In the 2nd link under the video there is clear information on how to contact his office via phone or fax:

Good luck in contacting Dr. Garry Gordon and please keep us posted.

03/19/12 @ 17:04
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