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Lab Report #2 - Mona Zieler
February 2008


Below are a list of symptoms experienced by Mona Zieler in her own words. The Lab Analyst was unaware of her symptoms, but the Micrographs provided support to her complaints.

I will list my symptoms the best way I can. These symtoms I have had ever since my health got worse when I was 16 years old:

  • Itchy skin all over my body, nothing visible, just an itching annoying feeling (like from having allergic reactions, lots of histamines irritating) that gets worse if I eat spicy food or digestive enzymes or something I am allergic too. In the early days it got better after eating probiotics, so I suspect that my leaky gut manifests itself thru the skin. If the leaky gut is really bad I get skin PAIN, I almost can't sit on my butt since it hurts too much. At one time I couldn't wear clothes.
  • Irritated and burning colon, painful
  • Poor digestion, bloating
  • Vaginal candidiasis
  • Pale stools and liver pain, squirting sounds from the liver area, bubbling from the liver area
  • I had (anxiety and anger issues, lots of crying)

Symtoms that came after the scattering since 2006 [parasites left the gut; traveling through the body]:

  • Needle like pains in my lungs, stabbing in the lungs, trouble breathing
  • Movement and spasming under the skin all over my body, crawly feeling in my body
  • Twitching and spasming and wriggling in legs and arms, chest, face, foot, lungs, pulsing in those areas, sometimes visible when the skin is jumping
  • Squirming feelings in calves
  • Squirming in the intestines and poking and kicking in my intestines
  • Biting in the intestines, sometimes really painful, waking up at night from biting
  • Constant pain in the liver, spasming and wriggling in the liver, biting sensations
  • Irregular heartbeats, heavy irregular beats from time to time
  • Pain in my head, movement in my head and kicking and biting sensations, spasming inside my head
  • Sometimes eyepain, less of it now
  • Itchy "butt" at nights
  • Stabbing pain under my right and left ribcage, liver and -spleen areas, constantly painful, feeling lots of movement there. At one time these areas where contracting heavily and it was visible -- it was an alien movie, I wish I had a camera!

It feels like I literally have small snakes crawling all around in my body, inside my organs and under my skin, back and forth, there is lots of movement 24/7. Over the months the movements are more aggressive and more intense, either I have more critters or they have grown to be bigger.

All this is intensified during the night, after 01.00 in the night the "zoo" comes to life or when there are changes in the moon cycle like full moon, sometimes half moon.

Microscopic Observations & Findings by DD

Mona, thank you for sending me the lab notes and Micrographs - I greatly appreciate you sharing them with me. The findings are impressive and I'm sure it was difficult for him to decide which ones to send you out of 300 Micrographs.

As I read through those notes I made some highlights that came to me; some of which, might be an reiteriation. I've done this as an excercise to grasp more of what the lab analyst has noted that might help you understand better on the findings. I have questions as I look at the micrographs. I hope you'll find this as useful. Please understand that my comments don't supersede anything that was given to you.

The lab analyst considers the blood to be one of importance because it can show a disease and/or pathogenic state that is systemic. Therefore, anything in the blood would be a primary target for healing. The stool sample could be considered almost as important as blood because the colon is a major organ; the colon is often considered the 'second brain' of the body. Urine samples have some significance but not greater than stool.


It is believed that the lab results were able to identify an organism that could be in your skin/tissues (subcutaneous layer); this has been observed by the structures that have a gel-like formation that he has seen in other cases too. His exact comment to me regarding this:

"Regarding your questions, the gel-like structures I observed are on different micrographs, but they can be seen in the ones that I sent."

In this micrograph, in reviewing his notes this entire structure could be ovid or cocoon-like only in shape, in terms of a thickness? He believes that this is a single entity. What comes to mind as I read his notes that helped me with getting a visual is something like a possible octopus/blob-like structure and its arms are tucked in or embedded within itself - although the structure isn't octopus-like exactly, but it helped me

There is no micrograph for the ova. Apparently, he has found a significant amount of helminth ova that are most likely the primary cause of infection from, at least, TWO identifying species; however, it is suggested that other ova were present during his observations and it was difficult to determine how many other species are present.

It is suggested that another blood sample would be useful to determine the FULL EXTENT of pathogens on a systemic level; however, two identifying nematodes were noted.

The first micrograph - the nematode was discovered when samples were taken and cultured. Several were found.


The second micrograph - the nematode identified came from a special techique that Doc employed. It seems as though traditional microscopic observations would have missed this nematode. His level of knowledge and skill is greatly appreciated in unveiling this.



worm_hook1 A commonality was found in this micrograph of nematodes in stool and urine. Therefore, it is suggested that problems could be present, not only the colon and urinary tract, but possibly in the kidneys/bladder and reproductive organs (i.e. uterus and ovaries).

This reminds me of the whale Moby Dick with it's big head and small mouth. You have a lot of pain throughout your body and I do wonder if this nematode is a contributing factor with the hook.

In the 2nd micrograph, the analyst observed nematodes of the same structure found in stool indicating a high infection rate, possibly a primary nematode as the source of infection within the intestines.

I have a question about this micrograph. In looking at it there appears to be a small single rod structure that isn't pointed out. I'm wondering if this could be a Charcot-Leyden-like crystal. Here's the analyst's additional comments about these micrographs:

"The hook-like formations on the relevant micrographs could be used for attachment, but I can't say. Regarding the Charcot-Leyden-like formation, yes, it could be, but somehow it doesn't seem like it to me."



In the Skin/Tissue micrograph and the one below, the analyst has noted that he has observed these types of structures before. What is unclear to me is, which one he believes would be within the subcutaneous layer, or is this organism in another micrograph that wasn't provided?


Would subcuatneous (skin/tissue) structure be in this micrograph that was found in stool? In the micrograph it does appear that there is some gel-like formation surrounding the organism, but I'm uncertain. The structure is somewhat flat or "thinner" than the one above.

The analyst commented that this could be a single entity or multiple organisms within one structure based upon the observed appendages. Another question that I have regarding this structure is it apart of some kind of mold/fungus around the structure? You have mentioned many times about Candida.

Please look at this micrograph closely. I zoomed in on this micrograph 200-400 magnification. There is something that I see in this micrograph that he doesn't make note of and I'd be interested in his comment on this. At the top of the micrograph between '2' and 'S', to me, it looks like a worm-like structure -- if you follow the shape it curves upward and around downard, disappearing into the mass - the thickness and shape does suggest it, including the 'S' pointer showing another small curve. He has made note of 'R?'- does that mean it is the head or tail of this worm-like structure within this organism? (Bubble around head/tail is slime or excretion from the worm?) In other words, if it were a worm, part of its body would be in the shape of a hairpin. If so, it would make sense given the curvatures or bends in that structure leading doward to an exit/entry point.

The video that you received and subsequent micrographs were found in stool from a culture. He didn't know what they were and wondered if they were some kind of mite. He noted that they were intelligent enough to be aware of their surroundings; moved quickly; not aggressive; and were active around 3-4am. Here is a question about activity - does that mean 3-4AM in terms of his time or 3-4AM your time - meaning, timezones don't matter in these cases for observations?


The arthropods seemed to be protected by cocoon-like (not silky) housing structures. He noted that they ate some kind of organic matter, suggesting that they may not be blood borne organisms - feeding on stool or intestinal matter. The significant number that he noted suggested that they might be your secondary infection; the first being the worms noted in micrographs. Here are his exact words:

"Sometimes they appeared to be "eating" small undetermined particles.  This may suggest they are NOT blood-feeders.  They seemed very comfortable with their surroundings and did NOT seem to be "aggressive" from an infective standpoint [this is a very personal observation].  For this reason, IF those organisms in fact are harbored within the host, in my opinion they may be secondary, meaning a result of some other 'primary' infective state  [Are they "mites"?  If so, it may be a good idea to change sheets and/or blankets used during sleep more often, and to wash them thoroughly under chlorine-rich solutions.  This may not solve a problem, but it may help - the lesser the "external burden", the better, in my opinion]."

Unlike worms that are anaerobic structures, the analyst noted that these arthropods are aerobic (needing oxygen to live) and that they would be near the rectum - or living externally on the skin. To the naked-eye the look yellowish in color. Based upon his observations and notes, this suggest to me that they may not be infective elsewhere within your body other than noted. Although he mentions that their source seems to be external, I'm wondering if during the summer you had on a pair of shorts or dress and sat down on a bench or something where they were residing. You sent your samples in early Fall '07, so this is possible.

My question: Was the hair on the arthropods bristle-like, needle-like, or soft hair?

The analyst wrote me when I had inquired about the arthropod and this was the answer I was given:

"I wanted to do more research regarding the arthropod-like organism and the gel-like structures. The arthropod-like resulted an apparent secondary or tertiary occurrence, while the gel-like remains inconclusive. Since I had to choose 'relevancy', I did not include the gel-likes but sent her 'the arthropod' video anyway because it was ready.

With respect to the '3-4am' comment, those observations occurred within my time-zone. I suspect the same could be for her time-zone as well, but at this point I can't be sure."

In regard to your infections/infestations a primary infection are nematode structures found in the micrograph that had a microbial crystal. The second infections/infestations are the arthropods, of which you have confirmed feeling crawling sensations.

In regard to systemic infections/infestations this would be of importance and something to consider. The micrographs with the blood worms - more testing would be helpful to determine the infection rate.

I see 4 key problems, and 4 key words that he uses: Larvae, blood worms, worms, gel-like structures. I've added what they mean in a synopsis as a factor of your problems.

1) LARVAE = MIGRATION, EMBEDDING (i.e. stinging, biting, pinching, penetration, etc., PAIN/Inflammation - they cause the most pain with extensive travel - in his own words - "they're likely to trigger more pain")

2) BLOOD WORMS = TRAVELING, SYSTEMIC, EVERYWHERE (i.e. inflammations, PAIN, large infection FYI: worms in blood can cause pain; you've misread what he said.)

3) WORMS = MIGRATION, MOVEMENTS, INTESTINAL PROBLEMS, MUSCLES, ETC (wiggling, embedding, encasement, PAIN, large infection,)

4) GEL-LIKE STRUCTURES = UNDER THE SKIN, MOVEMENT, FOCI (i.e. inflammations, PAIN) You have 4 genuine problems causing pain everywhere - all over - at the same time.


Additional Information Regarding Symptoms From Mona Zieler

I know you're in tremendous pain all the time, and you say that your symptoms feel like bee stings. The pain in your head might be different than what you feel in your arms; the pain in your gut will feel different than on your back. You say that you feel pain on your ears - how is that pain different elsewhere?

Can you look at this Schmidt Pain Index and name which pain feels the closest to what you experience? What more would you add to these?

[Table of pain indicator]

1.8 Bullhorn acacia ant: A rare, piercing, elevated sort of pain. Someone has fired a staple into your cheek.

Bald-faced hornet: Rich, hearty, slightly crunchy. Similar to getting your hand mashed in a revolving door.

The pain is not so much burning, accept for in my knees. The pain is very sharp and stingy, like bullhorn acacia ant. In my liver the pain is both this and bald faced hornet.

And I cant take it anymore, not another day. I am drained, completely drained.

SCATTERING -> INGESTED HERBS-> migration to the lungs with SEVERE PAIN AND movement and bubbling -> FOLLOWING WEEKS/MONTHS/YEAR-> movement and biting spreading to organs, brain, legs, arms, LIVER, MOVEMENT and BITING/PINCHING/RAZOR SHARP STABS, deep in the tissue, penetrating through into the bones and joints, tendons. MOVEMENT/WIGGLING/VIBRATIONS. PAIN.

I just know that they move and stab everywhere, everything I do in terms of moving arms and legs hurts so bad. It feels like somebody has injected thin and long needles deep deep through flesh and into the bone, everywhere. From brain to foot. I need to kill them, they must die or I will be dead myself. Over the summer things got ten million times worse than it was back in January when I almost fell into a coma.


Mona Zieler's Experience & Comments With Testing Prior to RHR Plus™

In 2007, Mona went to a physician and parasitologist in her country. He is a published author who is retired but continues to work in a private clinic. Below are some post excerpts from a forum with minor edits.

General Comments

Oh man, never again. Never again. This was the first and last time I ever want to see a dr/parasitologist with health problems.

I think he wants me to visit a psychologist or take calming agents. I am a question mark!!

"There is nothing on these tests here, you have wasted a lot of money doing them, she is fine..."

I did tests for Epstein Barr virus and I was surprised at the result.

EBV-VCA IgG 72,6 AU/ml POSITIVE reference range is 17,9-21,8 AU/ml (!)

EBV-VCA IgM <5 AU/ml NEGATIVE reference range 17,9-21,8 AU/ml

EBV-EBNA IgG 70 AU/ml POSITIVE reference range 18,2-22,2 AU/ml (!)

EBV-EA IgG 0,025 OD NEGATIVE reference range 0,18-0,22 OD

Morphology Result Range
RBC 4,21 T/l 3,80-5,80
HGB 12,9 g/dl 11,5- 16,5
HCT 38,40 % 37,00-47,00
MCV 91 um3 80-94
MCH 30,6 pg 27-32
MCHC 33,6 g/dl 31,0-37,0
RDW 11,3% 11,5-14,5------>LOW
PLT 290,0 G/L 128,0-348,0
MPV 7,6 um3 6,9-11,4
PDW% 10,8% 12,0-19,0------>LOW
PCT% 0,200% 0,200-0,360
WBC 4,9 (10*3/mm*3) 4,0-10,0
NEU 2,74 #56,4% 2,00-7,50
Lymph 1,79 #36,8% 0,60-4,00
MON 0,15 #3,1% 0,10-9,00
EOS 0,16 #3,2% 0,00-0,70
BAS 0,02 #0,5% 0,00-0,20
ALY 0,03 #0,5% 0,00-0,20
LIC 0,01 #0,3% 0,00-0,20

And at the bottom of the page there was granulocytes and stuff, but I don't have the paper in front of me now, but they were all low too.

I may add... The dr/parasitologist said that he has up to 8 people like "me" that seeks help monthly. That means people who did herbs, have unexplained pains and have a rundown health [system]. He says that these people's problems stem from stress and that they need calming agents. He said that the "herb taking people" are common to him. He fully, completely, 100%, wholeheartedly relies on the parasite tests which they do (elisa and other tests).

He also said that it is sad that drs'/society can't force people to go to the psychologists or to take calming agents. He thought that was a sad, sad thing since they will continue to cure themselves, hurt themselves and feel bad. Yes, he really said this!

Regarding the EBV my doctor said that this is common and that my test simply showed left-over antibodies from a childhood infection. Huh? -

I am completely surprised that drs/parasitologists think that the human being is completely clean and free from parasites. It is so bizarre, is it some conspiracy or what? Let people feel bad and have unexplained health issues then feed them with meds, junk, and brainwash them.

Thanks a million for your input and care, as always. :)

Unexplained symptoms don't equate to "delusions". . . .

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