About Silent Masters

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March 20, 2015

Blogs on this site are no longer active. Posts are from 2008-2014. The main site has a video, numerous micrographs (images), and 2 case reports. Please use the information for research purposes only. Emails can be sent to DD at rhrplus.com, but no protocol advice will be answered.


Stories on this site are of Real people written by bloggers, informative articles, and shared personal experiences. No one has been paid to write their stories. People have simply come forward to share their experiences of dealing with illnesses and ailments that have been dismissed by the medical establishment. Each person wanted to make a contribution about the existences of co-factors as silent menaces with the hope that one day something will be done about it with recognition from the medical establishment. People from all walks of life are being infected by these Silent Masters of parasites, molds/fungi and bacteria wrecking havoc in people’s lives.