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Case Report #1 - Jane G


Below are a list of symptoms experienced by our client, Jane G, in her own words:

I want to explain my symptoms and what I’ve been going through because it might be helpful to someone.

For the first 2 years of my illness I paid over 20 visits to my GP, probably more, to no avail. I was given acid reflux tablets!! After 1 year was forwarded to hospital for endoscopy, colonoscopy, biopsy taken. All came back with NOTHING (apart from h-pylori bug from hospital test), this includes 3 separate stool samples from the "best lab" in the world. So it goes to prove you can have all these tests done and still nothing can be found. At least, that’s what I thought… until I found RHR Plus™.

Later, I decided to try alternative therapies by trying, in my opinion, all the fad parasite protocols, kinesiology, scio, you name it -- I've tried it. After trying many most protocols, nothing worked because it was clear there was more going on. At the time, I didn’t realise that my symptoms were a result of co-factors that were responsible for making me sick.

Below is a list of all of my symptoms that my GP and another lab were unable to determine what was going on. My GP believed that I had acid reflux. Helicobacter Pylori was later diagnosed (along with inflammation of the Pancreas) but I didn't believe that this was the sole cause of all of my symptoms.  Something was causing the Pancreas to be inflammed... but what?  They didn't know.  In my opinion, I was misdiagnosed (of course, this seems evident after receiving my results by RHRPlus). There's a long list and it's pretty nasty - so be warned!! I've been ill for just over 4 1/2 years now.

  • Severe headaches, very faint, dizzy (almost seizure-like)
  • Very blurry vision, with "floaters" in eyes like tiny worms
  • Coated tongue
  • Foul nasal odour (can be described like ammonia)
  • Thick sticky mucus up nose with white stringy stuff
  • Coughing up "strange stuff" in mucus
  • Cough, wheeziness, sore chest, at times chest pain (with skipping heartbeats, and "fluttering, wriggling" sensation
  • Itchy skin, red "track line" marks appearing on skin, also red dot marks
  • Wriggling sensation in body, can be in legs, arms, feet, wriggling in abdominal ,area, around ribs,
  • Itchy head, crawling sensation
  • Fluttering/rumbling sensation in tummy, intestines
  • Irregular stools, covered in mucus/white blobby stuff, sometimes blood
  • Burning sensation in bottom, itching
  • Trembling sensation throughout body, almost like a vibration, especially in legs. Can sometimes feel like a vibration coming up into throat.

I know this all must sound weird but my symptoms are precise as to what I describe.

RHR Plus™ didn’t give a diagnosis, but the evidence in front of me is undeniable and hard to refute. They are so supportive in answering all of my questions, in addition to providing some emotional support. They really care about people.

Microscopic Observations & Findings Directly From Analyst's Notes

The measure scale in the Micrographs is acceptable to an approximate error of <7%.

Each micrograph tells a different story [and of course also 'hints' for a prepared mind as to 'where' to begin] a possible Process of Healing through Treatment.

Needless to say, in my humble opinion and based on what I have observed [and
what you're about to also], you are significantly Infected/Infested. Any expert should be able to see this, and from the way the Micrographs are set, any non-expert should appreciate it too. The Micrographs leave 'little room for debate', in my opinion, because they practically 'speak for themselves'.

I cared to observe each structure/formation you're receiving in the Micrographs [all of them] at least more than three times before selecting them for study, so I'm very confident [over 90% from my subjective estimate] that the results you're getting are not likely to be just 'casual' contaminants/infections which are simply "passing through" your body. Of course I could be wrong about this too [which is why Science always invites -or should invite- a repetition and reproduction of the results obtained], BUT through these results obtained added to your personal Medical History, to your list of symptoms and to how you feel physically, the sum should yield a fairly clear picture and objective statement of the possible present state of your Organism and where you stand in the sense of Health.

[Please keep in mind that a sum of Micrographs may not reveal -necessarily- a Primary Underlying] Cause for your illness(es), because more possible causes could be residing Focally and/or Systemically inside your Organism] Here are parts of my notes exactly as I wrote them/collected them during work:


Various unidentified structures observed mainly in stool then sputum samples

Micrograph – Curious Organism

Something curious I observed is a possible "'parasite' within the parasite", because the Nematode seemed to be Infected/Infested itself by another organism or even by others.  

The organism was followed through the Nematode and was observed across the entire structure.  See JG-Y0072CB [et al] it seems to display internal structures.





Micrograph at left: Arrows point to tail structure of other nematode.




Unidentified organism protruding off large nematode observed 'sausage-like' structures observed inside nematode. Nematode measured roughly 9-10cms long by approx. 3mm thick appendage structure observed on nematode [motility?]

Proglottid-like structures observed inside nematode

*** parasite of nematode observed? [@img inside nematode dir]


Micrograph - clearly defined, close-up of head, pinkish coloring

The Nematode seemed like an adult and it displayed several appendages or appendage-like structures as seen.

The Nematode appeared resistant in-vitro to 'human-tolerable' [therapeutic] levels of Albendazole, Mebendazole, Aminosidine and/or their combinations. It was dramatically susceptible to [was killed 'quickly'] by test compound.





Embryo-like ova-like structures similar

Curious structure observed
Hyphal-like fungi-like structures observed very small

Round-headed nematode-like structures observed in large numbers

Arrows point to large nematode and other worms, filaria-like structures


Micrograph Displayed - 'Louse-Like' & 'Broom-Like' Structures

I'd never seen the "Broom-like" organism shown in JG-T0007BC, but I have some in storage that appear similar both in behavior and morphology. This 'Broom-like' organism is aerobic, it burrows under the skin of a host [possibly using the 'spiked' structures on its extensions and it seems to carry stages within its appendages, possibly attached to them by a layer of material [secreted? - EPS or EPS-like?]. It displaces itself into the skin rather quickly. I found this one in Sputum; the relevance of this finding is unclear for the time being.  [Is it a facultative ectoparasite?  Of the skin?  A parasite of one or more layers of the skin?  Of humans?  Zoonotic?]

“Sputum Sample” Micrographs

Sputum Sample: - "Nematode or nematode-like organism - active, limited to significant motility in culture only. Gel-like trail? Protective layer secretion? Charcot-leyden-like structure?"

Micro-nematode-like structures observed sparse [microfilaria?]

Gel-like structures observed, micro-tapeworms?

Vegetation or vegetation-like structures observed, thread-like on sputum

Non-motile thread-like structure, apparently active

Significant cluster of bacteria-like coccoid-like/pleomorphic structures,
gram negative aerobic proved to be a colony [culture]

thread-like formations observed

“Urine Sample” Micrographs

Long fiber-like structure with single sausage-like middle  [approx. 1.4cms long?]
Mycoorganism-like structures observed



Many structures resembling 'Ova' were observed, suggesting a possible active Infestation by adult [female?] stages of Helminths. See JG-X000D and similar.  If you observe carefully, seems to reveal a worm-like formation 'coiled' inside the ova-like structure, possibly suggesting an Embryo or Embryo-like formation.  This means an 'egg ready or nearly ready to hatch'.

It wouldn't surprise me how these organisms haven't shown up in 'traditional' tests; for one thing, a great number of them were deeply 'embedded' in fecal matter when I found them, which made them virtually invisible to the naked untrained eye.  Furthermore, it's unlikely they ever would have surfaced 'up' to a slide by the use of common 'flotation techniques'.  Some other organisms were hard to reveal and did a good job at 'shying away' from sight. In order to reveal many of them, I had to use several wave manipulation techniques of my own devise which allowed me to "see" inside fecal matter itself without disturbing it in any way.  It was a time consuming process, but it was well worth it, in my opinion.


As a final note, I'll say that I hope this simple work of mine and these Micrographs will help you to perceive a broader view of what I observed, at least to some degree. You understand more what it means to be able to 'see' inside one's own body, and the advantage it provides.  

We need education.  People need to understand what's really happening, I think. I'm almost convinced that this (or)deal should be told around loudly to ensure our very survival as humans; that is, to ensure the future of loved ones, perhaps the future of the youngest most of all.


Jane's Comments & Independent Research

Findings and thoughts that corroborate Analyst's notes by Jane. Below are Jane's researach notes on the louse-like object, Charcot-Leyden-like crystals, Coccoid-Like structures, and comments on the “slime” she’s encountered. Post excerpts from a forum [minor edits].

General Comments

A number of weeks have now passed since I received my micrographs. I’ve been viewing them again, I have a few thoughts.  

With regards to “louse” micrographs - I found something which I thought was very similar. Other interesting pictures of louse I found on this link:- Here

The first link, in particular, I think is very similar to the louse found in my sputum.  I believe these can be picked up from dog fleas?  Mmm.  (I do not own dogs but I do believe I know where I have picked this up from, including the nematode(s) found too. 

The louse and the broom-like structure I believe contribute to the cough that I have.  I also get a tickly, itchy throat.  How did I manage to pick up these I wonder.  The “dog” situation springs to mind, I may be wrong but just my thoughts.

The louse and the broom-like “parasites” scare me the most.  I don’t know why, they just do.  I worry about the smaller parasites.  I think they maybe do more harm, not sure.

I am also aware of a worm-like parasite in my eyes.  It appears to be very similar to what the lab analyst found. This would explain the sore eyes I get and also the blurry vision.  I recognise the loop effect.  The “loop” I’m referring to appears to be that it is a long worm and it has curled itself, creating a “loop” – as if you were to take a long worm and fold it.  Therefore the “loop” is the middle.

As for the large nematode(s), well I can tell you, I can feel them!  There’s no doubt about that.  I get a heavy wriggling sensation. 

It is questioned in the notes as to whether I ever suffered from warts [additional comments not published]. The answer is YES!  I found this interesting.  I have no “visible” signs on the outside of warts but years ago, when I was very little I had a very large wart on my left (side) of the knee.  It was quite large, I had it up until the age of around 21.  I’m not sure how it “disappeared” it just “fell off”.  Amazing how the analyst found this out.

I noticed something rather interesting in the Micrograph “Sputum Sample”. He notes gel-like trail, protective layer secretion. It appears to relate to my described symptoms.

Coccoid-like Structures
I'm doing a bit of research with regards to what he says here:

"Significant cluster of bacteria-like coccoid-like/pleomorphic structures, gram negative aerobic proved to be a colony [culture]"

Before my results by RHR Plus, I was diagnosed with H-pylori bug by my hospital (about few years ago). The hospital gave me antibiotics to wipe it out (?!), but I'm wondering if maybe what was found with regards to what he says above, whether this could perhaps be the H-pylori bug? I've read that helicobacter pylori can transform from its normal helical bacillary morphology to a coccoid morphology.

This could very well be another form of bacteria, probably is, I'm only surmising. I don't know enough about this, I'm just curious. I know I had the h-pylori bug, perhaps the antibiotics I was prescribed by the hospital didn't wipe it out. Mmmm...

I'm having difficulty researching some of it because the terminology, for me, is hard to grasp but I can relate to certain things that is mentioned. Must do more reading on this.

Charcot-Leyden-like Crystals
Here's a very interesting link I found whilst doing a search on charcot-leyden structures etc.

"Charcot-Leyden crystals are formed from the breakdown of eosinophils and may be seen in the stool or sputum of patients with parasitic diseases. The crystals are slender and pointed and stain purplish-red in the trichrome stain, as shown in this image. These crystals can appear in a variety of sizes and only indicate an immune response, but the cause may or may not be a parasitic infection."

There is certainly mention above with regards to this "may be seen in stool or sputum samples of patients with parasitic diseases"!

I found this really interesting and thought I'd mention it as I feel there are similarities with what was found with regards to my sputum sample.

Lab's notes:- Sputum Sample: - "Nematode or nematode-like organism - active, limited to significant motility in culture only. Gel-like trail? Protective layer secretion? Charcot-leyden-like structure?"

Excess Mucus

I've been having terrible mucus problems throughout my illness. Nose, mouth, in stool.

I know it's hard to say without tests but spitting up mouthfuls of mucus, is this related to fungus, mold? Is excess mucus a way of the body putting out some sort of defense?

DD's Response:
The body will produce extra mucous as a defense mechanism. There are several possibilities in your case or why this may happen.

As I read through the notes and compared your symptoms some thoughts came to me on the broom-like structure. There are often complaints of throat irritation, thick saliva, mucous, and “bubbly stuff”. It’s plausible that microscope observations might correspond with your symptoms. If the broom-like structure(s) burrow into the skin as noted, the one found in the sputum may make sense because this was a question of the analyst as to why it was there. It could be possible that those structure(s) are in the esophagus burrowing in causing noted reactions. Since it was in the sputum it is rather curious. And, the louse-like structure(s) could be an added irritation. Trench-like systems with fevers and other symptoms could play a role.

Parasite Within A Parasite

"Proglottid-like" structures within the nematode got me thinking? Proglottid are like segments? Yes? Could this be a type of tapeworm within the nematode?

Why do other parasites infect other parasites? I presume a comlex infection such as this would be harder to kill too? Just curious.

DD's Response:
Good questions. I have read that other professionals have found parasites within a parasite too. I'm not sure if it would be harder to kill but I'm presuming, yes. I do know that the lab analyst had too questioned what he found and was just as curious about those structures. There is a possibility that he studied them later to find out more about them - that would be something to ask him about.

Jane has a blog that she started documenting her health journey. You can go to her blog to learn more about Jane's life.

Uncovering the truth takes perseverance. . . .

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