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By using this site and the services within you agree to the fact that you're over 18 years old and you're fully responsible for your actions; therefore, you’re willingly waive any legal options and/or legal rights to harm us and/or to prosecute us in any way, legal or otherwise, and you acclaim sole responsibility for the consequences resulting from the use of our services in any way. Do you agree?

If you " agree" to these simple Terms & Conditions, you are welcome to use this site and services herewithin provided.

If you "do not agree", do not use our services until you're sure.  Thank you.


Private Policy

We are an independently-owned and operated service. Private information is held in the strictest confidence, even from personnel. We will never collect specific information about you other than what you provide, and we will never sell, publish or otherwise furnish information to outside parties under any circumstances; including oral or written dissemination to agencies, physicians, practitioners, legal entities, or representatives. For this reason, we will only communicate with you and with no one else.



No government or government-affiliated personnel is welcome into this site for any intent or purpose to spy, prosecute or harm us in anyway, devious or not.  If you belong to this category and you don't have our written and signed consent, please go or face the possibility of prosecution for trespassing a private space without an invitation. 

Thank you.


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