Comment from: Jane [Member]
I first started seeing these wormy things years ago, even before I started having all of my other symptoms. I never thought much of what they were at the time. I would only see them clearly by looking at a bright background, but I'd have to nearly close my eyes and squint through to view them. They're the weirdest things ever.

I'm also of the opinion of what I see in my eyes are NOT floaters. Are floaters all exactly the same size and shape? I doubt it. And floaters are harmless as far as I'm aware. Yet I've had terrible eye symptoms with what I see in my eyes.

I see two different kinds of organisms. I've posted drawings of what I see at my blog.

I see many that are long but the other type that I see, they are much more different in shape than the other ones I see. But these ones are all exactly the same shape and size and are definitely more worm-like looking. They are the weirdest things ever. There's a kind of loop effect and there's a pointy thing sticking out the front (every single one I see has this). They appear to be all the same size, form and shape. They don't appear flat, but rounded in body. I also see what appears to be like a long tail. When I move my eyes around and from side to side, these things do change direction. But I don't appear to see them move or wriggle about on their own. But I'm definitely of the opinion they are some type of worm.

When I first fell ill, I had really sore eyes, and redness, and at times my eyes would be weepy and mucousy. I suffered terrible blurry vision.

I'm happy to say I definitely don't see as many now.
11/30/10 @ 16:24
Comment from: DD Rose [Member]
I can certainly relate to much of what you have said. Floaters do look different than worms. I saw a picture somewhere of what floaters look like years ago -- very different!
12/02/10 @ 18:59
Comment from: Concerned [Visitor] Email
ConcernedJust doing some research while waiting for the sun to rise. I planned on going to the eye doctor this morning to confirm whether or not I have an eye parasite. WOW! I am totally discouraged by reading how diagnoses isn't that easy AND how most eye doctors are very dismissive. Which is really messed up. All I want to know is if I actually have one and if I do, I want a prescription that I'll also be taking in addition to my parasite killing herbs AND in addition to the ones I'm about to purchase online this morning. In the meantime, I?ve taken 2 doses of Black Seed (cumin sativa) which is a known verbifuge. I am so grossed out at the fact that I could have this ?thing? in me and even more grossed out that people claim to have MANY worms in their eye(s) AND have had them for years! Good lawd, and I'm complaining after a little more than 24 hrs of feeling a tickle in my eye. If a living thing stayed in my body for that damn long, it had better started paying rent or calling me "Mommy" *LOL* But my issue is, it feels like the tip of an eyelash is rubbing up against my eye ball. At first I just looked in the mirror & straightened out my lashes and everything was fine But after a day it has been coming & going. It?s not painful but it is very annoying like a loose eyelash is rubbing around. Oh I also have been rinsing my eye with some MSM eye drops I haven?t used in a while, it?s been in my fridge for a few months. This has also helped. I had some of the MSM + Colloidal Silver Eye Drops before but that was like 2 yrs ago and has been used up since then. I guess I?ll be buying more of those too. Man this is nerve wrecking, I?m scared to go to freakin sleep!
05/25/11 @ 01:07
Comment from: DD Rose [Member]
Your concerns are legitimate. In your case, maybe you'll get luck and have a diagnosis. I love your comment about 'paying rent' or call you 'Mommy' -- LOL! In truth, it is better to have them ALL evicted. Parasites in the eyes are hard to diagnosis, unfortunately. The process of killing them does take time, but it can be done. :)

I'm interested after your appt if they found something that can be treated. Keep me posted and thanks for your comment.
05/25/11 @ 15:24
Comment from: Dell [Visitor] Email
DellThanks for such a wonderful piece of data.

I found this very interesting. This super article gives me a better understanding of this.

Thank you for such a special piece of information.
08/29/11 @ 03:31
Comment from: Peter [Visitor]
PeterI am presently infected with a larvae about 1.5 mm long in the tear duct that drop out in the evening and night time.This invasion started 3 months ago and they have reduced in size and also drop out of my nose,about 6 weeks ago I collapsed,tests indicated a neurological problem I feel the two are related but getting someone to believe me is hard,I have to find a good Parasitologist.
04/24/12 @ 12:32
Comment from: DD Rose [Member]
A doctor who specializes Tropical Medicine & Diseases might be more helpful to you than a Parasitologist.
04/24/12 @ 12:40
Comment from: Laura [Visitor] Email
LauraPlease help I've been having wriggling inside both my eyeballs and it's worse and night I'm totally scared. They r like worms moving about but I cannot see them and I also feel it moving in my temple and at the top of my head. I know doctors won't listen to me if I saw one. I feel alone and lost in what the first steps r in testing this. I don't want to go blind. I just gave birth three weeks ago and can't enjoy my baby as this is depressing me :( I don't wanna die I'm only 22. ;(
05/16/12 @ 00:02
Comment from: DD Rose [Member]
Hi Laura:

I know how unnerving that feeling can be. You'll need to try and have an ophthalmologist diagnose the problem. If you can figure out how this occurred, it will help the doctor to justify your symptoms and a motivation for a more in-depth look.

I had a good friend who had to take her adopted son to many doctors for 2 years before a conclusive diagnosis was done.
05/16/12 @ 00:29
Comment from: jim m [Visitor]
jim m:oh_:ogre: laura i must have the same thing you but 3 eye drs,don;t believe ithter believe.sorry,,jim:worm:
08/28/12 @ 15:23
Comment from: Bob C. [Visitor] Email
Bob C.My girlfriend has the same thing We need to find a doctor who has treated someone with this problem. please help us She has had this for over ten years, We think it is from a raccoon. She got it from a dumpster & it entered Her eye & lives in Her eyelid or behind Her eye, She has been to ER`s & eye specialists, but nobody believes Her. We need to find a doctor who knows about this & can treat it, if anybody knows of one please let us know. Thank You very much, Bob C......
11/11/12 @ 16:09
Comment from: greg d. [Visitor]
greg d.You need to see a Infectious disease Dr asap! You can go blind!
01/11/13 @ 21:52
Comment from: DD Rose [Member]
Thank you for your concern. This is good advice for anyone and the first step that I took many years ago. If you have read through my entire story, you will see that I went to many doctors about this and none were helpful. At the time, I went to 8-9 doctors seeking treatment; I use to work for a hospital so this was easy for me since I knew all of them. I was given doses of meds and nothing worked; unfortunately, for me it caused more problems because those meds weren't properly dispensed causing resistance and scattreing (I found out later after much research that this can happen). Afterward, I was given higher dosages by a doctor who thought this would work; it didn't. This is a fact. After this experience I was forced to take matters into my own hands.

What I have learned from this experience is that if I had been given the proper dosage in the first place, I may not have encountered a very painful problem. It is wise to do your own research before seeing a doctor and wished that I had done so beforehand because at the time I had 'blind faith' that medicine would work.
01/14/13 @ 15:17
Comment from: Donna [Visitor]
DonnaOh, dear, Just read this article before I called an eye Dr for a worm like thing that has been in my right eye for months. I see it and it first looked like a fly buzzing around peoples heads, but I really started to focus on what I was seeing. It had a curly tail, looked like a tube of single file cells, and one end would not move but a tail would whip back and forth as I moved my eye. It left my sight a month ago, but it came back bigger and darker and has long whips on it now. It actually scared me looking like a dark creature coming up to my right side when it came back again.. Thinking it was an ameba from one of the lakes I swam in last summer here, I figured it might be an acanthameba.

Thanks for the info. My eye glass provider warned me not to wear contacts while swimming in these lakes because of this parasite living in the pristine lakes of minnesota, burrowing under the lens so I didn't. I didn't know it didn't need contacts to infect the eye.

Thanks for the info.
01/31/13 @ 15:32
Comment from: Terry (My Journey With Candida) [Visitor]
Terry (My Journey With Candida)I write the blog My Journey With Candida and I know I have parasites in my eyes. I pulled one out and posted about it here.

I have been using coconut oil but that just seems to stun them. I so want to find something that kills them.
03/07/13 @ 14:28
Comment from: nevercantell [Visitor]
nevercantellBeen to over 25 drs including infectious disease dr's, eye retinal dr's, etc with 3rd, 4th opinions, my eyes closed shut swollen with mites in them ... got ointment .. big deal. It helped with the symptom but not the problem, my eyes infect all the time. These things have a map of your body head to toe. The only thing I found is to treat each symptom as it appears each time as there is no resolution to the underlying cause & cannot get serious medical attention to my problem even started having seizures (passed out & had to get stitches on my head from the fall) & told the dr.s & they didnt even seem to blink. It's truly sad when dr.s dont know how to deal with something they immediately say its psychological. If they dont' know, why not just say "I don't know" I no longer have any trust in the medical profession at all think a plumber could probably help me more (LoL).
05/06/13 @ 09:54
Comment from: DD Rose [Member]
Hi Nevercantell:

I can relate to your frustrations. Indeed, there is a problem with doctors and I'd prefer it if they simply said, 'I don't know'. I'm more willing to work with someone who is honest or willing to be with a doctor who might be interested in finding an answer.
05/06/13 @ 12:20
Comment from: mischa [Visitor] Email
mischaHi my 4 year old has ascaris in the eye and I am so concerned- I cannot get any doctor to take it seriously and need to help him before its too late = this month he was screaming in pain at full moon. WIll Albendazole kill it? we tied 7 months mebendazole and 3 months albendazole and its come back - can you psl help? or know anyone who I can take him to before its too late? im uin uk but prepare dto travel x thanks
09/24/13 @ 13:08
Comment from: DD Rose [Member]

Thank you for contacting me. What you have described is a complicated situation with your child.

I believe part of your issue is that the medication may have not killed the parasite in the first place given your description that it 'came back'; as a result the problem persists, unfortunately. In order for medication to reach the eyes, it has to cross the blood-brain barrier. I'm not a doctor, but I'm guessing that this could be the case. You have given the medication but it didn't work with Mebendazole and Albendazole on separate occasions. As far as I understand it, Mebendazole doesn't work on a systemic level and would not reach into the eyes which would explain it's ineffectiveness. Albendazole, could have worked... but, again, I'm not a physician. How you acquired medications and administering it hasn't been determined. Perhaps, a therapy of a combination of drugs would work? Below is a post that I did on the subject with links for you to read on those studies. Maybe it would make sense for you to bring in copies of those studies for your doctor to read?

Considering your child's age, it would be in your best interests to continue to look for a doctor. Unless someone has diagnosed your child with the specific Ascaris worm, mentioning this on your own to a physician would certainly discredit you. Just describe symptoms and if you've seen a long stringy thing in the eyes, then say that truth and let the doctor decide on the diagnosis. Many years ago, a friend of mine ran into a similar situation with going to doctor after doctor for her child. She never gave up and found someone to help her. Perhaps, if you look for an Indian or Chinese MD physician maybe helpful because they have experience with parasite infections and know what it will take to treat it properly with medications. A Tropical Medicine doctor would have knowledge in this area too.

I realize that this is very distressing and concerning for you. I wish that I could offer better advice or a solution. Please write me later and let me know if you have found help for your child.


09/27/13 @ 13:08
Comment from: joe [Visitor]
joe1-4-15 I just started having this wiggling and peeking out sensation in my left eye last week. Two mornings ago I woke with a gob of goo on my lower eye lashes, left eye. It took some rubbing to dislodge it. During the day it feels like something is taking a peek out of the inner corner of the eye and then goes back in. Read everything from everybody here and took notes. Going to make an appointment with my eye dr to see what he says first. I'm going to save this site and get back with any helpful info. Best wishes to all of you and Happy New Year 2015 !!!!!
01/04/15 @ 21:26
Comment from: Genie [Visitor]
GenieMy right eye is so painful in the middle of the night. Sometimes I cannot open it. The upper eyelid literally is sticking to the eyeball.If I try and rub my eye it feels like a chunk of dirt or gravel is in the middle of my eye. I also have blurred vision in this eye. A friend said it could be dry eye from menopause but the fact that I have eye floaters and am combating pinworms (I think) in ear and nose area along with other body areas makes me think it is a parasite in my eye. Ugggggghhhhhh!!!!!!
03/14/15 @ 20:14
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