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Revealing evidence that is undisputable

Lab Report Files - "Silent Masters" of Deception
Pathogens involving parasites, molds, bacteria or unspecified structures

Below are lab findings on individuals who used our services. Each case is unique with graphic details, symptoms corroborate with findings, Analyst's comments, and powerful Micrographs. It is hard to dispute the visual evidence that organisms have infected people, lending credence to their complaints.

The goal for publishing these findings is to make a difference with using the lab findings as an educational tool. The main purpose is to show that people have been sick for years, who have been largely ignored or called delusional. Something needs to be done about this worldwide problem.

The cases below aren't necessarily isolated incidents. We know people who have become afflicted, who have never traveled to exotic places nor left their home towns. We didn't require anyone to come forward with revealing results, the individuals volunteered their information to the public to help people realize that better lab observations can reveal microbial infections. Each Case Reports tells a different story of real people.

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Case #1 - Jane G

Case #2 - Mona Zieler

RHR Plus™ no longer has laboratory services.


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